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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Tech-Assistent - expert for MetaTrader 4 
Tech-Assistent - expert for MetaTrader 5

This simple advisor helps you to follow manual trading strategies with trend lines and level lines.

Principle of operation

Advisor tracks the intersection of lines, trend or horizontal levels.

The intersection of the line is considered a tick, in which the current price is above the line, and the previous tick is below the line, or vice versa.

Lines should have special keywords, and depending on the keyword, the advisor performs an action.

The command is written in the Description field and consists of the keyword, then the colon and the modifier number.

Each line is triggered only once, except for UPWARD and DOWNWARD, which operate continuously.

  • ALERT - the line of intersection which activates the alert
  • Auto_Alerts - automatic action alerts
Jo Richman:
Please..... with alert
Would you be able to help to add push alert ? Thanks
Jade 24
Jade 24  


Can someone please make this indicator be able to come out as dot without lines and stay as so even if changing time frame?

This indicator has the option to appear as a dot, but it doesn't stay so.

The chart becomes busy.

I would like to ask someone to change this indicator just come out as dot or if possible, just arrow.




i need help.

i need alert funtion for this up & down indicator please.

Alerts turn on/off

alerts on closed bar

Alerts on still opened bar

alerts should display message

alerts should play a sound

alerts should send an email

alerts should send push notification

And please can anyone change the code(edit the gap) when the up or down arrows appear?

because the actual bar can not be seen when  the arrows appear  on the bar (the yellow line crosses the zero line)


Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Alert Position Open - expert for MetaTrader 5

When a position is opened (either by an adviser or manually or when a pending order is triggered), the adviser signals this.

Can turn on / off

  • alarm through alert
  • alarm through playing a file
  • printout to the Experts tab
  • printout on the screen
Ibrahim Ogretmen
Ibrahim Ogretmen  
Sergey thank you for pointing out the amazing tools, experts and indicators that have been posted on mql5, thank you very very much!

Hello everyone

I need help

I need a pop up alert for the extreme RSI indicator when it generate the up and down arrows . Any good person willing to help

Pit L.
Pit L.  
Pavaka :


People ... Ich habe die meisten Indikatoren getestet, die mit einer Frage versehen sind, um sie zu warnen. Keiner von ihnen funktioniert. Einige sind einfach schrecklich und verwirrend. Was ist der Sinn der Platzierung? Alarme auf Indikatoren, die nicht funktionieren?

Almost all indicators were written as support to analyze a defined area. Therefore, an indicator used alone can give a deceptive picture.

Most indicators are only useful if used in a full trading strategy. Very few indicators are profitable when used alone without strategy and without trading system.

Пожалуйста, сделайте ssaofwpr таким же, как вы уже сделали с этим индикатором (перевернутый двойной с сигнальными линиями и стрелками с возможностью выбора линии или стрелки на 0 бар, первый или 0 бар отдельно) в результате; все возможные функции с фиксированным сигналом на нуле и индикатором zeus также является Фиджи MTF плиз!
инвертировать стрелку allert ok
- Спасибо!
Keith Watford
Keith Watford  
Hello frend
Please make ssaofwpr the same as you have already done with this indicator (inverted double with signal lines and arrows with the ability to select a line or arrow at 0 bar, first or 0 bar separately) as a result; all possible functions with a fixed signal at zero and the zeus indicator is also Fiji MTF pliz!
invert arrow allert ok
- Thank!

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