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hi; in my multi currency indicator in default ; for example symbol " EURUSD" i check/add in market watch ,so indicator calculate & draw. my question is: if some broker/account type use another symbol like " EURUSD.m " or any other suffixes added to EURUSD or " eurusd " .... or ( is there...
  MFI (1)
HiiHow can i see bar on mfi? And how can i chang itf to mql5?
The continues to develop, and we are happy to see the number of members and service users growing. However, we are no longer able to moderate Market, Code Base and Freelance manually — this requires a lot of resources from our company. Therefore, we decided to provided maximum...
  Nest Bridge (1)
Could anyone give me a Hint about how the Bridge interface between MT4 chart and NEST Trader works? How the Order execution takes place in Nest trader through MT4 chart? How to pass orders from MT4 chart to get executed in Nest trading platform? Thanks in Advance :-) Naren
One man define astronomical number 1, 2, 3 from biggest numbers. I find google astronomical numbers, but it seems presents galaxy size, earth mass, etc.  What do you think how to define 1, 2, 3 astronomical numbers from biggest random numbers.
as the tital How to debug an dll write in C++ in MT5 AND THE i am using vs 2017 is not working what can do for it
in the list of name servers brokers in mql5 I did not find the server name for the fortfs broker that was on my meta trader 4 '' FortFS-Real ''
Hi Every one, May you help me text code that help me trail stop loss or proit at specific time . I need to insert to my mq4 EA. For example, for my ea, I wanna move my stop loss to entry price after EU current time (9h00 mt4 time) if the order is in profit And move profit to entry price if the order...
I am interested in learning how to develop an app for android devices. Could someone point me to some web sites that has some instructions please?
I have seen some traders running more than one account from the same broker as a money management system. One account is used for live trading while the other (or sometimes even more than one)  is just a "savings account". Some traders equalize accounts on a daily basis while others do it weekly or...
Hi,  Forgive me for asking a probably very simple question, I am new to MT5 and struggling to find an answer ..  I would like to formulate a strategy using 3 or 4 technical indicators and backtest these over a timeframe to assess if it works. When I play around with the strategy tester, it squeaks...
Good evening dear programmers. I have a problem with the programming of my code. Indeed I started to be interested in programming since already 6 months. I started writing my code and I have some small problems in the programming of it. These are the conditions of sale and purchase grouped into two...
Is it possible to get a SMS, an e-mail or an alarm sound from the mobile application fired when some basic conditions are realized ... such as when the price breaks the user-defined level?
I have an indicator. I want to modify some thing. Please confirm me about it.
Hello, does anybody know where these 2 indicators are available to download. 1. Gann Hi low indicator as per screenshot with steps and colour change. 2. Gann Swing Indicator with colour change and a change from solid to dotted line when the tren changes. As you can see this include in the Fibonacci...
  EA info (2)
is there any way  to get info about EA of a person trading account through investor password? I mean which one EA is running on target trading account.
I have subscribed to a signal everything looks good. I can see the trades taken by the signal provider in my journal however no trades are taken on my account
I receive a message "you will need a new app to open this MQL4Buy. How can I download my purchase and into MT4. Please help
in MT5, how to remove the time flag on the bottom of the chart? thanks
Hi all I have a signal that is still not public because I am waiting for my seller status to be approved. The growth was at 600% but right now is at 2%. I did withdrew twice but I don't think there should be a problem Any ideas? Kind Regards George
  Signal Lose (2)
Can someone tell me why a signal does not work overnight This is marked "authorization failed." Please check trading account data. Where does the problem come from because it is 5 weeks of work annihilated and this is the second time! How can we have buggies like this? Thank you gives a 404 when it is opened from I tried from and I got the same result... maybe someone accidentally deleted the file from the server? Anyway... How can I run...
Here is the script that I have tried and go zero output: void OnStart()  {   MqlTick tick[];   Comment(CopyTicksRange(_Symbol,tick,COPY_TICKS_ALL,ulong(D'2018.11.1 00:00:00'),ulong(TimeCurrent())),"  " ,ulong(TimeCurrent()),"  " ,ulong(D'2018.11.1 00:00:00'));   //Comment(ArraySize(tick));   for(int...
Once or twice my card OSID has been asked for by a broker and I have given it but my bank has told me no one should need or be given this number. Why is it required to buy an indicator from the MQL5 market? Is it a concern? I'd like to hear how other people feel about this. Thanks Kent
Hi Any time I try scrolling over the last 12 months on a daily chart I see this big 100 000+ pip spike at the 26 Feb 2018 area that I can't get rid of. I did a clean install of MT5 and it is still here.  How do I get my charts back to normal? Thanks
Hello, there is a problem with memory clean for arrays in MT5. My Build is 1931 and if you run this code in backtesting you can see that memory(RAM) increase to maximum allowed....
What is their relationship? Why do people say leverage can multiply your profit/losses? I always thought I use my balance to support my trade. Does leverage makes a big difference?
MT5 recognizes 16 cores in my PC, but when I try to make them available on the MQL Cloud, only one populates the available core panel, and it defaults to Stopped. (See screen grab.) Any ideas about what's going on? Could it be my security software blocking it?
  Support (8)
Eu tenho problemas abaixo e suporte não sabe como resolver. Alguém já teve esse problema antes? Resolver? Qual foi a solução? symbol EURJPY not found signal copying for 'EURUSD' is prohibited
Seriously MetaTrader !!!?! This is at least a 6 year old issues!  As the subject states, iCustom should return -1 (INVALID_HANDLE) for an indicator that returns `INIT_PARAMETERS_INCORRECT` in it's `OnInit` function. Does anyone have a strategy to detect a failed iCustom?