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Hi all: having trouble when trying to allow web requests for EAs. Under "Tools/Options/Expert Advisors", I expect to be able to set up a list as in the first attached picture . Instead, after I press the "+" button in the box and enter the desired URL then press Enter, the URL I entered is cleared
I want help from some experience coders in Object line breakout entry EA. Can someone help me. I coded highest and lowest line on chart int highestcandle = iHighest(Symbol(),0 ,MODE_HIGH,50,2); ObjectDelete("HLine"); ObjectCreate("HLine",OBJ_HLINE,0,Time[0],High[highestcandle]); double
Hello! :) I have tried to make some code, and I want to find a pinbar inside another pinbar, how can I do that? I have tried this one: #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_buffers 2 #property indicator_color1 clrRed #property indicator_width1 2 #property indicator_color2 clrLime
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hello MQLers I have done drawing the monthly and weekly pivot point but the yearly is kinda tricky, here is my code //---   int Counted_bars,i;   Counted_bars=IndicatorCounted();   i=Bars-Counted_bars-1;   while(i>=0)     {      shift=iBarShift(Symbol(),PERIOD_MN1,Time[i],0);      temp=(iHigh(NULL...
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What is the best accurate indicator for metatrader 4 ? let's sharing here guys
Hello, How to debug my script ? It is possible to go one line at the time ? Set many Toggle breakpoints, but the script dont stop on it. Thanks, Tintin92
Hey everyone I'm new here, and this is my first topic, I will be so glad if someone can help me fixing an issue with Mt4 , It's wont installed on my computer, anytime I'm trying to install it they ask me about " server proxy" I've no idea where I can get it from or how to change it from my computer
The indicator shows Engulfing and M.Star/ E.Star, as well as PinBar, but that PinBar is inactive. you can only start by enabling the "Technical Analysis 20 and 21" function. The indicator has the potential to be profitable, but needs a small adjustment, or the insertion of some filter that will
int TradeEntry( int Type){ if (Type == 0 ){ double BTP = Ask + (TakeProfit * Point ); double BSL = Ask - (StopLoss * Point ); if ( OrderSend ( Symbol (),OP_BUY, 0.1 ,Ask, 10 ,BSL,BTP, NULL , 0 , 0 , clrBlue )){ return true ;} else { return
Dear all, I'm struggling with a presumably simple task: My custom indicator calculates and plots an indicator line in a window below the chart. Of course, this involves the use of buffers etc. This works as intended. However, now I want to apply the iRSIOnArray() to this custom time-series,that is
Im getting my alerts on my pc and i enabled them for my phone and put in the code but im not getting them on my phone. Also when I test the notification it works. Any ideas on what this is
Hi Sorry asking simple question, I am very new and trying to learn MQL4 programming with MT4. I am trying to create an Array of objects. as shown below; But I a getting error and finding it difficult to fix. Please can someone help *** Thank you
Hello  I make an image by WindowScreenShot and I want to copy this image to clipboard and paste in other programs (like telegram desktop or paint) I saw very good code for CopyTextToClipboard in this link : I'm trying to use copyImageToClipboard...
Hello, Can we use a Expert Advisor on MT4 without Trading and only for notification/email alert purposes? I know Indicators do this, but I would like to understand if this is possible on Expert advisors. Thanks in advance for the clarification
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Hi I recently downloaded an indicator called TURBO PLUS V3 for my trading strategy but every time that I install it on mt4 the program freezes and does not work... can someone help me? I think there's also TURBO PLUS V2 but I can't find it anywhere. thank you in advance and sorry if placed here but
Hi, My purpose with this function is to delete and re-submit my strategies order if market keep closing below/above my former STP-entry price. This is only for pending orders . It seems nothing happens from this code which confuses me. Anyone have any idea why it wont delete and re-enter pending
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Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody in this forum is interested in searching of connetion among planets,moon and other movements in space. We can share our experiance and learn more and more... All you know that the most famous and successful trader/W.D.Gann/ is used astrology and other technics to...
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Hey, the new 1045 build has issues.....does anyone have build 1030 or one lower for upload?
Hi I am very new to MQL4 programming. But I am programming in another language. I an trying to learn CHashMap to store key/value pairs in my test. I show this example using CHashMap online CHashMap< string , int > d; d.Add( "one" , 1 ); d.Add( "two" , 2 ); d.Add( "three" , 3 ); When add
Hello everyone While coding a part of a variable name suddenly turned to a string of unknown charatcter(s). Long time ago I had this issue so many times and I didn't figure out why, but now it happened again. Any idea why it happenes
I have an indicator called <Deleted> and you can also use a scanner that you get from them when you buy the indicator. But when I add the scanner to my MT4 chart it crashes immediately. I have the DLL check box ticked and I have filled in my username and password for the indicator. My computer have
Hi guys, I am experiencing issues with the FFC news indicator, giving error 5004, DLL + webrequests from the links are allowed, but still it can not download the xml file to present information.
Hi I am very to MQL4 and I am a learner at the moment. I am creating a simple class as shown below. I would to add constructor in my class, so I can use to build object. I have this simple script, but getting error; #property strict void OnStart(){ CurrencyCount currencyCount1 =
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Saw this idea (original idea from Jose Silva - Metastock) Colored it up and somewhat changed the logic (simple, simple, simple...:)
hi all im new this is two part of my program void OnTick() { for(int i =OrdersTotal()-1,OrdersTotal() >=0, i ++) { OrderSelect(i,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES); if( OrderType() == OP_BUY || OrderType() == OP_SELL) { Akhar(); }
so i was creating an EA. My EA using an ATR as a stoploss placement. Here is the code. double ATRPointsB= iATR ( NULL , 0 , 14 , 1 ); double slB= NormalizeDouble ((ATRPointsB)* 2 , _Digits ); //for SL calculation for TP iwas using 2 times SL, in that case calculated properly, for example , if sl was
dear friends, i am not a experienced coder, but learning by going through experienced coders from forums. i have coded a trailing stop using zigzag by calling from a EA though icustom function. my ea trails for only one time and not trailing to the next swing highs or next swing lows
hii have this script //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| RPoint.mq4 | //| Copyright © 2004, Poul_Trade_Forum | //|
Hi, I have been developing an expert advisor which contains, at some point, a call to an indicator through iCustom. My question is: would it be possible to specify input parameters for iCustom via set file (rather than by specifying them one after the other in the source code)? Thanks a lot in
Hi, I am working on a indicator that can be put on a different timeframe than the chart is in. This is a option for a lot of indicators on trading view. A pine scripter explained that to achieve this in trading view you must use the so called: "security function". This function is explained in the