Indicators with alerts/signal

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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Some indicators with alert/signals with author's comments:

- EMA-Crossover_Signal:

Enter two Exponential Moving Average periods and it'll tell you when they crossed.

- SMA-Crossover_Signal:

Enter two Simple Moving Average periods and it'll tell you when they crossed.

- SMMA-Crossover_Signal:

Enter two Smoothed Moving Average periods and it'll tell you when they crossed.

- LWMA-Crossover_Signal:

Enter two Linear Weighted Moving Average periods and it'll tell you when they crossed.

- 2CCI_ZeroCross_Alert:

Enter your trend indicating cci value and your entry signal cci value (ie 50 and 14) and it'll alert you to when it crossed.

Thanks Jason Robinson (jnrtrading)


Free EA coding

Hi Trader

Would you like to get your EA coded for free? If you can make the fellow members feel that your strategy is profitable and if you're willing to share the EA with the community, I can do the coding for free.

Due to my professional commitments, I can only take up limited number of request

But I'm looking to work on some unique and profitable strategy.

Apart from this, If you would not want to share your strategy or if you cannot wait for a long time, you can hire me to do coding on which case the code will not shared with anyone else




You don't know what you're setting yourself up for. Good luck!


Free EA

I have an EA that I would liked programmed.

This EA will be trading only on the daily charts for any currency pair.

The indicators used will be:

the 50 ema

the heiken ashi smoothed indicator

and a customer indicator "the momementum trend indicator"

Trade SetUp:

Condition One:

The price and the heiken ashi smoothed indicator must be above the 50 ema to execute buy orders. (There must be at least one heiken ashi closed candle above and not touching the 50 ema line to execute the buy order)

The price and the heiken ashi smoothed indicator must be below the 50 ema to execute sell orders. (There must be at least one heiken ashi closed candle below and not touching the 50 ema line to execute the sell order)

Condition Two:

The heiken ashi candles must also be blue to execute a buy order.

The heiken ashi candles must also be red to execute a sell order.

Condition Three:

The momentum trend custom indicator must be going up at approxiamately a120 degree angle or greater to execute the buy order.

The momentum trend custom indicator must be going down at approxiamately a 120 degree angle or greater to execute the sell order.

When these 3 conditions are met the EA would execute the corresponding buy or sell order.

Exiting The Trade:

The EA would exit any open trades when the angle of the momentum trend indicator retreats to 90 degrees.

Other functions in the EA

An adjustable take profit and stop loss function.

Ability to set the number of lots per trade down to even micro lots.

An adustable function that the EA can have only a certain amount of trades open at one time.

(I would like to have this EA open on 8 different currency pair charts looking for trading opportunities simultaneously, however due to practical money management and only wanting a certain percentage of my account balance at stake at any one time I would like to limit the number of trades open at the same time as mentioned above. Is this possible?)

If you are interested in programming this EA send me a private message and I will email you the custom momentum trend indicator as well as the heiken ashi smoothed indicator.


EA Coding

Dear Karthik,

I want to Code an EA which is most profitablle as well as no objection for sharing to forum. Pl contact on my e mail id and pl send me a mail i will send u complete discription.

karthikencore, You don't know what you're setting yourself up for. Good luck!

To many ideas, old ideas. Just do your home work., Karthik...

To many good programers, but no experience on trading.

How you can make good EA if you don't know how market is working?


Bongo you are right

To many ideas, old ideas. Just do your home work., Karthik...

To many good programers, but no experience on trading.

How you can make good EA if you don't know how market is working?

Bongo you are right., but we dont know who can ?

If we haven't tried we would not have been here searching and trying to accomplish.

Karthik can, he tries his best.,why a negative criticism.,

Ok for karthik. now a new venue karthik..

karthik below is a renko based chart .I just want to code the indicator arrows to buy and sell and take profit is the only criteria to be looked after, this is one of the best profitable strategy., i have attached two charts of renko's the first one being a 5pip box size and the next one being the 10 pip box size.

the arrows appear at the middle or close of the bar,the confirmation can be had that the indicator is IINMW arrows appear first and the 2macrossover appears next.

If fixed...the 10 pip boxes would prove profitable., but the only nightmare is taking profits, the bars may be one bar after the arrow or in sequence.

so if we fix a take profit then we would end up in little profits and miss the max., if we use the arrows as close we end up in loss,due to the behaviour of renko.only the take profit should be administered well., I need your opinion here.

b'coz a renko bar while forming may go up and down and create a complication.of what's the next bar and if negative then we loose our earning plus spread.this is for short trends.

look into this and if u r interested I can provide the full indicators needed for this venture.

Between karthik I am willing to pay through paypal or LR.

Upto you., but I need at the earliest.


swami nair

trade.gif 24 kb
trade1.gif 19 kb

Hi Bongo

I'm not sure about your intention. But I've been coding EAs for the past two years and I've never faced trouble with them until now.

First thing I just do the coding and I've learnt about trading upto a level which is needed for coding. I'm not a strategist, just an executor.

To many ideas, old ideas. Just do your home work., Karthik...

To many good programers, but no experience on trading.

How you can make good EA if you don't know how market is working?

Please code this simple idea. I have attached.


Hi karthikencore,

This is a marvelous idea, if you have time to do that. It will help a lot of people.

I myself am now reading on mql4 in hopes that i will be able to make my alert indicator, one that nobody could help me with, no matter how many time i asked.

Maybe i will be able do that, who knows.

I wish you luck and success in your trading.

Does anybody know maybe a tread, where there are the EAs that already exist, so people will not ask in this tread what already exists? That will help i think. .

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