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While Testing My Strategy I Need To Send The Output To Text File Or Spread Sheet  So That When The Strategy Tester Runs Across and Annotation It Reacts Accordingly.
AUDUSD: With continued bullishness seen, more upside offensive is the likely scenario. However, the pair will have to break and hold above the 0.9528 level to trigger its recovery in the short term. Once this occurs, expect a run at the 0.9600 level. Further out, resistance resides at the 0.9650...
Dear Genuises, I want to take the live price feed from Windsor MT5 (eg. Gold,M1) and place orders with the same price in a different MT5 Platform. Help me how to save the Gold from Windsor MT5 in .dll and import the .dll file in the different MT5 Platform Please help me how to do it....
I can use my card NETELLER Net + Virtual MasterCard to deposit USD into my account MQL5?
What does it mean in Euro: 30.00 Credits? Thank you for help
Hi: Is it possible to import other instruments such as stocks into MT5 - since I am in the US, I can only receive Forex. Thanks for answers. (I have read that this can be done with MT4)
Hello, I was disconnected from [...] signal. How do I fix this problem? Thank you.
HI, I'm just testing the signal service here, but today three trades were not closed and I had to close them manually. Any reason for that? How can I troubleshoot it?
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ok looking over the signals that are here i cant seem to see 1 trader who makes money! scalping 1 pip ( never work as copy system due to spread or slip ) holding trades for days if they lose ( the account will blow ) Can any person here show me a real trader making real money ongoing or is this...
I have sent an EA 2 weeks before, till now it is in proof read status, getting no response, even i have no option to get contact with the moderator. really feeling very bad. Thanks.
Lets discuss if someone knows any strategy to Win 100% , each and every trade? i am scalping the market for small profits with no sl.
Hello everybody, I would like to use an array whose size is specified by some input parameter, for example: //--- input parametersinput int L=5; // some number//--- Other parametersdouble teta[L+2]; But in this way i get an error at compilation: '[' - invalid index...
I am using FXCM on both a demo and real accounts. there is no signal tab in the terminal. How would I use signals with such a platform or use a "generic"MT4,that has signals, with FXCM. Imean connect to thier server? Thank You in advance
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You were told about it or probably came across it online, or your heard about in conversations or maybe you were introduced to it. You learned and asked a lot of questions. You tried you fortune. It went bad or good at first try. You were excited or sad, but you carried on till date. "FOREX"
Hi I am inciting and would like to create a basic indicator. to draw a line in average prices ((open-close / 2) + open) grateful
hi, if you have information about : best setting for identify Engulfing pattern Candle & The relative percentage of body components & other nessecary condition for it's body or Adjacent candle, can use it in a code , can you please talk about it here ? thank you.
Hi everyone, I am quite new to using meta trader and after extensively looking for solutions through trial and error as well as spending a lot of time scrolling through help pages. I couldn't find anything directly linked to these problems. so here goes... Like i said im very new to forex trading...
the key to success in forex is discipline. and we also have to learn in earnest. Moreover, if we want to succeed in the trading world then we need careful planning and strategy. that our trading future better. Especially in the forex world, everything can not be predicted with certainty, there is...
my ea don t take any trade can you help me thanks
Hi, I can't see calendar and market tabs in my MetaTrader 5 toolbox window. Does somebody knows why and How I can put them in? Thank you
Example: both EA A.ex5 & B.ex5 are runing, how can A know that B is runing? is there built-in function to do that?
EURUSD USDJPY AUDUSD USDCHF These are some of the major pairs that traders commonly use. My best pair is the EURUSD and I love it because the spread is very low (0.1 on the Profiforex Platform) and favorable for a scalper like me. Which pair do you use mostly and how do you analyze this par.
Welcome to the forex world!I know the first thing all new traders want is a broker. Yes, you need a broker in order to use a demo account and a live account. Well, you can always use Profiforex (am not advertising- Am just recommending the one I use and trust). Well, finding a broker should not...
Hi You can create a new custom window? as image? grateful
Yes and I am not a programmer, works great. Yes and I am a programmer, works great. Yes but without results, I am not a programmer. Yes but without results and I am a skilled programmer. No, never. I am not a programmer. No, never. I am a programmer. Yes but with difficulties, I am not a programmer....
It's obvious nobody wants it. Please do not change anything on MT4. Just fix bugs and stuff and keep MT4 forever.
Have you ever experienced. when you open a position, suddenly closed automatically, in case of loss? or your EA suddenly error that limits your profitability? I experienced it, when in the day, my EA, make money, as much as the initial capital What do you think?
when i compile my program there is a error : can't open "C:\Users\MON\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\D0E8209F77C8CF37AD8BF550E51FF075\MQL5\include\Expert\ExpertTrade.mqh" include file Expert.mqh i don t find ExpertTrade.mqh in my folder Expert why ? thank you
I want to disable journal logging from the terminal and also need the mql5 code to implement in my codes.
EURUSD: Outlook Higher Despite Pull Back Attempts. EURUSD: The pair may have closed marginally lower the past week but continues to hold on to its medium term uptrend. This suggests further upside is likely on ending its past week bear threats. Risk of a return to the 1.3645/1.3700 levels remains....