MQL4 and MetaTrader 4

If you have questions about MQL4, MT4, MetaTrader 4, please post in this thread. Especially when your questions are related to trading functions
The MetaTrader 4 update will be released on Friday, May 24, 2024. This version provides important security improvements, error fixes, and platform stability enhancements. The update will be available through the Live Update system
The MetaTrader 4 platform update will be released on Friday , March 1, 2024. This version provides error fixes and platform stability improvements. The update will be available through the Live Update system
In this thread I want to begin to help those who really want to understand and learn programming in the new MQL4 and want to easily switch to MQL5 - the languages are very similar. This blog will be a good place to discuss tasks, algorithms of their solution and any other questions concerning MT
This topic will discuss undocumented ways of working with the mql4 language , examples of solving certain problems. It would be desirable that this branch would be closer in content to the FAQ, than to the discussion. I suggest that all experienced programmers share their solutions and programming
I have a question I use the below code to remove certain figures from arrays from a specific index. How can I make the code work for arrays example RunningTrades[].symbol void RemoveIndexFromArray( string &MyArray[], int index) { string TempArray[];
Hello all, I tried to make a panel with a checkbox, It works well, but how can I catch the checkboxevent (is checked or not) Some advices are apreciated, thank you Greetings //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|
Hi , anyone who can build Mt5 indicator for me , with really simple steps. Let me know Will pay
Hi, Just wondering if anyone else is getting this odd problem where the terminal is unable to download/update to the new version? I just get this message repeated constantly: "LiveUpdate: old version, try to download new one" Have tried on different days to, just in case there was a server issue
Dear Metaquotes Team, I am writing to express the concerns of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) community regarding the recent update from build 1415 to build 1420. While we understand that updates are necessary to improve the platform and ensure compatibility with new protocols, we are deeply concerned about
Hi, the error messages below were generated in the journal while an EA was trying to place pending orders. Error 136 (off quotes) is captured by waiting for the refreshrates() in a loop and immediately sending the order again with the new prices; However, the process below keeps repeating itself....
var bool gbroken= false var bool rbroken= false //-----------------------------------[MARKET STRUCTURE INDICATOR]-----------------------------------{ //--------------------------- //market breaking indicator // //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hi guys I have a coding that could show high time frame value (like H1) on lower time frame (M5), the attached file is xx.mq4, but it is just made for IMA, I could like to chage it to make it work for the indicator "UltradeFX - Master Entry.ex4", but I don't know how to do that. I am not good at
I've been using the ALPARI UK Demo for a few months now and this is the firsttime I came across this error. My journal has the following lines (they repeat a few times): DataCenter connecting failed [6] unknown command C6 login The expert that was running during this stopped working, but did...
Hi Guys I have an ea with traling stop, when that tralling stops is active and move with every tick there are messages coming in journal and expert, I just got message from broker that my account is over loaded with messages as they limit to 2000 a day. Is there a way to disable them
Hi All, I have created an EA that relies so much on candle and MA statuses at the close of period for both entry and exiting of trade condition. The only exception is if SL is triggered or max drawdown reached. This means that considering I use the 1H time frame, it can only place a trade or exit a
hi guys, i am trying to find the signature of OKX request. the screenshot is showing what i find, the last value in the screenshot is what i should find, and the value before it is what i am finding. any help? it says that hash256 should give raw binary code, after that we encode it on base64... any
Hello, After auto updating MT4 today, my MT4 unable to connect to EA. I have been using MT4 with this EA for a while, The error just appeared after today's program update. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? error message: cannot load
My account went offline because of "old version". I installed the newest Mt4 update (built1420), but now it is no longer possible to drag the EA into the chart. What can I do
it's works fine on changing time period, but not with symbol. what do i mistake here ?? this for changing time period, worked correct. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //+- Roll 1 Button Period M1 ----------------------------------------+ if (id == downloaded about 5 custom indicators from here, put to my folder, compiled them, but none of them are working. input window don't even appear. what's the problem? help please. build 1420 my folder address
have a nice day. Below is my code structure. However, I cannot plot this data on the graph screen. Can you help me. I'm new to MQL5. double BUFFERTOP[]; //// int ema1; int ema2; int ma1; int ma2; int highW1; int highM1; int loww1; int lowM1; int closew1; int closeM1; double valueema1[]; double
Hi, due to my testing setup i need an idea how to avoid automatic update from metatrader. Is there an opportunity how to handle with it. Or possibe to rollback to older Version
u sing thi s code: but not working for some rea each time return s la st profit, but not multiple clo sed order s, which clo sed at the same time. / /------------ double LastProfit( int tip) { double cnt= 0 ; for ( int i=OrdersHistoryTotal();i>= 0 ;i--) {
Hello everyone.. I want use below indicator on MT5 EA this is possible..? // @version= 5 indicator ( "ALİ ALT BUY DENEME" , overlay = true ) Kol_Linii = input ( 2 , "Количество линий" ) Signal = open [ 3 ] > close [ 3 ] and open [ 2 ] > close [ 2 ] and open [ 1 ] > close [ 1 ] and close > open and
It is so fractured !! I try millions solutions on online but nothing can help me. I bought the EA from MQL5 but can't load it on my MT4 server. I try to list down all the details I got, so hope the community can solve my issue without longer discussion thread. Device (1) : MACBOOK Parallels Window
Hello everybody, Since 2 days, all my metatraders 4 (macos, ios and windows 11) stop to connect to trading accounts unless I deactivate my ExpressVPN. I have been working with MT4 + ExpressVPN seamlessly during 3 years and since 2 days it just does not work anymore. I've spent hours with ExpressVPN