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Do anyone have this indicator the MBFX timing indicator so I could download it and maybe with some text on how to use it effectively, many thanks in advance
I am wondering about the 2nd to last parameter. int icustom_var = iCustom ( _Symbol , 0 , "blabla" , 20 , true , 0 , 3 , 1 ); The parameter with the value of 3 in my example above. In the docs in says its the mode of the indicator. In a lot of examples ive seen people referring to they say its the
How I can configure copying parameters for trading signals
Hi, I'm trying to migrate my account along with my EA to a VPS and I'm getting an error message saying that my EA version is too old and recompile it. I'm aware that one solution is to contact the vendor of this EA, but unfortunately I don't have the option to get in touch with him. Can anyone help
Hi,    I am trying to use WebRequest to send a header and get a response. Basically I have the follow parameters:    url: "
I lost the old phone number and I want to replace it with the new phone number in the security section. Please help me
Hello friends, I try to create a parabolic sar indicator, and it should draw a line, the problem is that the code does not give me errors but it does not show anything on the graph either, I use candles for 1 to 5 minutes. Can you help me and tell me where I am failing please
I defined a generic interface and I want to use it in another class. I can't figure out what is wrong with this code: #property strict template < typename T> interface IGenericHandler { bool Handle(T &item); }; #define DOES_NOT_WORK class GenericHandler { public : #ifdef DOES_NOT_WORK
Hello! I need some help. I'm connected to mt5 platform with my broker account, but on the mt5 platform I cannot see the $100 I've deposited nor the robot I've rented. I need help on this issue, please
Today i am rent Market EA, but can not install, pls help. Thanks! The order number: 200531_1119, Authorization code: T39785
Hi There Is there a way to hide the indicator windows in MT5? For example in Tradingview when you double click the chart windows it hides all the indicator windows, and then shows them again after another double click
I see to sell signals I have a difficulty in that after you have a new sim number , the new number ( with) the old sim number have to respond on your new phone , but since upgrading on trading knowledge or should I close the account and just re-open although I will loose the $15 still on the mql
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Hello, I've made two accounts not knowing I could have only one account. Can you please transfer the balance from account name: GP112233 to account name: GP1122? Thanks
would appreciate a little help to complete these authorisation settings with a VPS one month instalment ! thanks paul macques MetaTrader Trading Platform Screenshots XAUUSD, H1, 2020.05.31 MetaQuotes Software Corp., MetaTrader 5, Demo failed to connect to ftp.MetaQuotes Demo:25 ? ftp and smtp
The new "Search & Replace" window, really? In comparison, the VS-C# editor uses 10% of the space and does the same. For "Search and Replace" in further files, there should be another window, cause nobody needs this more than in one of 10.000 cases, same as with search in community ... who needs this
Hi guys, Wanna know  with keeping signal copy in mind, I'm looking for a way by where I trade daily, but want to  copy my signals only to family members who  holds trading accounts. In other words, not for public view. Any Ideas?
Ive got everything set up (I think), but how do I know if im actually selling anything? I have started all the metatesters on the metatesters agent menager, and I can see the agents in the agent section on my profile but it always says 0 under "passes" and "profits. Am I doing it right
Can anyone advise me. I have been running 2 MT 5 account on my normal desktop with 2 EA i purchased through MQL5. Normally these are linked to Experts Advisor -----Markets. ( they show under markets) The Market drop down is not showing and therefore no EA. MQL5 is fully signed in and using same MT5
I enabled VPS in my account for one month but it was activated under auto renewal and took away the entire balance from my account. Now I don't need VPS. If I deposit money in my account will that amount also get debited under this auto renewal plan
i have an expert advisor written in Python , but i can't seem to be able to upload it on the market here ! neither i can use strategy tester in the terminal Any solutions
Hi, I want to create an object that could be sorted easily. but the thing is that I want its derived objects not to follow the same rule as of the based class. so I'm trying to override Compare method of the IComparable interface but I want to make each type of child objects to have their own method
Hi, i purchased a virtual server today, I installed and supposedly migrated my indicators into the VS, but i am not getting any push notifications as expected from the VS. I need help with this as my subscription is running. Thanks
MT5 is a very fast and efficient program and there is a ton of third-party code available, which really sets it apart from other FUTURES platforms. However, the one huge drawback of MT5 is that it does not offer non-time-based bars (periodicity). With Ninjatrader8, I can have virtually any
Hi all, I hope you are well. I want to develop an intelligence lot size algorithm for a Reward/Risk= 1/6 ratio. I use 5pips take profits and 30 pips initial stop loss points. I have developed an EA. It have completed its live test for 3 weeks. It have obtained 81% success rate ( Total trades: 324
I was using the EA and was working well on the VPS until recently it started given this error message. Any clue to the solution authorization failed
if the email, smtp , ftp and community login are already valid , and can the VPS connect without the proxy server login settings
I want to offer services related to EAs (e.g. testing), but I have no location to place this offer ! Could you pls add a Services section among Products , or among Jobs for Freelancers, which should become Jobs and Offers from Freelancers? Waitng for your swift reply
Hello , i bought ea trading robot from the market place . I tested it before buying , tests have a great results then i bought it and tried on demo account with same settings etc. i used the rules what says seller in description etc.. but the results are soo bad . i wrote to the seller but he say
How do i remove those autotrade arrow on the chart??