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help me to fix this EA, i want the EA only open one order when ZIGZAG line appear, and will open order again when the new zigzag line is appear, i think this ea have good reslut if only one order open, and wait until next zigzag line. thank you.

Until karthikencore re-visit this thread you can try use one option available in the ea that is "Add_Positions" put that to false .. that will stop opening more orders and will open just one order.



create an ea for me!!

hii karthik..

iam suresh from india.. can u create an ea for my following system..

its works really fine...


1. Bollinger band- default settings

2. Moving Average.


period = 5 ; shift = 0

MA method : exponential

Apply to : Close.

3. Parabolic SAR - default settings.

Buy condn.:

when 5EMA cuts middle bollinger below price(candlestick), parabolic SAR

also below the price, enter buy order in the opening of the next candle.

Close order when parabloic SAR changes its position from bottom to top of the price.

Sell condn.:

when 5EMA cuts middle bollinger above price(candlestick), parabolic SAR

also above the price, enter sell order in the opening of the next candle.

Close order when parabloic SAR changes its position from top to bottom of the price(candle stick).

stop loss: 15 pips.

time frame: 5min.

currency pair: should trade all pairs.

trade lot size : should be adjustable.


two ideas

1. MACD with Stochastic.


using MACD as signal indicator and when stochastic show same trend, enter. stop loss 10 pips move break even when more then 20 pip profit. closed order when MACD crossover.

2. Two Aroon and MACD system

edit the reason seems like no one care


new Idea!!!

Hello Kathikencore,

my name is Dominic and I come from germany.

My english is not the best, so please forgive me for the mistakes in the text.

I have read a lot of your posts and i saw that you help people that are not that good in coding.

I think i have a good Idea for an EA. But my coding skills are not good enough. If you could help me, i would realy thank you a thousand times!!!

Here is the Idea:

Over the last 2 Years i have noticed, that the EUR/USD is moving 50-200 Pips a day.

I want to build a Zone at 0:01am. Lets say, that for example the price is 1.3000 at that time. I want to set a limit buy signal at 1.3005 and a limit sell at 1.2995. If for example the limit buy signal is triggert, i want to set a stop loss at 1.3000 and a take profit at 1.3055. The limit sell order should stay at 1.2995. If the price moves to 1.3055, the trading day is over . If the stop loss is triggert at 1.3000, a new limit buy signal should be set at 1.3005. The same happens, until either the take profit is reached or the stop loss is reached maybe 8 or 9 times or at 09:59pm. The zone should stay at the same place the hole day, until either the take profit is hit or the stop loss is hit for about 8-9 times.

Alternativ, it could start with a take profit of 5 and every time the stop loss get hit, the take profit should rise 5 pips (5...10...15) until we are 5 pips in profit. then the EA should stop for that day.

I hope, i wrote the text in good english and you know what i mean.I would realy thank you a thousand times if you could help me!!!

thanks very much in advance!!!


Thread Highjack!

Hello traders

it seems like nobody writes the code on this thread anymore so i think i'll take over it, if there no strong objections that is.

two things you need to know :

1. Don't ask for anything too complicated or for too many updates on the EAs that i've already written for you

i can write anything but that doesn't mean that i will write anythign for free

so don't be greedy thats all

2. Pips for me is the smallest change in the quated currency pair. I know a lot of you still speak of pips in the 4 digit quate sense even when using the 5 digit broker. well i use it in a 5 digit broker sense and all EAs will simply look at the quates digits and that will be the pips for the EA

So Imolenmaker here is your EA (attached)

it does the trailing and the trade opening and should do what you asked, provided that i understood it correctly

the x_pips (115) setting will be the trailing and the first time of entry

whyle the y_pips (300) setting will be the second type of entry

the dSL is the desaster stop loss that you can use

if you don't want the EA to open any new trades simly set the On = false

in that mode it will also not trail any trades with SL > x_pips

but will trail all other trades

as you are the trader you'll choose the direction it trades in and it will do the rest

buy = true to buy and buy = false for sell

so to confirm example of the buy signal is:

buy = true

(the latest long trade open price - Bid) < y_pips


(Bid - latest long open price) > x_pips

don't have the time to test any of it so you'll have to do that and tell me how it goes

have fun with it

As for you Domenic

i'm sorry mate but its really difficult to understand exactly what you are asking there

try explaining it with screen shots of the charts etc

if i'll understand it eventually i might be able to help...


Hawk248 thank you for coding

Dear Hawk248,

Thank you for your generosity.

The attachment is still pending for approval. As soon as I am able to download it I will test it and let you know how it goes.

Once again, thank you so much.

Kind Regards,



here is a picture

hello hawk248,

thank you for your answer. I made a picture to explane my idea.

I hope that it gets clearer now!?

Thanks in advance!!!


MTF EA needs money management

Please put a mm algorithm on this one with risk in percentage and hopefully a max trades opened number , and most usefully a filter to not have more than 1 opened trade in the currency to avoid having corelated positions.

E.G. if a position is already oppened in usd/jpy not to have another in usd/chf or gbp/jpy ,

Thanks in advance, Adrian


Dear Hawk248.

Thank you for creating the EA for me, however I cannot download it as it is pending (for some reason).

All the other ea's you have coded for others are available, so something must have gone wrong.

Could you please send the ea attachment to:

That way I will be able to download it for sure.

The EA is lmolenmaker_v1

Thanks in advance (I can hardly wait to test it out)


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