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Hello I am looking for the Bollinger bands indicator with color change of the sup and inf bands according to their direction for MT4 like the one below version mt5 thanks
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Hi all. I am new to this forum, but have been around trading and programming for over five years. I love both trading and programming. I was a trader first and learned to code to build my own trading systems. I have programmed in MQL4, Excel/VBA, C#.NET, and a little C++ I am looking to offer up...
Hi All! I am having trouble calling the correct values from a downloaded custom indicator on MT4. The indicator is a Chandelier Stop indicator. I manage to use the iCustom function to call the value, which works when the price action is below the indicator value, however, when the price action is
Hi All, Looking for a little help as I've spent the previous two days going through the zero divide error threads in the forum and can't quite find a fix to my issue. Basically, my EA runs fine for several trades, but then I get a critical error closing the EA. It is a Zero divide error and it gives
Hey Everyone! I am having an issue, my EA is Working Fine in Live Market But when i run it on the Strategy tester it is not opening any trade and return Error is 138. I have tried to Fix this issue by Reading many threads And i Have tried everything that i can get my Hands on, but the issue is
Hi, I'm building a mt4 FX trading system in mql4 and python. I could connect mt4 with python using win32pipe - it's a python library that connect to other win32 languages and send data . But I wonder if it can be launch the system and others can use the system on their own mt4. I'm going to launch
hello every one. I am so new so fresh in MQL I try to learn this language by practicing in this case I try to check the chart objects( trend lines ) like this: #property version "100.002" #property strict extern string LongTrendLineDescr = "LTR"; extern string ShortTrendLineDescr = "STR"; extern
Hi friends, I need to know how to get angle of a moving average. after I get the angles, then I want to calculate tangent of the angle and compare the value with a specific number. I want to implement  these method with mql4 to predict an up-trend. just give me a tip how to get the angle of an...
After position has been closed OrderCloseTime() returns 0, but OrderTicket() and OrderProfit() return correct values. If I call OrderSelect() before OrderCloseTime() it returns correct datetime... Sleep(1000) call does not help... Tools and account: MQL4 Alpari MT4 Version: 4.0, Build 1320, 11 Dec
hi guys i try to trade eurusd , by another chart ,the EA is placed over EURCAD and here i want trade EURUSD but if i try not work why ?? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| test.mq4 | //|
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been asked for this a couple of times by pm,so here it is
Hi guys, I hope you doing well. I wrote an EA which is more complicated than this below, But as an example in the below code, I used ADX to get signals, when it's running on real time it works perfectly, But when I want to back test, It doesn't actually works, Then the strategy tester doesn't move
From the topic u will get fast my problem I'm a beginner EA programmer, this is my first EA pls see my Code I really dont get why its still not working, I mean why do I get still "invalid error" //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|
Is it possible to separate class definition and implementation in MetaTrader 4, as in C++ .h and .cpp files? All MetaTrader examples have class definition and implementation in the same file. I would like to give header and *.ex4 compiled files, as in C++ I would give header and lib/dllfiles.
How can I open a separate Window in an Expert Advisor? Thanks.
Hi Why I see Rectangles instead of arrow or fractals in MT4 ? I put my EA in Tester and it didn't show arrows or fractals. I tested in several MT4 but the problem still exist any suggest, I appreciate. I attached an image.
Hi i copied ea to expert folder in metatrader target folder, but don't show anything in platform navigator. i think this problem when Happened metatrader automatically updated 2 days ago. What should I do to fix problem ??
Hi Today for some reason MT 4 stopped sending trade notification to my cell phone. I have not changed anything on my computer or cell
I have an EA that I run on 2 live accounts with 2 different brokers. With the first broker the EA has been running for more than 6 months and I have perhaps seen this problem appear maybe once or twice. With the second broker which i have been using for just more than a month now the problem has
I want to get the Minimum value from the following external variables excluding the empty fields. It could be something like this: A = 1.354; B = 3.762; C = 0.0; D = 0.0 Below the external variables and the formula: extern double A = 0.0; extern double B = 0.0; extern double C = 0.0; extern
Im new to Forex on the MT4 platform so this is a demo account, the green arrow is where i placed my sell trade but it ddnt take profit when it hit the take profit line.There are two candlestick that hit my take profit twice so im very confused .Please help
Hello, when i create a bitmap if (! ObjectCreate (chart_ID,name, OBJ_BITMAP ,sub_window,time,price)) { Print ( __FUNCTION__ , ": failed to create a bitmap in the chart window! Error code = " , GetLastError ()); return ( false ); } //--- set the path to the image
hi, i am writing up a log file from an EA. if the EA is restarted i want it to carry on writing to the same file... but append to the end of the file. initially this did not work for me, so i searched the forum and found i applied the directions there and my init()...
I am consistently getting an OrderSend error 129 for invalid price on my EA. The same EA is running on several pairs, for most of them it works fine, but there a few pairs that consistently get errors when trying to open a trade. I am refreshing the rates before sending the order, and if the order
This is just some information, rather than a question, but I thought I'd share it since I've been wondering how to do this for some time. The standard BITMAP and BITMAP_LABEL objects allow us to load bitmap images on to the chart, but do not support 32-bit images (with alpha channel). This means if...
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While running my EA, I occasionally get an error #1 when trying to make a buy orsell. After which, it fails to continue trading. What does this error mean, andhow do I go about fixing it? Thanks -Shane
I have a credit MT4 account. However my EA does not work because it seems that the way Meta has a credit allocated cannot be configured with an EA. Does anyone have experience with this
hi i have maked a EA, it work good, but in 2 account works differently, i loaded it in 2 account, this accounts are in 1 server, sometimes account 1 make trade, but account 2 not make trade! EA is the same in 2 account, the trade codes: if (dealNum== 1 && !enter && ReEnter)
Hi, I am making an expert advisor that runs on every tick. I am trying to find a way to end the execution of the script prematurely when a condition is met early on in the script, and then the script won't execute again until the next tick. I know I could just put the entire code after the condition
Hello I have a script I run every time I trade and so I want to make it quicker by assigning a hotkey to the attachment of that script to the focussed chart.  How can I do this?