MQL4 and MetaTrader 4

The MetaTrader 4 platform update will be released on Friday, May the 14th, 2021. The new version provides the following changes: We have significantly optimized platform operation under Wine on macOS and Linux : Fixed display of emails, news, chats, as well as of Signals and Market sections. Fixed
The MetaTrader 4 platform update will be released on Friday, March 19, 2021. This version provides error fixes and platform stability improvements. The new build will be available through the Live Update system
Hi, I am unable to understand whats wrong with the code. HighestHigh & HighestOpen working , But lowestLow & LowestOpen for current day not working. int HighestHigh = iHighest ( _Symbol , _Period , MODE_HIGH ,Day(), 0 ); int HighestOpen = iHighest ( _Symbol , _Period , MODE_OPEN ,Day(), 0 ); int
Hello all; I am Looking for apartner to help me (eventually) create an EA. I have created a uniqueprofitable trading system, and have come to the end of how muchbetter I can make it. Unfortunately the 4 indicators that thesystem uses are not optimally coded to do exactly what I need them todo. To be...
Please look at the attached file for full code. **** int OnInit () { return ( INIT_SUCCEEDED ); } void OnDeinit ( const int reason) {} double TakeProfit,StopLoss,start_price; } int fun_vol() { if (Volume[ 0 ]> 1 ) return 0 ; else return 1 ; } int fun_touch( int stauts) { if
Hi! I'm looking at a lot of charts at the same time and it's so annoying that I can'tmake two tab rows in the bottom of the screen, but I have to scroll t the rightand to the left every time. Is there any solution that's more user friendly? Thankyou
wanted to block this indicator to have id mt4 of mt4 but already tried everything I can not //------------------------------------------------------------------ #property copyright "<Deleted>" #property link " <Deleted> " #property description "OBS:LEI 184. Violar direitos de autor e os que lhe
I code an EA that use an indicator that I haven't source code of it, This indicator give signal by appearing arrows but I have a problem with this indicator, sometimes when I changed time frame and so EA reinitialized, I see that chart refresh and new arrows appeared and EA act as programmed, How...
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Hi I bought a 4K monitor and am having trouble with the metatrader 4. The taskbar, the vertical bar prices, terminal, etc. appear with a very small font size. It is difficult to read. Can anyone help?
I have been all over the forum and read all the articles in Tester, but I can't seem to find much about how others may be achieving Walk Forward Analysis for their EA's with MT4. I know there is a tool by Easy expert forex, but this tool unfortunately has limitations. Essentially it only seems to...
Hi all i would like my ea to open trade/s in trend & close (As i have posted my code). The problem i don't want it to open anymore trades while trend is going in that direction. I would like to limit it, if there is a way to do this. #property copyright "Copyright 2021, MetaQuotes Software Corp."
needed_free_margin_for_one_lot = MarketInfo( Symbol() , MODE_MARGINREQUIRED) DOES THIS FUNCTION TAKE ACCOUNT THE SET LEVARAGE
Please Help I tried to make first EA. in onTick I can make BuyItNow or SellItOut run seperate is OK ! They make good result in M15 I want to change that if BuyItNow make profit < 0 then instant Call SellItOut to make lower risk. But It's not running SellItOut :'( Can someone please help, thank you
void ATRTrailingStop() { double ATR = NormalizeDouble ( iATR ( Symbol (),ATRTRSPERIOD,ATR_Period, 0 )*Trailing_ATR_Multiplier, 3 ); RefreshRates(); for ( int i= OrdersTotal ()- 1 ; i>= 0 ;i--) { if ( OrderSelect (i,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES)) if (OrderSymbol()== Symbol ())
Hi guys, did anyone meet same situation like me i try to back test the EA which download from Market. it is free version. i have closed and restarted MT4,but its still not work.. was it restricted by the owner or? Thankssss so much~
Hi friends, i wrote simple moving averege crossing buy/sell robot but StopLoss doesnt working. When mov20 cross up from mov50 it opens buy but it must be close order when ma20 croos ma50 to down. Please help this amateur coder :) //+------------------------------------------------------------------+
Hello Guys I was writing a script for the first time and now im finished and the order isnt opening and im getting this uninit reason 0 I know that this is the expert remove but how do I fix it
Hi I cannot connect to the market on MT4 anymore and i cannot download any expert advisor or indicator it was working fine before Please check attached screenshot and let me know about the solution for this
Hi , I need help , badly stuck in maximum order stuff. Crawled a lot on web but didnt find the solution. The thing is , My code have 2 condition with M5 & M15 , both should open buy/sell or both at a time. So M5 buy/sell , M15 buy/sell : Total orders is 4 per H1 candle If i select order with magic
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Hi, Can anyone help me with this favor? I am looking for an ADX that will alert, when a cross between D- and D+ occurs and vice versa. Sound alert that a cross happened, that will be appreciated Thanks
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I have these code here to get ObjectGetValueByTime, for OBJ_REGRESSION it has been discuss before, and yet I still can't manage to get double return value, as it always...
Hi there, Hope you're having a nice day. I've joined a new broker recently. It offers a welcome bonus but it is forbidden to use VPNs or such that tools to connect it's trading servers. However I usually use VPN in my laptop to do the rest of my works. My question is: Is it possible to limit IPs
I have been trying to make it work but not getting it right. Probably my logic isn't right at all. The goal is: EA Should open trade only Once when it gets a New Signal. Even though the opened trades got closed, it wont open any New trade unless it gets the Opposite Signal. So for this what I have...
Hi everyone, My problem is that for some reason, back testing will stop working after I do it several hundred times with an EA in MT4. The only solution I know currently is to reinstall it, and then it works fine for a while, and then stops after a ton of testing (I click the start button and it
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The thread about threads: what's going around the forum everywhere ============ MT5, mql5, suggestions for improvement thread ============ Requests & Ideas The beginning Requests & Ideas, the beginning - the thread Suggestions for Trading System thread After Requests & Ideas (MQL5
Suppose the indicator created a Label object on the chart by ObjectCreate , Now the user draws a trendline for himself, and He regrets it and clears his trendline with the backspace button. The problem is that if He hits the backspace again, He can also delete the object created by the
Hello everyone, i have installed a built-in indicator/template windows mt4, it produces buy or sell signal via script alert, i want that alert to be on my mobile mt4 app, or sms or email below is the custom test alert window, i want that when this alert is produced i should get a sms email or any
MQL4 Order Send Fine But Nothing Happen, No Order Send. Can be a latency problem? Hi All, this code sometimes return me nothing after having all condition met for open an order. No error, nothing. Is it possible that in some ms price changed and order automatically discarded? Thanks in advance, I
Hello to all professors With this code, I want the first position that went to 10 pips of profit to be closed (the first position) Sales positions are calculated separately and buying positions separately But here the expert comes and checks that every position that was in 10 pips of profit finds
I need help with the fisher indicator. i tired to convert to the new MQL4 but doesnt seem to work. Im a newbie in programming but giving a shot at it. Can anyone pls hlep with it? This is what i did so far. but yet it s giving me errors. #property indicator_separate_window #property