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void CheckForOpen() {   int    res;   double entry,stop,profit;      if (exit) return;   //---- buy conditions   if (addbuy)  {res=OpenAtMarket(OP_BUY,_1stlots);if (res<=0) Print("Error opening BUY order : ",ErrorDescription(GetLastError()));else AdjustStops();   }//---- sell conditions   if...
How to access hyperlink in EA without adding to "Allow WebRequest from listed URL" in tool setting? Thanks
It Shows you more than 160 type of Support and Resistance levels . It Class levels with Colors grade of Red and Green. This Is my explain in arabic . (pls any body translate) <Deleted>
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Hello everyone, I am a new member of this community and I must say I am superbly impressed by the members of this community not only for their knowledge but also for their dedication and sincerity towards trading as a business. In the country where I come from (India) trading is viewed as just...
So I have this EA that reads from a txt file and takes the info from that checks if its a AdjustTradeOrder or NewTrade or CloseTrade. NewTrade works as it should but my AdjustTradeOrder sometimes changes all open orders but I'm using a check system to check if the myTradeID is the same as on the
So. I'm working on a small indicator that draws 3 objects openPosition TakeProfitPosition TakeStopLossPosition These Object should calculate Profit in Dollar. With The code I have it works on EURUSD but not XAUUSD. Then it gives me xxxx instead of xx.xx ($7799 instead of $77.99) double lot =
Hi. I'm trying to delete an order but I only get: market order #58321089 cannot be deleted. I know that the ID is correct. I also know that the order is still live. Why can this be? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ void CanceledOrder( string myType, string
Hello Sorry if this is a stupid question. I want to use BB in an EA I'm writing. However... why do the figures from the iBands function not agree with what I see on the chart with the BB indicator? All the iputs are the same, the date is the same.
Hi I want to have a fatter wick, ie increase the width of the wick in mt4. The body of the candle is fine. Also sometimes I just use bear stick (ie no candle and not line) and I would like to have a fatter wick too
hi anyone can help me to convert this indicator to EA? what i need a just simple. if current trade is sell..when the new signal buy came out..the ea will close automatically the sell position. same like buy.. when the current trade is buy.. and the new signal sell came out. it will close...
Hi, Can anyone help with retrieving an account number using the AccountNumber() function in an Expert Advisor that was launched using the Configuration at Startup feature? It looks like the EA gets initialized before account login is complete and when I use the AccountNumber() function from
Hello everybody, I am newbie . I really need help for my first Expert Advisor ever. I am run it on M1 timeframe. And it do nothing although the logic of condition is okay. Help me please. Here is my order code: int CountSellPosition(){ int NumberOfSellPositions= 0 ; for ( int i= OrdersTotal ()-
Good morning first of all sorry for the inaccuracy of the language (I speak the Italian language): I use an online translator I have just started learning to make backtests with MT4, but I am not able to set the parameters of the special windows of a simple Expert of the Supertrend (already built)
i want to identify arrow on the chart whether Up Arrow or Down Arrow but when i test with iCustom i couldn't see 'arrow' object in Object List even though arrow already populated on the chart. i tried iCustom to get allocated buffer for find value in HalfTrend TT indicator which i attached file in
Hello guys Someone could help me please ? This dashboard give signal when the RSI is overbought or oversold at a certain level I would like to add a moving average in the parameter So, when there is an overbought with RSI and the price close below the moving average, there is a sell signal and
The attached image shows the minute bar that I entered at. The turquoise line below is the actual price entered at. At no point did the price move so low. Can MT4 work in this way as to not show the price the broker was given? Pepperstone are the broker
Hello community, I'd like to create an ea that contains 2 buttons: buy / sell and would like to test it through tester, would like to ask if there is any idea how to cope with the problem? thanks in advance, Omri
Pls can someone help me to know if this code is correct determining price range to open position on the chart price quote.for example Eurusd If (bid > 1.43256) Open buy Is this correct way to code exact price quote. Thanks
Hi!  The following code is an example of metaquotes.  #include <Controls\Dialog.mqh> #include <Controls\CheckBox.mqh> //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| defines                                                          |...
I have been trying many ways this is the last one Can you please show me why is wont work ? for ( int i= 0 ; i< OrdersTotal ();i++) { OrderSelect (i,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES); { if (OrderMagicNumber() == 001 ) { if (OrderType() == OP_SELL || OrderType() == OP_BUY) {delete_pendings();} } } } //
Greetings, I am new to metatrader and I am wondering if its possible to place manual test orders in strategy tester? This feature have to exist but I can not find it =(
I was wondering if there is any EA that will automatically close all my positions on an MT4 when a specific amount of loss is reached for all. Or maybe any other way I can be doing so? Thanks
Hello, I see how MT4 can be embedded on websites; however, I'd like to do so by offering access to a custom indicator. No trading etc... is needed, it can just be demo with the indicator loaded so that people can go to the site and test it out in realtime without downloading/installing etc... Is
Good afternoon mates. Today I am trying to get 2 pieces of data inside an Expert Advisor. This EA works by averaging and I am interested in that, under certain conditions, the bot begins to close the first trade of the cycle (that is, it is more extreme), and the last one. Before all this, I am
Just trying to place a buy market order. I am following this documentation input double Lots= 0.01 ; input int SL= 500 ; int start() { OrderSend ( Symbol (),OP_BUY,Lots,Ask, 3
Write string with FILE_UNICODE flag, as shown in the code, additional 7 bytes are written. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| test_FileWriteString_bug.mq4 | //| Copyright 2021,fxMeter
Hello I want to Disable / Enable Expert (Auto Trading) button programmably as if i click on it to enable or disable Expert according to condition. I am searching MQL4 code to do that but i did not find. Any help please.
Looking for MT4 .wav Sound Alerts for FX , Indices, Commodities, very handy if you trade several financal assets on a screen to know by hearing which has hit an entry level
Hello everybody! I have a problem: I need to make my EA open a trade only when there is no other trade open on that same symbol, and I want to use the same EA on multiple symbols. if ( (MarketInfo( Symbol (), MODE_SPREAD )<= MS) && ( OrdersTotal ()== 0 ) ) OpenTrade(); This is the filter that I