MQL4 and MetaTrader 4

The MetaTrader 4 platform update will be released on Friday, December 10, 2021. This build provides the following changes: The minimum supported desktop client terminal version has been increased to 1340. Older terminals will not be able to connect to updated broker servers. General fixes and
In this thread I want to begin to help those who really want to understand and learn programming in the new MQL4 and want to easily switch to MQL5 - the languages are very similar. This blog will be a good place to discuss tasks, algorithms of their solution and any other questions concerning MT
If you have questions about MQL4, MT4, MetaTrader 4, please post in this thread. Especially when your questions are related to trading functions
The MetaTrader 4 platform update will be released on Thursday, October 14, 2021. This version provides error fixes and platform stability improvements. The update will be available through the Live Update system
This topic will discuss undocumented ways of working with the mql4 language , examples of solving certain problems. It would be desirable that this branch would be closer in content to the FAQ, than to the discussion. I suggest that all experienced programmers share their solutions and programming
Hi all. I have recently used ChartSetInteger function to programmatically change sub window height (MT4 latest build 830). Once this code is applied to the chart, then I can't change sub window size manually afterwards. It seems the code fixes the sub window height and even if I drag my mouse...
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Morning, So I have a function which is designed to Select an order from the ledger through the OrderSelect(..) feature. It also selects the OrderSymbol(...) as well as the Magic Number(..). If any of these return False, it's supposed to return a Print Message (for demonstration purposes as seen
Please how do I add Martingale to this ea, I don't want anti-martingale what I want is just martingale, please help this is the code #property copyright "Andrew Young" // External variables extern double LotSize = 0.1 ; extern double StopLoss = 50 ; extern double TakeProfit = 100 ; extern int
Is there a way to know that we are in the current candle or bar? Well I always do is if Open price is the same , we are in the current candle. But is there another way? Thanks
Good afternoon! I started some investing using Bitcoin Prime project , who promised to help make money in the investment market. At first, I invested a small amount - 250.00 USD. I earned a little, increasing amount to 300.00 USD. The investment was traded in the mobile application MetaTrader4. The
Hello everyone! For an indicator that I am doing, I need the mql4 comman or code to obtain the maximum and minimum price from a vertical line, I know how to do it from the window but not from a vertical line, can someone help me. attached code so far
Hello all My MT4 suddenly getting very slow and freeze in running the chart after adding some indicator on it, has anybody facing this kind of problem? - Backtesting EA through soft4x - 5 indicator running - 3 window chart represent timefram 1m, 5m, 1hr This quite obviously happen after i add last
Hi, I use MT4 on my internal hard drive and on two other external ones, and since it often gets confusing to switch files from one to the other, do you know if it is possible to use a single editor with multiple Mt4s? Which then in reality, I think this is already possible, the most correct question
Hi All, I am trying working on an MA cross EA where the stoploss is right above the high of cluster of candles greater than the MA if i'm in a sell and right below the the low of the cluster of candles less than the MA if im in a buy but i'm having a problem figuring out the code. Here is what I
Dear all... I opened my order manually and I'm looking for an Ea to close all orders(buy/sell) when a candlestick touched an Ema8 in 5minutes timeframe. Thanks in advance
hey guys, i need some help. new to mql4 dont know what im doing, im making a custom indicator for an ea. i wanted to get the VWAP indicator that resets daily and has the upper and lower bands using standard deviation. this is where i got to. Dont try and open it on mt4 because it will crash your pc
Hello, First post LFG! I'm pretty new to MT4. I coded a lot in python so MT4 will take some getting used to. 1) What resources do you recommend as I can't find decent ones online 2) I'm trying to make an EA that checks if the last bar printed is inside the previous one Like say we're at time, T. Is
on a brand new install of MT4 build 1355, hotkeys.ini is not used and hotkeys are not saved. there is no hotkeys.ini at all created. please fix
I have the following Trend Curve indicator and I would like to have it drawn in the background behind the candlesticks At the moment when i load it on my chart, it covers the candle sticks and appears on the foreground of the chart Below is the code that I used Any help will be appreciated
I´m coding an EA that just sells and I code the patron i want the expert follows but i dont know how to set the stop loss where i want (VIEW IMAGE) Here is my code, please help me. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|
G'day everyone,  I was wondering if it is possible to get a notification of a trade occurring via my Apple Watch?  Thanks in advance for any answers. 
hey since i am trading in lower time frames like 1 min and 5 min sometimes there is a quick action needed like i'm trying to set SL to BE (stop loss to break even point ) asap i have the script and can apply it to any hotkey of keyboard but extra mouse buttons available will make it faster thnaks
got two terminals Terminal A: EA 1A Terminal B: EA 1B Both on same VPS. I am trying to change the EA on Terminal B, it shows "Installation is failed". But when I go Terminal A and download the new EA it is successful. What could be wrong? They are both on the same VPS just different instances
This has got to be the most frustrating search ever! I am looking for a simple indicator: A moving average (where type can be selected: SMA, EMA, etc.) along with period (also an input) of the RSI, which would allow for you to specify the period of the RSI as well. For example,...
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Viewing a VPS I rented a VPS through my MT4 page and i can see the new account MQL5 New York, but can I log in somewhere and see it running. Do i just turn Auto Trading off on my MT4 and wait to see if it will makes trades without my MT4 on?? Not sure how to check to see if it's really working
Hello, How can you see the value of the array in the watch in the debug mode? example Open[0] = 1.213123 , in the watch field it is dynamic array[11766],TS. Any help? Thanks
Hei MQL5 Community, I've been working on two entry conditions for my EA. I am still new to coding and would appreciate your assistance in providing your expertise where my code lacks the necessary conditions. The Strategy: 1. The MA filter check is a Boolean that can be either true or false. 2. As
Greetngs Have issues with setting order levels on chart from dragging and dropping a stoploss or takeprofit It's actually saying invalid market levels but it makes no sense as 1. the spread was settled down and, 2. there could have been atleast 100 points distance from order's open price Sadly it
Hi there. I am a seller here at the market. I would like to know if it is possible to send a free copy to a registered user here via the market, like a free/gift coupon or something. Best regards
Hi, how I can do a web request of a web with mql4? I need obtain some data but I don't know if I have to do a script. Thanks