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how do I write an ea that enters a trade when previous high or low has been taken out by new ones when i actiavte it with a button, please any ida, i am new to mql4 programming
Hello, I am very new to MQL4. Been doing a lot of digging and couldn't find, thus the post. First of all, to be clear, I'm trying to implement BB to RSI. If I were to implement it to the chart, I'll drag BB to RSI Window, and then, on BB Setup Window, under 'Apply to', I'll select 'First Indicator's
does anyone know of a trendline alerter that works on the currrent MT4 build I refer to a sloping trendline alerter, not the one already in MT4 I found a few older ones including Alerter4U but none work thanks
I, newbie, have a questions regarding my open orders (in automatic mode). In a downtrend sell orders are placed (i.e sell 0.03). I have some open positions that I do not understand. For example: my order type of trade sell, price 106.164, S/L 108.694, T/P 107.129 My question is: why is T/P (107.129)
Hello, I want to make my Custom Chart Template For Metatrader 4, but don't start to me!
This is an EA I worked on , but it did not work as well as I had hoped. Most if not all EA's I have made are like this, but they may still be interesting to someone, so I will share some of them here. This first one was supposed to find a combination of the previous N (eg.7) losses (where the SL was
Hey guys, I trust you are well, I would really appreciate if someone can help me. I have tried using both ChartScreenShot & WindowScreenShot to take a screenshot of my chart, however, the screenshot does not have any of my indicators on them, this is when back testing my strategy. Interestingly
I noticed that with every manual change of time-frame EA is restarting. Sometimes it makes some difficulties for me. In the project I'm currently working on, every time user runs the EA some conditions have to be in checked OnInit() and if necessary, a message box will appear to give him a warning
Hi. I am currently converting an indicator into a multipairs indicator, using the same technique I used on the Keltner Channel indicator. This indicator I am converting to multicurrency is the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator. I think I am finished, I just want some folks to verify this on their demo
  ASCTrend system (494   1 2 3 4 5 ... 49 50)
I start this thread for the following reason: - to develop ASCTrend EAs according to the manual trading systems described here and - to delevelop new asctrend system for M5 timeframe. Please find updated templates (3 templates) and all the indicators for this new...
From the diaries of the worlds worst programmer. So I have implemented the following code in my bot, the idea is to take a screenshot OnTimer and on a button click...
As I understand it, the launch of the backtests with a genetic algorithm is cached. Does a result of a 'launch A' may appear in a result of a 'launch B'? Being 'A' and 'B' 2 launches with a genetic algorithm with identical characteristics: symbol, timeframe, date section, spread, parameters, etc
I created an offline chart and try to use ChartOpen to open it. I have read that it should work. I even used an indicator given with an article written years ago, and ChartOpen is used to open the offline chart, but the code in the given IndUSDx.mq4 names the chart the same name as symbol offline
I'm trying to put ma on rsi in expert advisor but it says Array out of range double limit=Bars-1; double ma[]; double ima[]; ArrayResize(ima,Bars); ArrayResize(ma,Bars); for(int i=0;i<limit;i++){ ma[i]=iRSI(Symbol(),0,14,0,i); ima[i]=iMAOnArray(ma,0,10,0,0,i); }
Hi, I get an error regarding an unbalanced parenthesis. I've even numbered them, and they seem to match. Perhaps I am missign something. Help would be appreciated. Thanks //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                         AutoTrader for...
Hi, I have two different accounts, each with different broker setup in different terminals. Traded on account A are not copied or related to account B. I need a script that will sync a close positions between them. E.g. if on account A all positions were closed than script will close all positions
I have a problem with this code. It is a great indicator however, the fractals are not redrawn, which means if the indicator draw a fractal it doesnt remove it if another fractal formed within the fractal range (2 candles before and after, 5 candles before and after ... etc depends on the user). Can
Hi all.   Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.   Using Mt4.  I had 1 EA which was placing trades fine.  I then made another working on a separate chart, which also placed trades for me.  I now have 4 EA's all placed on completely different charts. None of the new EA's are placing any trades...
hi guys, got weird issue i keep getting error 130 invalid stop error... so i got frustrated then removed it and still get same error 2019.09.22 19:51:20.125 2019.09.02 04:06:03 USDJPY,M15: Error number 130 = invalid stops 2019.09.22 19:51:20.125 2019.09.02 04:06:03 USDJPY,M15: OrderSend error 130
Can someone offer advise? I added a new indicator to my MT4 and it broke it? When I open the platform, it takes almost 45 seconds to open. Once it is opened up it freezes up. If I scroll my mouse over the chart it turns grey. I receive an error message saying "not responding". I have deleted all of
Dear Gurus in the house, Please I need enlightenment on this: I used 30p for my stoploss and 30p for takeprofit also but after the ea opens the order, I noticed that the stoploss points was higher than takeprofit point sometimes by almost 10p. What do you think might be responsible for this as when...
I want to edit an indicator. Is there anyone who can help me
i write c++ language though not too fluent to some extent. I have been trading for a while and I have some strategy I use in trading that I need to automate on mql4, because it is cumbersome and time-consuming. Please, I need advise on how to do this or how start
How to read all of the current positions in my trading account, using MQL4 , not MQL5 ? Thanks very much
Hello. I am trying to change the text property of an object in a another chart but I don't know why it does not work. The following script is unable to set a new string: if ( ObjectSetString(131552086461923216, "testLabel", OBJPROP_TEXT, "message") )        Print("message updated with...
Hello, I currently have a (raw) socket server by python/php and I want to get Tick() of many pairs from MT4 to this server. I search so many libs/dll for MT4 (WinSock, WinINET...) for this but all do not work. I would like to make each chart a socket client to connect to socket server. Then, each...
I am trying to create a buffer in the FFC indicator that pulls the symbol for the upcoming news events. line 196-201//--- Buffersdouble MinuteBuffer[];double ImpactBuffer[];double PreviousBuffer[];double ForecastBuffer[];string CountryBuffer[];line 218-225//--- indicator buffers mapping
input int media1; input int media2; input int hora; bool st=false; string mns="-----"; void OnTick(){ Comment ("Message:",mss); if (Hour()==hora){ st=true; mss="AUTORIZADO!" } if (st==true){ if (iMA(NULL,0,media1,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0)) < (iMA(NULL,0,media2,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0)){
Hi guys, I have backtested a strategy based of the 1 minute chart using Open Price Only Modelling. I have then backtested the strategy using every tick mode. To get the every tick mode to match the open price only modelling I added the following code(found in another thread): static datetime
Hi all, I'm trying to recall a Global Variable from an expert in this way string HOUR_ = StringConcatenate("HOUR_",Symbol()); GlobalVariableSet(HOUR_,HOUR()); GlobalVariableGet(StringConcatenate("HOUR_","EURJPY")) If I apply the expert (with GlobalGet only) on a EURJPY chart the code works well, but