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why my metaeditor is like this ? i setup my mt4 many times,but the editor still does not display the explaination part clearly .
hi everyone, may i know how do i download SGX stock EOD data into mt4? which website can i visit to do it?
dude, currently i do some experiment on positions sizing on buy/sell limit/stop orders i had a little trouble when it comes to modify lot size of an order(s) what i did was delete previous order then send new order this is what i did: if stop loss modified it will recalculate lot size of a trade...
My mt4 is using Eastern standard time so london opens at 4pm and close at 11.30pm what i want to do is to hide 11.31pm to 3.59pm bars how to do that??
just like M2 or M3 chart
Is it possible to loss more than our StopLoss set in EA on real account? i got one trade which i lose more than 10pips wider than my set stop in my real acc compare to demo acc..
I want someone to make a expert advisor as follows :- Buy position when the closing price of a BUY CANDLE closesabove the 200 moving average. The stoploss will the the LOW of the buy candle (-5 pips). The Close order will be if the closing price of the candle is below the30 moving average. SELL...
I try to make for my self a chart of daily eurusd (EURUSD D1) in London Session Only, at first the candle body was plot wrong however i haven't change the code yet but then it plot nicely the way i want, so i continue write candle shadows High and Low for london session only... then it happen...
New Version of MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 228 Fixed errors in the operation of the internal mail system. Fixed crashes of MQL4 programs caused by the use of hacking protection. Added translation of the interface of the client terminal into Swedish. Fixed errors reported in crash logs. The
Hi, I would like to know how can I close my orders at the next bar of my entry point. Thanks
Hi, As we cannot directly install any 3rd party applications on Windows-7 phone and MT4 (mobile version) is not yet available on Microsoft MarketPlace so is there a way to install MT4 (PDA version) on Win7 phone? Thanks. -bzx
Does anyone know what the command line option is to start up MT4 minimized ? Thanks
I'm on a limited budget but I need an alarm for an indicator. Would anyone be willing to help me out cheaply?
Is there any way I can code my EA's to programmatically monitor CPU load? My desire to be able to do this stems from the need to coordinate auto-optimizers that could be running concurrently with other terminals. Ideally I'd be able to have a cpu load monitor that could prevent an auto-optimizer...
Hello to All It is to my discovery, optimization has procedures that I was not aware of. Such as the many passes with different variables. Such an improvement over how I have attempted to backtest. My problem is that I went to the thread 'Automated Optimization of a Trading Robot in Real Time', only...
hi all, i want to make a back test for the MACD such that i can see the crossing of the lines while they do it and dont have a final result chart i mean to watch every crossing for the indicator in a life back test for a certain intereval of time can anybody advise me thanks a lot
(1) I have function that will move stoploss to point [a] when; ( xyz.. && breakeven_active=false ) (2) I have a function thats moves stoploss from point [a] to breakeven when; (close 0 > close 1) My problem is that the actions carry out as the should as i have included a couple of bools....
Hi, I'm trying to build an EA that use Pivot point and when I called the indicator with the Icustom I'm getting differnt levels from what I'm seeing in the chart. someone can help me with it, or just give me a link for a good PIVOT indicator that I can call him from my EA and get the same result as...
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Hi, I'm would like to add in email alert for the indicator below everytime a new bar open at the current timeframe. Can someone please help / show me how to do this. It is an MFI indicator. Thanks, Andrew --------------------------------------------------...
Hey, My strategy works that there is a certain hour every day when the propability is the highest for a trade to be succesful. The only problem that I'm having is pulling the hour from the time mql gives may not correct itself for daylight savings and time zones ? For instance if I specify the hour
Guys i am very interested to find a way to get these 100ms charts . If any knows how could i do this, please share thanks
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Hi guys. I am Mario from Bucharest, Romania, Eastern Europe. I have joined this forum to find more details about forex. I am interested in learning expert tips from experienced guys on the forums. Regards, Mario
Hi, does anyone have an indicator or EA that can read the tradehistory and visualize it on the chart, like the B/S symbols we get when backtesting ?
Hi there! Does anybody know anything about comparability between MQL4 and MQL5? I don't want to lose my robot collection!
Can I create "inversed" pairs in MT4? I mean, is it possible to watch "Eur/Usd as Usd/Eur" pair?
Hi all, this is an issue at the design level. When each order is opened, a calculation is made which returns two take profit levels, these TPs are internals and are differents from the take profit defined in the order at the creation level. The values of these levels are individuals from each orden....
Hello mates, I now know how to attain a variable value from custom indicator to EA by using GlobalVariableGet(). Custom indicator is ZZ_Repaint.mq4 with two variables "min,max" as lowest,highest values of most recent zigzag. So these values must be changed every tick. Please look closer its code as...
How can i add a column in the terminal that will show me the number of pips in addition to the profit in money.How can i add a column with the duration of each trade.How can i add a column with how much the trade went against me in every specific trade? Could you please help me with that... Ari
I see a coding as below to check the formation of a new bar but I am not aware why when the expression if(New_Time!=Time[0]) return ture, a new bar is deemed to be formed. New_Time is defined as 0, but Time[0] returns to date, eg. 2009.11.01 14:34. They should not be equal to always. Thanks for your
Hi pros, i'm presently running my EA with custom indicator on a VPS, and i discovered that the platform crashed twice within 6 days, and i don't understand why. Does anyone know what could have gone wrong? Any advice would be highly appreciated.thanks .