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Hi folks, Today we continuethe study of -what I consider it- the most important MQL4 lesson. Loops & Decisions for Loop while loop if statement if..else statement switch statement I hope you enjoy the lesson and waiting your comments.
Hi folks, Today we will study -what I consider it- the most important MQL4 lesson. Loops & Decisions forLoop whileloop ifstatement if..else statement switchstatement I hope you enjoy the lesson and waiting your comments.
Hi folks, I hope you enjoyed my last 3 lessons. I didn't hear questions from you yet. I don't think that everything 100% understood in my lessons. so, Where are the questions? I hope to hear you soon. Download this lesson & Enjoy it.
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Hi folks! With you Coders' Guru , your MQL4 trainer for the the next few months. Welcome to the MQL4 course. In this series, I will try to strip the mystique and confusion from MQL4 by giving you comprehensive tutorials with a straight forward example. In this series of lessons, I will show you how...
  coding error? (1)
I would like to create a simple expert advisor using ZeroCode that opens and closes orders at the cross of two moving averages. The moving averages I have chosen are EMAs 2 & 20. I believe I have written the correct buy and sell logics using ZeroCode: Buy logics: MA (1) Previous < MA (2) Previous...
  TrueScalper (7)
How the testing going?
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Silver trend trader using JTPO Indicator. Attach to GBPUSD and EURUSD 5M.
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Hi folks, I've got a lot of private messages asking me for helping with some pieces of code. Here you can post your questions related to MQL4, and I'll do my best to answer them.
can anybody help? Why do I get this error ?, what can I do about it? and why do I get it in backtesting?
Hello MQL'ers... Can you lend a hand here...yes? Below I have set out the current environment as relates to the library file and the calling file. The LIBRARY file: -- I extracted some global functions and put into separate .mq4 file. -- I placed this compiled lib file in "...\libraries\" where...
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CoeffoLine_Hist The adviser on the basis of the indicator CoeffofLine. Idea simple: we Buy if the indicator from negative passes in a positive zone when passes from positive in negative - is closed BUY and opened Sell. The period of the indicator - 30. System like . Help please at whom there is time...
Simple channel system for M15.
Indicator ASKBID Candle MT3 view Candels MT3 in MT4 with ASKBID
  GC Oscillator (4) I think this oscillator (documented in Ehlers section), is a very good exercise for this section. In fact I think we could develop as much indicators from Ehlers as possible. Figure 1. Easy Language Code to Compute the...
What is your best way to avoid flat tradings?
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i have many questions about signal system, totally new to it 1. how do use .mql and .mq4 files? 2. which platform is this files for? 3. can they be used with interbankfx's platform?, if can how? if this is a wrong forum to posts my quesion, pls help be with an other link. i hope my questions are...
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Does anyone know any program which converts data into GET data format? Or maybe there is a site, where it's possible to download 1H periods data in this format??? I would be very grateful for any info. I really feel limited with 1D charts on my GET
hi all my friends What I've to do when appear this " order sell limit 0.10 GBPUSD opening at 1.7724 sl: 1.7729 tp: 1.7699 failed " In the backtest its Ok... Tkx
Has anyone heard of the step indicators? StepMA_3D_v1.mq4 StepMA_Stoch_v1.mq4 StepMA_v1.mq4 I heard they do very well, just wondering if someone happen to have them sitting around. Lol. Thanks, -secXces And on a side note: Sorry not relative to this thread but
I testing a EA an i have in source FileOpen function. Then this EA run in terminal it can write in file. Then i run it in Startegy Tester, the EA don't write anything. Can you help me ?
I create a theme and I can not attach a file. I use IE 6.02. I press the button "Manage Attachments" and nothing occurs . Help!
hi, i have problem i have run* MT4 newste version and more Broker Version and 20-1000 Server Login's Loop and no Logout's MT4 run on vServer!
I just installed and open demo account with IBFx. I loaded the sample EA &quot;moving average&quot; to a chart but I have no idea whether it is working? See picture below?
I'm trying to run an Expert on the Indices which recently appeared in the MT Demo. But the Expert does seem to be called just once (NQ100, Daily chart). Is this currently a limitation? Markus
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Please vote the homepage you prefer to see when you type '': First one: Second one: We changed homepage last week but perhaps previous one was more usefull.
Hi, I must be silly cause I can't find this basic function. How do I change the viewable order of indicator windows i.e. like the Customize Toolbar, you have an 'Up' and 'Down' buttons to change order. Cheers Martin
  Error 147 ?? (3)
What is error code 147 ?? Thanks.
  Robot Scalper (5)
Here, to try to see with your adjustments of stoploss and give us your statements. I had tested in framtime M30 and there was a good succession of profits but also of very large losses. With you to undoubtedly test that with your new stoploss, the losses will be less are you sure of M1 because...