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I have a simple thing that I am struggling to figure out how to do (if possible) As part of my expert in sizing my trade I need to account for the difference in currency from my base currency to the trade currency. Usually the AUD/USD pair. Effectively I am trying to achieve: lot_size = sizing
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Hello guys, my name is Mike hope to be a regular here , does anyone have any suggestions on where to start on forex? I know but does anyone know any good book that teach the basics? And, a few questions to the reqular traders here if it's okay :P : 1) How profitable can forex be? 2)...
I have an EA according to my requirements but When I run it on my live account it shows a little difference in parameters set and actual trade. It set different SL and TP. I set SL 10 and TP 12 pip but it open trade with SL and TP both 12 pip. If I add another pair the SL and TP of other pair is
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hi guys , im writing function to move stop loss to break even and close percentage of the order im geting errors in the ordermodify and orderclose opreator when i print the resuilts in journal i get the orderlot()=0.0 before i even issue the orderclose commandm any help will be apriciated thanks
Hi, Im trying to use the iCustom to display the same indicator in 2 separate windows, one that shows the 5m indicator, the other that shows a 15m indicator. double didi5mup = iCustom(NULL,5,"didi-index",3,8,20,0,1); double didi15mup = iCustom(NULL,15,"otherdidi",3,0,2,8,0,2,20,0,2,0,1); double
Hello. In MT4, I customize a chart (for ex: Black layout on white, show ask line, don't show grid), and then when I open another, the customization goes default on the next chart. How do I make the customize permanent and common on every chart? Thank you!
can any one please expalin what is going on i have limit order the price pull backe below them and yet theu are not triggered so weird , i dont think it is my expert issue becuase it send the order with no issue any help will be appritiated thanks
Hi all, I'm starting a back testing EA (NNFX Algo Tester) from the command line using *.ini files. The problem is, it start so fast, without letting MT4 to login to the broker server first. Of course, I wouldn't have this problem if there's a way to start an EA on an already open (and logged in)
The same EA works fine on Instaforex and ICMarkets. but it does not work when I attached the EA to the charts of BTG MT4. I put a Print just before OrderSend() function, the print message shows buy/sell signals are generated as expected, but the OrderSend() mysteriously stops working.  Autotrade is...
I am making narrow range with last four candles in narrow range and enter buy if high crosses above narrow range created by last four candles. Its very simple ea. created ea with help of online ea generator, but it has limitations so high low within 2 % OF LAST FOUR CANDLES simple code is as follows
I have attached the file below but it not able to load on my MT4. Please can you help me with that. i tried to run it on the meta editor and it some errors . Can anyone help me to fix this? Thanks in Advance. Regards
Hi Experts, I am trying to get the values from the buffers from this indicator using iCustom with the following line: input int Bars_Before = 5; // Fractal Bars Beforeinput int Bars_After = 10; // Fractal Bars Beforedouble FractalUP =
Hi, I am using an EA on several charts. Sometimes it happens that it will open two orders (from different charts) within the same second. My brooker just allow one trade every 5 second so i need to somehow delay orders. Since the ea is not open for edit, is there a way to run a script or such to
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Is there an easier way to find the median value in a time series array? Currently I copy the array, sort the copy and then select the median. Seems longwinded but couldn't find any standard functions to achieve the same thing. Anything better? Thanks V
I am a new coder in MQL4.   I am working on an EA that will delete all pending orders after a single pending BuyStop or SellStop order is executed and changed to a Buy or Sell. My results are mixed, it seems it is working if the Sell Stop is executed to a Sell, the Buy Stop is deleted. However, if a...
Hey Guys, The strategy works well in manual trading in both a trending or ranging market but due to work commitments, I've decided to convert it into an EA after learning mql4 coding for a couple of years. The EA is run on M30, H1 or H4 chart where a trade is opened after the first tick of a new
Hello.. good day.. please is something wrong with my codes.. am trying to code EA to identify Fibonacci levels that are manually plotted from insert>Fibonacci>Retracement.. The EA is not placing the stoploss and takeprofit!! at those levels.. the entry signals are wrong.. my entry signal The First
Hi guys, A noob programmer here in MQL4, though I have successfully made a few EAs and indicators. I have somewhat of a dilemma and some of you might find it of interest, and most likely have encountered this as well, though I trried to find a similar topic and can't find anything close to it
hi If there are 10 seconds left until the bar closing, I want to do something, like get position... how can i detect 10 seconds left to 5M bar closing??? i have no idea,I couldn't find codes
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Hi ...Whenever i put a 2nd order for the same currency different size it assign automatically the same stop loss and take profit of the 1st order .Try to change it same think both orders having same SL and Tp . Anyone had same issue and know the Fix
Hi, i'm trying to get the value of the candle of the last MACD cross. I found this conversation that might work for me, but it seems it's for mt5 and I need it for mt4. I attach the code found so you don't need to look for it :) int find_XX_cross(int iBeg=0){
for example,I open a chart window of a symbol, can I change the symbol of the chart window by keyboard upwards or downwards according to the market watch list.I mean when I press a certain key, the chart window will show the next symbol. Thanks!
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enjoy any suggestions, please? there are lots of comments in the code, not really complete sentences and such, just notes about the thought process
Good evening All I am new to the whole MT4 setup and just started using it - have been using IG Markets platform for a while. I want to show a line with daily Closing prices in the same window and scale as the Candle Sticks. Looks like MT4 allows either of the two but not both. Maybe someone knows
Hello everyone, I have successfully coded a script that opens positions with a difference of 150 points. My EA opens a buy position every time "Ask>=Price of last buy opened +150_Points" while(Ask>=B1+(X*PositionB)*_Point && Buy1==1) { PositionB=PositionB+1; OrderSend
Hello everyone, I am having a hard time writing the perfect code for what I want. Basically I have the following scenario: Candle 1: 12:00:00: Indicator value=5 12:03:24: Indicator value=5.2 12:04:59: Indicator value=5.5 Candle 2: 12:05:00: Indicator value=6 12:09:59: Indicator value=8 Candle 3
Hello guys!!! I found an indicator here on the fórum that return several errors when I try to compile it and I have no clue how to fix those errors. On the same page, seems that was the file compiled already, but this one seems to have errors on the alert generation. The arrows itself change when I
Hi Folks,  So I'm setting arrays, in particular I want to remember which pairs and profit for that pair per individual trade, which appear to be a problem already.  I can't seem to have a String and Double Array, so Pairs[string 1][ double 1][double 1]; or Pairs[1][1][1] appears to be not possible?...
Hi, I downloaded the Dukascopy 1D data (Bid and Ask) form the JForex platform and I am trying to import it into MT4. I want to backtest using this data and I don't know if I should download the 1M data and then transform it to all timeframes? My strategy is only for the daily chart and I will
hey guys, I want to use f12 in backtesting and learn price action at the same time. Is there a way to switch between mtf without the chart skipping into the future? Or what would be the best way backtesting with mtf? Thanks