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The brand new MT4 is very close to the "old" MT5! The consequence is that we can see several MT4 doubts that looks like interesting to MT5 guys at this Forum. In this sense, I created this topic to open a new door to MT4 regarding doubts and analysis. Also, I will collect some top and/or...
Hello. I am needing make a indicator that show the open orders or running orders. My question is if this indicator can red these open orders of other account? Do you understand my point? We have 2 accounts. A and B. A is the account with the open orders. And B is the account with the indicator. This...
Good afternoon. Does anyone know how MT5 calculates the ADX indicator step by step? The results that MT5 returns for ADX (14) for EURUSD in H1 (for example) does not correspond (at least in my calculations) with the theoretical calculation of the ADX in spreadsheets. If someone knows which procedure...
Hi everyone. I need to customize hedging EA
I have subscribed to copy trade signal. Since I  subscribed, there hasn't been any copy trades placed on my platform. what could be the problem and what should I do? Thanks. Alinafe
Morning guys quesion I have a script that I use often everytime i want to use it i have open up the Options Box and click on the Allow Automated trading Box. Is there a way I can keep that on all the time? Thanks
Mt5 just updated automatically and since i have not been able to see my bollinger bands drawn correctly. Im using build 1912 in wine on ubuntu. If i attach them to a normal chart in the terminal they show up fine. If i use them from with in an EA in the strategy tester they do not draw properly...
I have a problem. I connot loggin to MQL5 from my MT4 terminal. if I do nothing happens and it just stay on MT4 therefore I cannot access my purchases.Can anybody help me please  
platform keeps freezing/does not run,    even after uninstall and re-install, how can I turn it on?
Hi everyone. If you notice the market always peaks with somesort of volume increase. Currently Im using Volumen Reversal V1 (attached), but I do not like it since I dont think is very accurate, sometimes it signals big volumes other times it does not even few bars later volumes are bigger for...
I would like to know: Is there any available online Job Career Forex Market Analyst/Currency Researcher/Currency Strategist in any financial company?
How to hide my firends in my MQL5?
Hello Im facing the problems to upload the EA to the market here is the message Im receiving. Could anyone help please?
Hi This mql5 EA code plots the indicaot fine. How canI chnage the indicator color? int OnInit() {   int maHandle = iMA(NULL, 0, 200, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE);  ChartIndicatorAdd(0, 0, maHandle); Thanks  
Hello.How do I detach a forex account from a signal? I need to cancel the signal on which I have poorly calculated statistics and start a new one (technical support does not respond to mql).Thank youVáclav Macák
Hello Community, I have just started coding my own EA and have stumbled upon this problem: Whenever I try to back-test my EA, It takes a LOT of time to complete, to a point where I just manually stop it after 2 hours and notice that barely 5% of it was finished. Now I know that complex EAs may...
I am posting an update to one of my products. In this product, it made a call "ZZ_M1=iCustom(NULL,TFMigrate(PERIOD_M1),"Examples\\ZigZag");" This statement used to work in the past, but it now seems that ZigZag is no longer included in the product testing environment. This is the error, "2016.05.01...
I just got a new laptop. how do I import my  demo account?
Is there a code to insert an SL order into the stone after executing the sales or purchase order? I using the Trade.mqh in my expert code.
Greetings! Is there a way to interface with it in MQL5? As in, would it be possible to have an EA or something set its volume for me instead of having to do it manually?
Hi There, I made a EA and tested on a demo account. It is running well on test but, when I attach it to the Chart it doesn't work, I just have an icon with a little creature and a red stop signal. How to make it work? Thanks and best regards!
Trying to add new MT4 signal for Fort Financial Services broker (FortFS-Real). But there is no such an option to choose. Only FortFS-Live which is MT5 server. Best regards, Vlad.
Hi In Android MT4 application i got a continuance error. The total amount in the top of the Trade screen if in minus should be in red but I got it in blue. please see the attachment.
I have 9 products in Market, and I have one job in Freelance. I didn't know what is happened, today I found that I was rejected as seller, I don't know what's wrong with me, I contact the moderator, but he didn't reply, who can help me?
how do i get to use the" time and  sales" option for tape reading option on which broker ? 
See the following image:   I have added a custom symbol and tried to import the values. But MT5 have truncated values and even the bars are not correct. See the comparison between real bar and the MT5 bars:   Kindly, suggest me what might be the issue. Here is the file which I used for importing the...
Hi All, I am trying learn to use a custom indicator that is available in the mql5 forum in my EA. I have downloaded it and it is available in the Market folder. Indicator URL : [Market product link was deleted by moderator] In my OnInit function, I am simply using the following code to see what it...
Here is my code:  string symbolname = "MySymbol";MqlRates rates_add[2000];void OnStart()  {  SymbolSelect(symbolname,true); int file = FileOpen("MT5.csv",FILE_WRITE|FILE_READ|FILE_CSV|FILE_COMMON|FILE_SHARE_READ,',');    if(file!= INVALID_HANDLE)    {    }    else    {    Print("File Not Found : "...
  EA DLL (3)
Hi   kindly assist i wanted to rent out a virtual host to run my EA on it, now my challenge is that the EA doesnt work without DLL been selected how do i get passed this as one of their rules is that they dont allow dll selected as it will terminate my orders????
My Broker's Server not included in your list when creating a new signal it gives Invalid broker server. The server name is: FortFS-Real