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Dear all, Goodday. If i want to move to a new broker, is it possible to move trading history in MT4 of my old broker to new broker?  I hope to retain my trading history because as a signal provider/seller, it is more advantageous for me to have some trading history instead of starting blank if i...
The Metaeditor provides this great profiling tool that helps to spot bottlenecks. Unfortunately looks like it only can be used in real time and not in backtest. I'm I right or I'm missing something?
Aggressively, Slowly, Fall is over
Hello everyone, Take part button suddenly has disappeared for no reason. My account is not blocked or banned, at least there is no notification or warning. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I noticed people continue to bid on newcoming projects. I tried different browsers and devices. All is...
What is the best expert for auto trade?
How to get my MQL5 password if I used to log in with my google account directly?
  Signal alerts (1)
There some good signals on here but most do not have email alerts. Can anyone advise on how to add such alerts to existing signals. Would I need to learn how to use code? many thanks for your help and advise Tony
  EA on Mac (2)
hi guys, i recently downloaded the mt5 on my mac and it works fine and i even have all the options on the lower toolbar (calendar, experts, alerts etc..) now i need to find a way to download and install EAs from the market to my MT5, do you know how? because when i click on download demo from market...
Can't seem to find the original mt4 Fibonacci source code anywhere in codebase or any article. I want to play around with the source code and amend to my own use. Does anyone know where I can find this code (original mt4 application, not auto). Or is this not allowed?
Hi, Account created via google account. Then I try to log in mql5 community inside the mt4 platform, he prompting password. Tried to used the google account password, failed. Help please
How to avoid Stop Out? Hi Traders. How to void the Stop Out on metatrader 5. Any clue? Any information will be much appreciated thanks, Antonio
Can you build an expert advisor in MT4 or is that only available in MT5?
hi there, i tried to download an expert advisor but it doesn't allow me to do so, when i click on "yes, i have MT4" doesn't shows up anything else.  i tried with other browser but still nothing, how come? my MT4 works fine, the only issue here is with this website, please guys let me know how can...
I have subscribed to a signal. The latest trade opened today was XAUUSD. The provider opened in 0.03 lot size and made £85 profit. Mine opened in 0.01 lot size and made £2.43.  My leverage is the same as my broker (1:400). Am I missing anything else? Why was the profit much lower? Shouldn’t the...
Thanks my friends for the help , I need to know : - who will take in charge of the " number of Activations of the EA " , is it automatically Done by Metaquote or should I add some codes in my EA ?
Hi, Does anybody know how I can set the default language of the website to English. I can't find it in the profile settings. Currently each time I login the language is set to Russian Daniel
Hello.  Started studing MQL5 3 days ago. My first language. Been looking at the Reference a lot. Some explanations there are a bit vague, so I still dont fully understood some concepts.  Return operator: The return operator terminates the current function execution and returns control to the calling...
In the Tool Box History we have four options to how to present it: Orders, deals, Ordens + deals and positions. We have HistoryOrdersTotal + HistoryOrderGetTicket to iterate over the orders. We have HistoryDealsTotal + HistoryDealGetTicket to iterate over the deals. But we have no...
I need to add lot multiplier if SL hit. Please help//+------------------------------------------------------------------+#define SIGNAL_NONE 0#define SIGNAL_BUY   1#define SIGNAL_SELL  2#define SIGNAL_CLOSEBUY 3#define SIGNAL_CLOSESELL 4#property copyright "Ronald Raygun"extern string Remark1 = "==...
Why mt5 tester can't work with spread?
Hi all! I would like to ask some examples of generic data collections. I searched it first, but i didn't find any good example to completely understand how can i use them. Code Example :  CArrayList<string> arrayList =  new CArrayList<string>();arrayList. If i declare an object of CArrayList like...
London-based Prime of Prime brokerage Stater Global Markets has added MetaTrader 5 to its platform options for clients. The company is also launching a MetaTrader 5 White Label offering. According to Stater Global Markets, it will be in high demand from banks and brokers, particularly in Asia - a...
  american time (1)
hello how do i get american time on the platform i think there is an indicator somewhere? thanks for help
Hello to everyone, I don't know if this is the right place, but I would like to share some ideas regarding the development of the Meta Trader platform.  More specifically, I'm interested in the potential possibility to create apps with MQL4/5 for the mobile platform and the web terminal.  Is this...
can some one help sort this out, the trailing stop loss on the platform does not simply work at all. my broker is pepperstone and they cant help me either can some one work this out for me
  lot size (14   1 2)
hi i would just like to know if 662 dollers can hold a lot size of 3.00
  vps for oanda (1)
hi I need help on setting a vps on my OANDA-live account but when I try it give me error with the web terminal like is not supported error#8578877, any ideas?
Why GlobalVariables don't work on tester mt5?
how to disable mail box from meta trader 4 terminal. reply