The version I posted works OK

See the examples

PS: set your chart to be in backgrounsd and use bars chart instead of candles and then you will see exactly what that indicator does

I see, thank you. Looks like it's working correct, nice.

William Snyder  
Hi everybody

i made an indicator(#MainTrend32) but i couldn't made an alarm for that

anybody could help me and make alarm for this indicator ?

alarm working this way

when color change(in the first bar) execute alarm, don't execute on each bar

by the way the indicator work whit another indicator called volty3 , i attached both of them

Hi Golestanfx,

Combined the 2 to make it stand alone, made it easier for mtf and the alerts.The alerts havent been tested officially yet, but they should work fine.Btw nice job on your indicator was just much easier for me to do it the way i did.

Updated version posted here :

volty_dots.gif  15 kb
volty_dot.mq4  8 kb