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For example, you find the Uniform Moving Price Range indicator that is sold in the Market. First, download it to the terminal by clicking "Download demo". After the download, the indicator is available in the "Market" folder. But you cannot run it on the chart, since you've downloaded the demo...
Dozens of articles about indicators are available on this site. You'll find here examples of indicators and articles about how to create indicators. However, a beginner may have some difficulties choosing where to start when learning how to create indicators. So here are a few tips to help you find...
Equidistant ChannelStandard Deviations ChannelLinear Regression ChannelAndrew's Pitchfork (let it be too)Another channel. Will write about it in the commentsNoneI do not have an opinion on the topicI just want to see the answer
Hello Are you okay? I am looking for ideas for developing indicators for the dummies . These codes will be put in CodeBase and therefore free. These codes will be very simple and therefore a very good support to start learning because that's the goal. The beginner, or the confirmed can very easily
We know that OnTick() will not do anything in MT5 indicator scripts, and MqlTick is a structure based on tick retrieval (historic ticks, not live). I haven't worked with MQL4, but I believe it was possible to work with live ticks in mql4 indicators, but not mql5, is that correct
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RSI indicator We are continuing discussion about the indicators. We have the following thread: Parabolic SAR indicator Momentum indicator Stochastic Oscillator Divergence Indicator Now we are talking about RSI. "Technical Analysis from A to Z": Overview The Relative Strength Index ("RSI") is a
Hello, I have a strange problem when I add Point() in code it causes buffers to disappear from candles for some candlesticks. When i remove point it works fine on all bar. How can i fix this? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|
OBJ_EDIT input is always behind OBJ_RECTANGLE_LABEL what could I do to make it on top ? Help me please. MQL5 Code Picture below
As title, i've already set INDICATOR_LEVELCOLOR = clrNONE but it still show level color on initialize. for ( int i = 0 ; i < 8 ; ++i) { IndicatorSetDouble ( INDICATOR_LEVELVALUE , i, i + 1 ); IndicatorSetInteger ( INDICATOR_LEVELCOLOR , i, clrNONE ); IndicatorSetInteger (
This is RSI indicator in MT5 and I need to write my own one. only change the Symbol. But I can't find where to change from current symbol to another Symbol help me please #property indicator_separate_window #property indicator_minimum 0 #property indicator_maximum 100 #property indicator_level1 30
Hello everyone I have a mql4 code who paint an arrow when (CCI shift = 2) and CCI(shift =1) > CCI (shift = 2) and I want to convert it into mql5. In mql4it's possible to include the shift but with mql5, iCCI can only use 4 arguments(no shift) Can anyone help me on how can I do it The mql4 code is
I am trying to add alerts to Mladen's filtered deviation scaled ma. I want an alert when the ma changes colour from red to green as buy signal and green to red as sell signal. I was able to add the alert code but both the buy and sell alerts triggers at the beginning of a new candle. This is my
I need help in this case: ERROR: '-' - open parenthesis expected 73: 43 { // Calcular médias móveis int limit = MathMin (rates_total, ( Bars - prev_calculated)); if (limit <= 0 ) return ( 0 ); for ( int i = prev_calculated; i < limit; i++) { EMA9Buffer[i] = iMA ( _Symbol , 0
Dear MQL5 Experts, I am encountering a challenge in the development of an AUTO-FIBO indicator and seek your expertise and guidance. Currently, my indicator operates by specifying a "BarsBack" parameter, and it subsequently draws a Fibonacci retracement for the specified bar to the current bar. My
Hi, I am building an indicator to display several visual objects on the graph. I have a problem getting the high and low defined by ZigZag from a higher timeframe. My indicator will not use a buffer to save data, I want it to plot objects on the chart and will do the object plotting on
Hi all, I have a problem with compiling MQL project files(*.mqproj) from the command line. I generated a basic a custom indicator using the MetaEditor wizard, and named "macd" (without any modifications). When compiling it in the MetaEditor IDE itself, it compiles without any errors. However, when I
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Setka.mq5 | //| Copyright Privalov S.V. | //| |
Dear Fellows I have created a custom Indicator iVSA, which uses CScanVSA.method to get DataBuffer values. I need to lookback indicator buffers e.g. PreliminarySupply buffer to confirm BuyingClimax in CScanVSA. To achieve this I am using following Method to pass in BufferArrays to the Class. void
Hello forum members, I'm seeking help regarding text alignment displayed on a candlestick chart. I've encountered an issue where the labels are overlapping with the right candlestick and not displaying properly (please refer to the attached image). Upon reviewing my code, I'm struggling to identify
Hi all, I am a beginner and I'm trying to port in MQL5 an indicator I know in Pinescript and MQL4, the G-Channel made by god coder Alex Grover. I think I've done all I had to, but the indicators doesn't work as it should... Here is the code
I am new to MQL5 coding, but found a function called DRAW_FILLING that can be used to fill between lines of indicators (e.g. Bollinger, two emas, etc.). However, the outputs do not look nice when you have two buffers overlapping (e.g. when you want to see two types of Bollinger) because the filling
Hi everyone, Can I draw a rectangle on a Daily time frame and see the same drawing on H4 ? Or do I have to draw 2 different rectangles each on a time frame ? somethink like on this photo : Is there a native solution on the Metatrader software, or do I have to use a paid indicator? Best Reguards
Hi everyone, I am looking in vain for the code of this MESA projective indicator to be placed on the price that draws in the future the length of the cycle; Has anybody worked on that or know where to find it? I am looking for this indicator able to: take advantage of the adaptative cycles from J
I am new on MT5. There is more than 2500 species on MT5. I make an indicator (and EA) including an "Alert" . Is it possible to scan all stocks ( more than 2500) using the indicator to find the one I wanted
Hi I created an indicator that, when executed, draws a Fibonacci tool on the chart. With the help of a button, the display of Fibonacci lines is turned on and off. The problem is that I get the following error at the beginning of the program execution. But by changing the time frame, the indicator
when signal arrow appear on the chart i want to change chart background color , suggest me how to do it..... //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Indicator: stock-arrow.mq5 |
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First of all I want to say Hello to all users, and say sorry for my english. Now I try to describe my problem: I found the bbsqueeze indicator on this forum and I tried to use it in my EA. And now I have a problem becasue I don't know which buffer retruns the values less than 0 (the red posts...
hello, I am looking for free tool which give me alert of indicator which i set, like i have a Hammer identifier indicator when Hammer formed i need alert on screen. Note: Sorry for my poor english
Hello, I'm trying to add a SMA with 20 periods  from 1 hour chart to a 5 minutes chart.   Tried to use the function IndicatorAdd but it didn't work... Any advices? #include <Charts\Chart.mqh>   CChart grafic; int average_handle;//--- input parametrsinput ENUM_TIMEFRAMES   InpTimeFrame=PERIOD_H1; //...
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hi I want to knowif there is a way to change the color of the candle that mouse is on it. some thing like mouse hover.