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Hi All, I want to learn coding in MQL4 but cannot find a way to get Yesterday Highest CLOSED and Yesterday Lowest CLOSED price? I can get yesterday highest and Lowest price but not its closed price. Can anyone show me how to do it? Thanks in advance.
Hi guys, Is it there an expert that can scan the chart and based on the horizontal lines on it to send alerts (push, email) if the price is near on of them (with N pips) ? I'm not interested on something that will draw the line and will monitor that one line. It will be AWESOME for something that
When the position closes, the chart shows no history. Without creating an Expert Advisor, this is want I would like to see on the chart. Thanks
As the title suggests is there a way to port something I created in MT5 over to MT4? At first it was missing some libraries and dependencies but now its becoming difficult. I know the "simple answer" would be why don't you just open up with a broker who supports MT5? Mostly because a lot of the MT5
OrderOpenTime() gives me 2019/12/01 I want to change format 01/12/2019 dd/mm/aaa OrderProfit() gives me 100.00 I want to change to 100,00
This is not a question , rather a note for anyone who will wonder about MT4's behavior when an order is partially closed . (title for people looking for it in search engines : What happens to swap partial close order meta trader . What happens commision partial close order meta trader) Observations
Hello, I've been trading with grid orders for some time now, but just realized there is a WindowPriceOnDropped() function that I'd like to incorporate. My standard order placement is written like this. Here is sample code for 5 orders spaced 5 pips apart, all micro lots, with 50 pip stops and 100
Hi I am new to Forex and MetaTrader and trying to figure out some basics. Assuming that have an EA which is attached to a chart of EURUSD, BUT I want to find setups in multiple pairs from that EA. But EA only runs when fresh tick for EURUSD comes. Right? Now I see this as MT’s limiting feature as...
Hi guys, I'm new on this forum. I have an EA that under certain conditions opens multiple buy or sell orders, the first to market, the others are pending. I want that if the first market order goes to stop loss, all other pending orders are automatically closed. Can someone help me? I guess it must
I am running MT4 Build 1220. When I run an Account History report, the open trades are in alphabetical order, regardless of which column is selected to sort by. When a trade is added, it puts it at the end of the list. If I close and open MT4, the new trade is sequenced in alphabetical order. Other
Hello to all, I am looking for a fast scalping Robot that trades under one minute with multiple of trades or a HFT robot that trades during normal conditions. I have initially been using a self made robot that has been trading the news and since that there is too much slippage during that time it
I downloaded an expert advisor and launched it then i deleted expert advisor cause i didnt needed it, and i closed terminal. After a while when i opened terminal, all my charts were replaced with h1 eur/usd charts, i was so annoyad all my work with those charts replaced with eur/usd charts can i
Hi: i am looking for help to stop a trade from reopening after a take profit. Normally I use a shift in the buy/sell open to prevent reopening a trade after a TP but this is not possible with the strategy I am using. What options would I have to prevent this? (Obviously the buy/sell open...
Why dont you add / update mt4 tester with time in seconds, also? = like on terminal... Thnx, Lauri
Hi guys so i just doing some reaserch to find MT4 Trade copier that will open based on percentage equity/balance from slave account. So in summary i cant find any trade copier (Free/Paid) that will open based on risk percentage equity model on Slave account. my best search that it will open based
Dear traders community, PLease, I need your help. I don't understand the "Slippage" code in MT4. When I send a stop order and that I put "Slippage=1". The EA take orders. However, when I put "Slippage = 0, Slippage = 50 ou 100" it does not take trades as well. Thank you in advance and good trading
Hi, I'm subbed to a signal that always uses 0.01 lot. I'd like to increase the lot size used. For example if signal uses .01 buy I'd like to use for example .05 buy. Is there a way to do this? I tried to buy an EA "(change size volume lot signals") that multiplies by adding an additional order but...
Hello I want to Disable / Enable Expert (Auto Trading) button programmably as if i click on it to enable or disable Expert according to condition. I am searching MQL4 code to do that but i did not find. Any help please.
Hi, I need to share data between 2 MetaTrader. One of them is installed on my laptop and the other on is installed on VPS. Is there any way to send data between these two MetaTrader ? please just give me some idea
The boys, my EA doesn't work anymore after entering OrderModifly. I share the code I'll wait for an answer thank you very much void OnTick() { if(NewBar()){ EseguiOrdineLong();} }///+------------------------------------------------------------------+ void EseguiOrdineLong(){ if (
void OnStart() { double tab[]= { 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, 9.0, 15.0, 32.0 }; Print(iMAOnArray(tab, 0, 3, 0, MODE_SMA, 0)); } Result : 0.0 !! Thanks
When the MetaEditor debug button is clicked, an additional USDCHF chart is added to the Meta Trader terminal which was not on the list of charts shown in the Window menu. This unwanted chart messes up programming assumptions a bit. How can I override it? Thanks
I have a union definition like this, but the values seems not working correctly: union UDouble{ double _double; uchar _uchar[ 8 ]; ushort _ushort[ 4 ]; short _short[ 4 ]; uint _uint[ 2 ]; int _int[ 2 ]; long _long; ulong _ulong;}; When I try to set
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Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum; since I am quite new to mql4 programming I would be grateful if somebody could help with the following peace of code: for(int i=0; i<=limit; i++){ Avg1[i]=iMA(NULL,0,4,0,MODE_LWMA,PRICE_CLOSE,i);
Hi, I have 100 EA's on M1, M5 and H1 charts. all created by myself. they are running on 100 charts on one terminal. They do not close or open positions when they should. They do what they need to do when I restart the terminal. I use the code given below: // Start function int start() { // Execute
Hey guys, is it somehow possible to change the color of a moving average in a code? Example: I have a moving average in my chart. Now I want to press a key and the color of the moving average should change
Hi guys, I'm currently studying Python as a language to improve my developer skills. Since I have a passion for financial markets, my personal goal is to develop my own trading system for MetaTrader in MQL4. How realistic is this goal? Some other questions: - How would you start if you were me
Hey everyone, I'm creating a simple EA to test indicators with. I'm currently working on the function which calculates an order position size. To do so, i need the current pip value. But when i tried to use MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_TICKVALUE) the value returned is different than the one i
Such as If (Timeframe==Period_H1) then.... For some reason I can't search the documentation for MT4 anymore. Wish they would fix it.