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Help coding MaCross Macd Envelope Trailing EA

So basically I have two EA's and I have been trying to "blend" them together so I can run a backtest with the strategy tester (MT4). I have done some manual testing with this system (2145 pips/month average) and i'm pretty sure it worths.


MaCross MACD EA opens the position based un moving average crossover and MACD, then, Envelope Trailing EA trails the stop. So i'd like that but in a single EA.

i have failed to blend this EA's, I get it to compile but it doesn't actually work, and I can't find what am I doing wrong.

If anyone can help me please.


Xpert Advisor

I want an EA where it Open position when the big "3" show up. It should take care the movement of the big "3" circle since it is usually move from the first position when it first appear.

I don't have the source code for that indicator, but perhaps it is similar to 3_Level_ZZ_Semafor indicator.

checkout this link

Thank you

Min Li
Min Li  

Comprehensive Alert EA

The Laura indicator repaint all the time. In real time, this indicator is not nearly as good as it appears in the history.

The ex4 file is a mistake, I can't take it off. Just ignore it.


MT4 EA Coding


I'm trying to find somebody, or a company, who can code an expert advisor for me(MT4).

It's slightly more complex than the usual ma crossover type thing, but not much.

Grateful for any replies.


Min Li
Min Li  
Hi Guys,

Anyone know of an indicator that will audible alarm/alert/email when a previous days high/low is approached/broken for all/specific currency pairs?

I play breakout of previous days so I need to know when its happening......

Ive been looking but really cant find it in any thread.

Any help would really be appreciated...

Are you saying you want to specify a few pairs and get an alert when not just one but all of them is above/below yesterday's high/low? Obviously you only want the alert when that happens the first time?

How many pairs do you normally use at at time?


Hull MA Indicator

Hello, I'm currently using 3 Hull MA combined (22,80 & 120) and buying or selling each time all three are in accordance - however would find it much better if an alert could be added to let me know (with an arrow and sound) when this occured - could anyone tell me if there is currently an indicator out there that does this?

Max Pena
Max Pena  

to add alert

If you had ocacion to learn programming I thank to him to add sound alert to this indicator, unfortunately not to program itself but I have dealt with other indicators having tried to give a similar result but I have not been successful. thank you very much

sound alert to the first green bar and alert to the first red bar.indicator.mq4

Happy happy.... sound ,mail ,sms alert if you wont.



Hi there I'm looking to modify both these ea's for the option to close the open orders upon the Nonlagma 7.1 color change. My thinking is most of the trend will be captured without being stopped out early, with the added benifit of closing the open orders before the sl gets hit in the event the PA does a head fake to the opposite direction.

Many thanks in advance!






Min Li
Min Li  

Comprehensive Alert Indicator

Adding alert for an indicator is not something hard to do for a coder, however it's incredibly useful for people who does manual trading or who's testing out a new idea.

I personally think while having an indicator giving out alerts is useful, but as we all know, a lot of the trading ideas are based on several conditions (could be indicator based or no indicators involved) to agree at the same time. If your system uses 3 indicators, wouldn't be nice to simply have alert made only when actual trading signal take place?

While the possibilities of conditions are endless, I have made a model alert indicator that is written in a way that I can drop any combinations of indicators into the code and assemble a customized indicator easily (nothing special by the way, I simply did it in a structure that can handle the job). If you look at the video below, although my default indicator was using 2 MA cross and price, I can use this model to drop any other indicator (indicators) in it within a short period of time. Then your indicator will give you consolidated signal whenever it occur. I also have model EA for this that actually submit orders, but this indicator will be helpful when you are in the experimenting stage or manual trading stage.

2011-08-28_2205 - Wise-EA's library

If anyone wants to use the structure to make their own conditions, please contact me via email or post indicator and detailed descriptions I will make it for you as long as my time permits.

You need to make the description clear enough. Something like "please add alert to this indicator" is not what I call clear. Also please don't ask me to change the structure of the indicator or adding any other customized components, this is not the point of this "modular indicator". I think I've already made it very adaptive. This service is free.

Thanks and hope you enjoy.



REQUEST: CCI sound alert

Hi guys,

I'm a big fan of the CCI indicator. I've been trying to find one with a sound alert for some time now without any luck. Think an alert would work well when I'm away from the computer. Since I haven't found anything close to what I'm looking for, and because I think writing some code for it would be a fairly simple task for someone who knows mq4, I'm gonna request if someone here on tsd would be so nice and and go ahead and write it for me.. .. so here goes..

First, I'm looking for a CCI indicator with an alert when CCI crosses a specified level, say +100, but I want this level to be modifiable to say +200 or 0 in the user interface.

Second, I would like to be able to set multiple alerts for different time-frames... so lets say sound alerts for the time-frames 15m, 30m, 1h, 4h, Daily, all at once.

Third, I would like to be able to manually select different wave files for the different alerts/time-frames from the user interface.

And fourth, it would be best if all of the above could be integrated with the double CCI indicator I'm already using, which you can find attached to this post.

That's probably it.. will let you know if I think of anything else.. :P ... maybe an option to have it make my coffee too.. haha..

Alright, looking forward to hearing all of your responses!

Cheers, JD