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I do not want to renew my indicator's 1-year rental. How do I ensure that I am not charged for this again
Hello, I am new and just started coding mql4 EA. I got an indicator mql4 file, using TCCI indicator for drawing lines buy/Sell signal, there are 3 parameters in this indicator. I am wondering, can I pull these values into my EA, for buy/sell signal. Now, from what I tried, renaming the start()
Look at the following simple line of code: double ratio = candles[ 0 ].body / candles[ 1 ].body; When trying to debug this simple line, I get the following results: This result is all wrong! In other words, instead of: candles[ 0 ].body / candles[ 1 ].body // this is what I want to do... it does the
I have been setting my initial deposit for the strategy tester in the tester.ini file and the settings file for the EA in the tester directory and it worked fine until today. Now when i run a series of tests, instead of all of then running with a deposit of 1,000 i will find random tests running
Hello, I've been messing around a bit with some ratios, trying to come up with a way to optimize multiple criteria. And here's the result: double OnTester() { // Calculate the lowest monthly return double min_monthly_return=0; if(ArraySize(returns)>0) min_monthly_return =
Guys I need help please, I have been using mt4 fr the past 5 years with the same broker and lately I have installed a few systems that help me analayse, but in the process, my mt4 is slow , it would take time updating my charts and I dont knw what to do. Can you guys kindly help me with that
void CheckForMATrade() { string signal; double CurrentFast = iMA ( NULL , 0 ,FastMA,FastMAShift,FastMAMethod,FastMAAppliedTo, 1 ); double CurrentSlow = iMA ( NULL , 0 ,SlowMA,SlowMAShift,SlowMAMethod,SlowMAAppliedTo, 1 ); double PreviousFast = iMA ( NULL , 0
How can I get the properties of an object, say the date value of a vertical line which I have placed manually
How to do it using a indicator or an ea. I have indicators that only draw on past bars and nothing after attaching them, but I can't modify the code neither the author can(diseased). Thanks in advance
Hi guys, I attach the file of my indicator. If I tray to write the value of "volume[]", the log file display this error: 1 18:54:45.011 EstrazioneDati000 EURUSD,Weekly: array out of range in 'EstrazioneDati000.mq4' (98,239) 0 18:55:00.257 EstrazioneDati000 EURUSD,Weekly: uninit reason 1 When I don't
Hello, I have to create a multitimeframe indicator. My problem is to find iMA value for 5 different timeframe. As here: int counted_bars=IndicatorCounted(); if (counted_bars< 0 ) return (- 1 ); if (counted_bars> 0 ) counted_bars--; int limit= Bars -counted_bars; for ( int i = limit- 1 ; i
I had been running an optimization for some days and it was running fine. Plottign an optimization graph and showing results. I had about 30 minutes left, when i went for a walk and came back an hour later to see my system had crashed. After rebooting I opened up MT4 and as expected, I dont see any
Hi Ladies and gents I would like to set the highest equity for the last 10 candles. I was thinking that I can perhaps use Bars() or Time[] or TimeCurrent() to do this, but I do not know how. How can I get the EA to store the highest Equity and let the highest equity (if applicable) on the 10th
Hello! So basically I'd really like an indicator which converts my account trading profits to Swedish Kroner - Running profits if thats possible
if (Close[3] > iMA(Symbol(),0,20,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_CLOSE,0) )//if candle close above EMA20// { if (Close[3] > iMA(Symbol(),0,200,0,MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE,0) )// if candle close above SMA200 // { //So.. open position BUY// OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,jumlahot, Ask, Slippage
How can I create and move a vertical line on all open charts simultaneously and corresponding to the same time? In other words, How can I program the vertical line to be created and moved across all visible charts by creating and moving it only on the active chart
Hi, I'm trying add an alert functionality to the attached indicator, please see below for what I have so far: I'm expecting to have one alert when it crosses (and the candle is closed) above the 26.5 level. I'm expecting to have another alert when it crosses (and the candle is closed) below the
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Hi, I need an EMA on 15M timeframe (period = 96) that calculate dynamic hlc3 daily as each candle price Thanks for your help 🙏🏻🙏🏻
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Hi, to all just stareting to learn MQL4... I have an issue, I have entered a sell position using the OrderSend Function but how do i reenter a new position when the price moves 50 pips away...Please can anyone write the script here... Thanks
hi I use NormalizeDouble in MT4 is there other function like NormalizeDouble in MT4? Best Regards Neda
Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me how to set my currency pair charts so when I relaunch mT4 they stay in the same position I originally set them to. I recently learnt how to create profiles and spent Saturday creating several charts so I can view different currency at my leisure but when I started my
Hi guys, I am testing a strategy on MT4, and have noticed a very strange phenomena. When In the strategy tester I choose "H1 Period", and in the EA code I use data from 5 min period indicators, the results are steady and great, it grows 3K deposit into 7.5 millions! But when I use the same period in
Hello, i trie to read data´s high,low,open,close... from the 1 min History chart, but it is not understandable for me how I can select the values that i realy ned, with my script example i just get so much values i dont know what to do with them, can one of you show me please how i can read the
hello everyone please can someone stop freezing the screen when this indicator is placed
hi everyone i have an Ea and i want when it put on the chart it open a new chart and put a an image on the chart with OBJ_BITMAP_LABEL i use the below code in the OnInit() function to make that when i change chart id of object to current chart it works good but when i use new chart id the image
Hello ! I want to backtest a strategy and I found a csv file for the period and index that I want but it is in the GMT -6 TimeZone. My MT4 account uses my broker's Time Zone which is GMT +2. My question is, can I still use the data from the csv file ? And if yes, do I have to do something (change
Need help with installing Pivot Point Extra Indicator into MT4 for Mac OS? Any guide out there to recommend
Hi everyone .. I created this indicator but I don't understand why the whole Metatrader slows down .. This only happens with the iMaOnArray function ... Can anyone help me ?? Thanks Ciao a tutti .. Ho creato questo indicatore ma non capisco perché l'intero Metatrader rallenta .. Questo succede solo
hi everyone i want to make full background picture with OBJ_BITMAP_LABEL i want to get width and length of main window and resize the picture to fit in it ? i mean there is a way to resize the input picture in mql4