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Hi everybody I have realized a simple EA but i have noticed that if i set parameters with negative values on shift when i try to backtest it the program doesn't open positions. For example, if EA include CCI period 14 but shift -1, on graph i can see signals, but if i use tester it doesn't open
hello guys I plan to buy <Deleted> EA from its website and run it on MT4 but my enquiry since its not bought from market here, where should I locate the file? should I put it here > C: programs and files/MQL/Expert Advisors/Market/>here<? or somewhere else? many thanks in advance
Hi guys, I'd like to create an EA that use partially close order. This is the first time I try to create an EA with partially close order. There's some questions that I have regarding this matter. So the questions is: 1. If I partially close an order does the existing order receive new order ticket
I have used void OnTick() to specify when to refresh SendNotification() function and after how many ticks to check if conditions have changed or they are the same then if changed then to send notification to the journal on MT4 but this only work on initialization then doesnt work therefore. Please
  OrderClose error 4051  (12   1 2)
Hi, I have been trying out two EAs in S/Tester; one is a BUY oriented EA, the other is exactly the same but SELL oriented. The Buy oriented works fine fine but the Sell gives 'OrderClose error 4051' I've narrowed this down to the specific area of code but, apart from long/short trade difference
It would be nice if the objects were placed in the background chart in Android MetaTrader, Is this possible
I am new here, just got into the system and the windows where the charts are supposed to be say waiting for update. ANy help please
I tried searching for C++ Keycodes but nothing came up for C++, just different languages. I noticed the MQL4 help manual offers some examples, but I couldn't even find the ones that match up with the following example in the help manual: #define KEY_NUMPAD_5 12 #define KEY_LEFT 37
Good evening to all, I have a problem when I try to run my algorithm which should take a position as soon as the price reaches 10 points before launching the next trade but my algorithm does not take any position, do you know why? Here is the code: extern int priceinit = 0; extern int i = 0; void
Hi, I've got an indicator that plots a moving average channel, using the high and low values. I've attached a screenshot of it. On the actual chart, the channel is green if both upper and lower lines are going up, red if they are both going down, and grey otherwise. On that same screenshot, at the
Dear experienced traders, Do you know what is the default leverage when we test in MT4 strategy tester? How to set leverage such as 1:100 in MT4 strategy tester? * I'm a normal user only use strategy tester to test some product in the market, do not code myself. Thank you in advance and best wishes
Unlike expert advisor, where I can set an anchor point for object, while trying to write an indicator, I just can't find where I can set an anchor or at least get the object to a point above / under the candle. Thanks in advance :)
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Hello, I am relatively new to MTF coding and I am having a challenge in making the MTF MACD display the signal line . I have managed display the MACD line, but the Signal Line is not showing due the wrong MTF reading. I will appreciate your help. Here is the complete code for the indicator I am
please help me out here: I want to say if Equity greater than start blance +200 close all tades for the day //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| DMF Real.mq4 | //| Copyright 2021, ITace Inc
I got this awesome indicator and have been trying to convert it to EA but it's proving difficult. I will paste the source code here for anyone who can help me out. The indicator is self explanatory as it gives direction and SL and TP levels if anyone can convert it will be appreciated
Am subscribed to a MT4 signal and there are pending orders showing up on signal page that are not showing in my MT4 account. TIA
Hi guys! Did anyone else experienced the same issue in the next few days? I used the same VPS before but now it`s not working at all. Thank you for any help!
Hello all, I have a custom indicator that used many indicator, Now I need to call my own indicator with different timeframe . It means I want recursive indicator with different timeframe, Is it possible mt4 indicator is recursive. Thank you in advance. Megha
Hi guys, After being filtered by Symbol, MagicN, Negative or positive Profit, is it possible to select the most recently closed order, I mean the last one closed among the others. Thanks for your help.
Hello, I'm using MT4 build 1330 from Oanda. I'm using this SQLite wrapper so I can work with a SQLite database: I slightly modified the example code just to see if I can understand the code a bit. Here's what I have currently: The working script file
Hi does any one else had problem with their MT4. Since 20 april my EA doesn´t work. I am not shure but I think it has something with the new build relese (1330) on april 19. My EA provider has helpt me with troubbleshooting and he can´t find anything wrong with the EA or VPS that I´m running. I´m
Hi, so as I wrote in the title, I coded an Indicator that gives me an alert when the last candle crossed the 21 Ema. I also check , if the alert was allready send on that candle by saving and then checking the value Time[0]. Now when I get an alert and change the timeframe on that chart, I get the
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hi 1- i need to enter some number in mt4 so that i need to get number or in c++ cin, how i write this code in meta editor ?? 2- in need to get free margin number and put it in int variable(like int A; A= get(free margin)) how i can do it?? what is a code
  Write to Json  (1)
Hi people, I would like to know if it is possible to write to a json file from metatrader4, thanks
I'm not understanding why the tester is stopping. It should go back to the beginning and start the checks again when all my statements end up being false right? I have done my best to comment everything and print statements to easily follow the path as its running. I have highlighted where it stops
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Other people who I know can add Crypto to MT4 app and desktop. I go to add a symbol and I only get OILGAS - Indicies - US30 - Group CN. I do not see Cryptos in the list as someone showed on YouTube thank you for the help ***Dale***
//O double O() { return iOpen ( _Symbol , _Period , 0 ); } //H double H() { return iHigh ( _Symbol , _Period , 0 ); } //L double L() { return = iLow ( _Symbol , _Period , 0 ); } //C double C() { return iClose ( _Symbol , _Period , 0 ); } bool calcLong1() { O=O(); H=H(); L=L();
Hi! I run several EA's on my MT4-terminal and like an overview of performance on one screen. I've found an old "indicator" that gave me that, but now it needs updates and the creator is gone... Anyone seen something similar in the market
Hello everyone, Please I need somebody's help concerning this, I have tried everything i know but to no avail. After completing my EA and compiling, it displayed "Event handling function not found!" on line 1 and column 1, I checked everything about line 1 and column 1 but there is nothing to...