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need a help I need the following code. When candle is in daily up and volume is greater than 50000 is made a buy When candle is down and daily volume is greater than 50000 is made a sell grateful
Back again to nag the gurus ;-) I have about 18 charts up all running the same EA and also all with the same indicator on each chart. Within the EA, there is a place where I need to make several iCustom calls to that indicator consecutively to get values for the current bar, 1 bar ago, 2 bars ago
I am still working through the book, and try small tasks at a time. I would like to find out what the best way is to approach this. What should the script look like for: If no open orders, close all pending orders. Any help would be appreciated. Marius
Hello Could someone please add a TrailingStop to this EA Kind Regards Kiwi
When you apply a value > 0 to the shift value, does this shift to the previous TICK or the previous time frames value?
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Hello, I have a great problem while testing the Expert Advisor. How is it possible to stop my own trading program automatically with a defined condition? That means I will go out of the program completely! At the moment the program runs and runs....without stopping. In the programming handbook I
Hello, Does MT mobile client that is designed for windows mobile 6.5 work on Windows mobile 7? Also, I heard there is a version coming up for Android and Iphone.. what is the release date?
Hi Is there a broker for equity index futures trading which uses MetaTrader? thx
i just bought a new tenta notebook mini laptop that uses the WINDOWS CE 6.00 operating system but it was not able to run the metatrader4 platform on it.Is there anyway that the metatrader4 platform can be modified to work with this operating system just like WINDOWS XP and WINDOWS 7.Notebooks do not...
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Hi, Does anyone know where I can get an EA that would send an email alert of the open, close, high and low of the last bar. and also be able to work at different time frames. Thanks, Andrew
I have this indicator that in any timeframe draws two lines, one showing the highest price and one showing the lowest price of the day, useful for you daily trend traders... The original is freeware that i downloaded but modified for my purpose. The indicator also displays the value of these lines...
Hello all.... does anyone know if an indicator or EA exists out there in MQL4-land that can identify a bullish/bearish "Flag" chart pattern? Thanks! Shawn
If i am front testing an EA in a demo account how can i distinguish trades based on the strategy that produced them in the history report? Thanks ken
Is it possible to change automatically the MA's period parameter as per some condition during run time
i can not find scripts I’m not about what to do. to create the "100pip = loss 10% balance", What is the formula?
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I'm wondering if someone can verify the strategy of an EA I've had built. It's called 'MR. B' as an acronym for MFI, RSI, and Bollinger Bands. It's supposed to be a simple EA that enters trades when any two of the three indicators confirm trading conditions (according to the threshold levels I've...
hello every body... i have code like this: double ma= iMA(NULL,0,10,0,MODE_SMMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0); double ma1= iMA(NULL,0,10,0,MODE_SMMA,PRICE_CLOSE,1); if(High[1]>ma && High[2]<ma){ ticket=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,Lots,NormalizeDouble(Ask,4),3,NormalizeDouble(Ask-StopLose,Digits)...
Hello I made a quick test indicator which is drawing a line in a separate window. My question is how can i avoid the actual value to be displayed? I'm only interested in the shape of the line let's say. Thanks in advance!
Hello everyone, I created an expert advisor that achieves quiet good performance (MetaTrader simulator). I started this expert advisor on my live account ( but the execution of a special order (BUY) was too late but not when I run a test on this order. These screenshots shows what I mean...
Hello Folks, I know to you all it must not sound like much, but for me it is another step on the programming ladder. Current status: This array is giving me the lows of a 24hr period. What I want to archieve: 1st: Use an external variable in the brackets [], instead of the 24, so that I can set...
How to program for protecting EA account automatically stopped when the Free Margin down to a certain level and continue the Free Margin of up to certain levels?
Hello, Trying to so a simple task really. Took a prepackaged MA sample (I believe I downloaded it from the code base here), and added another faster MA (10 SMA) to the code and I am trying to read both iMA values at the signal time to confirm divergence/conv. For some freakin' reason, the second...
I would like to draw the MACD histigram bars different colors based on the valueof the bar. It seems that the histogram bars are drawn in the color of the last condition.Is there a way to draw the bars one bar at a time using a particular color? Code snippet if (MacdBuffer[i] > 0.0 )...
is there any way to automaticly (via EA or script) load all close orders into "Account history" that the settings in "Account history" will show "All History" ?
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| SaveDataInFile.mq4 | //| | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+...
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It may be fun and useful to see workplaces of other people. So, let's go ->
Hello! I've been developing my EA Kanguru and these are my latest Backtesting results: The EA works on 5M TF, using the pair AUD-USD (other pairs not tested yet). It uses ADX indicator to determine trend and it's strenght. Then, it uses Parabolic SAR as a trigger to open trades, according to the...
I have an idea for coding an EA, but at very first stage I found out that it would start making losses if by any reason MT4 would be switched off and on again. I need my EA to remember a set of data (an array to be specific) no matter what. I couldn't find any solution anywhere on the internet. My...
hi, I have some code below for classic pivot points, the problemwith this indicator is that it does not update automatically after thefirst tick of the new daily/weekly/monthly bar I have to keeprefreshing it to the 4H chart then it updates, I would like to have itupdate automatically on the first...