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Hi All, I've been staring at this for the last hour and cannot fathom why I cannot get the value of =6/100 to Print to screen. It keeps Printing as zero? I've tried 4 different ways to print to the screen but they all don't work and obviously something I'm not doing correctly. lookbackLength = 6;
hi I build an ea and let it run on strategytester in MT4. What me strikes is that when i do exact the same backtests (so same period, same settings, same fixed spread et cetera) i get different results! Even when directly after a testrun is finished i do 'start' again. So no new history files or
I am trying to create my first EA using the stochastic strategy, though I am having trouble solving these last three flags. Generally when I get errors like this it means the function has not been appropriately used. I would greatly appreciate insight and assistance on the matter. RoboTrader
what happens to static variables when the server is disconnected for more than 2 ticks? are they remembered? or reset and are reinitialised to their first value? and... when the server reconnects, do they reinitialise again
Hi, I am trying to create a background box. I seem to have a problem with adjusting the size, It starts at the right position, but I can't seem to get the length longer nomatter what I enter in the size number it doesn't change. No matter what I change the x_sizeb & y_sizeb to, nothing happens. Any
hi there, any one who really help me out regarding error code 4051 and invalid lot size during automization of my EA , as i am unable to publish it
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'I am unable to open a trade on MT4. It says "not enough money" and please verify operation parameters and try again later. I am able to trade on the Oanda Live. Please help
Hi I keep received a repeating "Buy hits 5" notification. How to adjust the programming to only SendNotification only 1 time ? int OnInit() { return(INIT_SUCCEEDED); }void OnTick() { Comment ("number of Buy Position: ",CountBuyPositions()); }int CountBuyPositions(){int
Hello, I created a new account at a new broker and downloaded a new Metatrader4. As I wanted to login nothing happened. I heard the connection sound but thats it. After that I tried to add the new Broker to my old MT4, but with the same result. The MT4 switches through the different Data Centres of
Hi guys, I am trying to do some calculations with datetimes, and one of them is to detect the difference in hours between the Computer time [ TimeLocal() ] and the Broker Time on Metatrader [ TimeCurrent() ]: datetime ComputerTime = TimeLocal();datetime BrokerTime = TimeCurrent();int TimeOffset =...
im looking for a way or something i can buy to help me place multiple orders with same lot size, same SL and multiple TPs. for example lot size 0.1 (at market execution) sl xxxx TP1 TP2 TP3
Hey pips i have been trying to code an EA which uses both a MA and the Ichimoku and its not going very well.Was no able to input the closeOrder function let alone making it optimum.Metaquotes seems to be on another level as compared to the other languages. i have tried using the documentation but
Basically I want to have a loop that will add up the range of the daily bars for the last xx days, ignoring Sundays. I am generating a basic ATR because my current one is too low due to including Sunday bars. So I am thinking the easiest way is probably to have a variable that adds up the range of
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I have these code here to get ObjectGetValueByTime, for OBJ_REGRESSION it has been discuss before, and yet I still can't manage to get double return value, as it always...
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This EA based on Martingail metod. I tested this EA one week (20 EA with diferent parameters was run on one account). P.S. I'm sory for my poor English.
Hi all, I know there's numerous topics around this issue, but none seem to provide a proper answer. So, I was hoping to see if anyone could clarify this for me. EA, that I have, places one order per symbol if required criteria is met. It also has a trailing SL, portion of the code included below
Hi all, looking at the results from my backtesting, it seems that MT4 does not deduct the spread from the results. Can someone confirm this? That is, with 1 pip stoploss, the loss amount is always the same in the results regardless of the spread I simulate. That should not be the case. Any help
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hi guys I have been trying to adjust adjust this indicator to show arrows candle closes and when line exits level 8 and exits level -8? each arrow needs separate buffer. so buffer 0 when line exits 8 and buffer 1 when line exits -8. but cant seem to do it. Any help would be appreciated
This has got to be the most frustrating search ever! I am looking for a simple indicator: A moving average (where type can be selected: SMA, EMA, etc.) along with period (also an input) of the RSI, which would allow for you to specify the period of the RSI as well. For example,...
Dear experienced traders, Do you know what is the default leverage when we test in MT4 strategy tester? How to set leverage such as 1:100 in MT4 strategy tester? * I'm a normal user only use strategy tester to test some product in the market, do not code myself. Thank you in advance and best wishes
I'm trying to copy a file on my C: drive from mql4.  I cannot use the inbuilt mql4 FileCopy command as the file I want to copy is not within the metatrader folders. Here is my test code, but it's not working.  Any help would be much appreciated?   #import "shell32.dll"  int ShellExecuteW(int hwnd...
Trying to upload my productto the market place and I keep seeing this at the Upload screen. "Your product's category is Experts, correct program type for it is Expert Advisor" Problem is there is no way to pick this option. As MQl4 has changed since then. And the how to page was made in 2012. And
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Hey guys, I'm trying to make a fractal breakout EA, that is filtered with time of day and a moving average. Can anyone point me in the right direction/overview any defects in the code??? 1: It is only taking buys after I input the iFractal() 2: It does not enter where the Fractals are...
Hi everyone, i want to change the default settings for price alert from sound to notification! When i add new alerts over the chart than the expire date is activated. I want this also off as a default. Thanks@all!
<Non English Removed> // + ----------------------------------------------- ------------------- +// | EA-BollingerBreakout_v1-0.mq4 |// | Luca Spinello |// | |// + ----------------------------------------------- ------------------- +#property hak cipta "Luca
EA not taking trades. Works for yesterday when backtested but did not take any trades. I have done all below checks and all is good : “Autotrading” option should be turned on in the top toolbar of the MT4 terminal window. “Allow live trading” option should be selected in the “EA Properties” window
I have a text file of an expert - how would I make this an executable expert mq4 file?
Hello. I need help here, please. Can you modify the indicator so it shows me the past supports and resistances that have been broken? Besides, please help me add an alert when the price has entered a support or resistance.Any kind of help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Hi, I'm strating to code my first eas and I have a question. I want to put a stop loss at the moving average price (a static stop loss, not tralling stop). I know it's a very basic question, but I've been looking for some tutorials for this and I haven't found anything. Thanks
Hello, I tried to use new panel/controls interface in MetaTrader. I took SimplePanel.mq4+PanelDialog.mqh from Indicators\Examples directory, put them into one file SimplePanelEA.mq4, moved to Experts directory and I removed OnCalculate function and "#property indicator_*" lines. After attaching to a...