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  copying signal  (1)
Hi, Im copying a signal that has a balance of 5400 eur, and I have 4200 eur in my account, so it says: Signal - percentage for volume conversion selected according to the ratio of balances and leverages, new value 70%. is there any way I can just change it so it doesnt do 70% but just 100%
I want to be able to print the timestamp something like this: Print ( "The time this instant is "+FormatString("%Y-%M-%D %h:%mm:%ss.%uuu" ,NOW())); To be clear, I want to print the exact time stamp of when this Print function is run, for debugging purposes. I want to insert this into my code at
Hi, I seem to be having a problem setting my default view options(data window, toolbox etc.). I have a whole bunch of charts for the different pairs I am monitoring. I have saved the indicators etc that I need as a chart template. I opened the view options that I need, as stated above, and then...
Metatrader 5 build 2590 is (at a moment) full of bugs. Among other things, stuff like this happens when you simply change the time frame of the chart - ie: the same indicators are sometimes loaded OK sometimes not. No rule when it happens and on what code Initial load again sometimes is terribly
  netting error  (1)
how do i fix this netting error because i cant login into my account
  VPS capacity  (1)
I am trying to load 50 Expert Advisor on a VPS... however, only 32 are loading. Is this a limitation in MQL5 VPS's? Is there a way to increase the VPS capacity? do I have any other options, thank you
Hi Traders, I had never thought that finding a fitting forex broker would be one of the most difficult tasks in trading. I looking for: - a leverage of minimum 1:200 (without having t o qualify as a Professional Client) - a real ECN account (no dealing desk, no STP, just a pure ECN account) - a
  DAX Symbol  (11   1 2)
My DAX symbol (DE30) just disappeared. What is going on and how can i find it? Thanks
I get a warning message in the Journal of MT5: MQL5.chats socket read(available) failed message in journal it appears every minute, how do I get rid of it? Thanks for helping
Hi, I am new to programming MT5 Market Book following the " MQL5 Cookbook Implementing your Own Depth of Market" instructionn" After compiled ok for Expert.mq5, MarketBook.mqh and MarketBook.mq5, and when I debug, it gives error message as MQL5 DEBUGGER: Critical error while running expert Expert
Dear experienced traders Do you know any absolute value related to whole Forex market wave except candle(ticks)? Almost indicator what we can use is relative value. I thought volume should be one of the absolute value related to whole Forex market, but I was wrong. It seems MT5 only have tick volume
How can I modify my EA for it to execute order at open price only like backtest
I need some stable ea, who can introduce
  Webmoney  (1)
I want to charge my account via Webmoney. Unfortunately I cannot see webmoney between methods! How can I do it
Hi all, I'm currently in the process of trying to get 20 MT4 clients running on my VPS. I can just about get 9 running (with the odd one freezing but then coming back to life) but fear if I add more it's going to get worse and wondered if anyone could assist with ways to either; reduce the amount of
I've read the variable assignment documentation and it doesn't mention anything about assignment chaining. Is it possible to write: double a = 1 ; double b = 2 ; like the following? double a, b = 1 , 2 ;
Hello, I just write EA based on Hedging Strategy. But Automatic validation process is required any order should be opened. Price can not hit Hedging Level during MQL Tester period on Automatic Validation. So how can I publish my EA Robot? (there are no trading operations )
Controlling process priority during optimization When all cores are used during optimization, the system gets very sluggish. Does anyone know a way to set process priority lower without having to go into task manager every time? Some app that runs on system startup and detects when the MT5 agents
  login issues  (2)
I have just downloaded and installed the MQL5 platform. I have logged into my FOREX account, but the platform will not allow me to do anything, no live data is being displayed, and no trades are possible. Can anyone help
Good Evening My Fellow Metas, I have a trading account with and am new to all this auto trading etc. Has anyone any experience of using an auto trading app etc with Specifically, I'm looking for one that works with their indices? How easy have you found it? How do the results measure
Hi guys, First, thanks for making this forum so lively, it looks like a gold mine full of information for MetaTrader new starters! This is my first post, so sorry if I am posting in the wrong section. I have been doing "manual" trading for some years (mainly cryptos lately), and I feel like I need a
  charged twice  (1)
I have been charged twice for Ea <Deleted> via paypal. How do I get this fixed ? no option to do this via service desk. Regards Trev
Hi.. I was in the process of compiling my mq5 file, say abc.mq5, and then suddenly my laptop automatically shut down due to a battery leakage before the compiling process finished. After rebooting the laptop, I found my mq5 file, abc.mq5, with no text (script) in it at all. Is there any way to
Hello Today I bought via the platform MQL4 - <Deleted> . I made the payment using my Maestro debit card. Following the instructions from Email, I tried to find and install the purchased indicator. But there is no "purchase" tab in my MT4 Market section. I am logged in to MOL5. Can you please advise
  vps work  (8)
I want to run an expert advisor, I want a simple explanation of how this works , I want to try the first month. If it works, I will continue with you I want a very simple explanation of activating an expert advisor in vps . and thank you
Please Am getting confuse with the actual meaning and function of each Which is which ???? My understanding Custom Indicator :Give sell or buy signal with a descriptive arrow (👆Buy :::; 👇sell )' base on combination or single fundamental indicator like RSI AND STOCHASTIC INDICATOR , OR RSI alone
Hi, I do not want to enter this data in the MT5 application. best regards, Lukasz
hi all, I'm on Android and the latest version of MT5 does seem a bit buggy. Majority of times I'm not able set any buy or sell limits as the Place button stays greyed out. The same also happens when I try to set TPs where the modify button is greyed out. Another very annoying thing I've noticed is
Hello For example There are 4 different mql strategies 4 currency pairs One account metatrader 4 How to calculate proper optimal money management %? For each individual strategy Different timeframes And initial account size? there are 4 different strategies sitting on one Metatrader 4 account and
Hello! Could someone please assist me with the issue of making a $15 VPS rental payment? This has been an unresolved issue since 7.8.20 1. What payment method do you want to use? I tried all of my payment options with Paypal (4 cards and my bank account), but they all failed for some reason with