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Is it possible to get a list of all the brokers who offer trading with the MQL4 platform?
Can the experts write an indicator that will draw a vertical line at those (user selected) times? thanks
Dear Forum, I would like to perform an usual limit order which means, that I'm willing to pay the limit price or less for buying something. In MT4 I found two possibilities, which do NOT perform this: 1) OP_BUYLIMIT OrderSend( Symbol(), OP_BUYLIMIT, 1, limitPrice, ...); is not an usual limit order,...
I have a new demo account and the only chart that shows pip movement is the US/JPY all the others show nothing. This all started with the new week of trading on today the 26th. Any idaes?
Can anyone please tell me what is the significance of the 'Model Quality' in the report tab of the strategy tester? Thank you!
Can someone help me, I have spend hours trying to figure out how to pass array elements from one array to another so that I can display them in an indicator. I have looked at many indicators and still cannot get my array elements to show up in my indicator line. Attached is my program code.
Hello All I forcast close price of next bar with ARMAX model but I can't show it in chart as a line. Please, why does the attached indicator show me a number at future time ? Or How to make a new bar to chart at future time? Thanks a lot tarokh
With demo account I can get data from 2006.02.16. But with championship accout I can got date from 1999. Now I forget it's password so with its investor's password I can only get the data from 2006 now. Is there any way to get more date on H1 chart? Thanks.
Hello guysI have my EA codes with RefreshRates as per following, but I still have requote and my EA stop sending new CloseOrder after 1 or 2 try. How to I write a code that will ask my EA to keep sending CloseOrder until it accepted by the broker server? Thanksfor (int i=0; i < RepeatN; i++) {...
Hi, Im attempting to write an EA from a manual system that I have been trading. I have an EMA centre and a couple of bands either side. When the price bounces of either of the BB's then I will open an order in the direction of a stoch indicator. My issue is that when I trade this manually I make...
Is there any key shortcut to do this? I have to drag mouse lots of times now.
  MT4 and Vista (1)
i just opened an acount and i cant seem to get the program working, then i noticed that vista is not listed on the plaforms that suport MT4? has anyone ran into a similar problem?
I need a indicator for my estrategy, I use 4 indicator and I want to keep my chart simply, I need a Arrow in my chart in this form : -Filter the trend with 4 H 5 EMA and 8 SMA cross with RSI(9) above or below 50. Then trend its Up with cross up and RSI >50..... And draw a line in all the chart with...
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2008,an article Jury Session Record of the 25th of October 2008 has been published. Once again the issue discussed on this Jury session was the disqualification of 15 Expert Advisors. All they worked with errors. The most common error was an...
int ticket = OrderSend("EURUSD",OP_BUYSTOP,1,1.20000000,3,1.10000000,1.60000000,"Open Buy",0,0,Green); I used code above to try to place a BUYSTOP order, but I got a 130 error which means "Invalid stops". I don't know why 1.10000000 is an invalid stop? Thanks!
Hi, I would like to check what is the best indicator-proven to work. Most of the available ones do not work properly and have limitations. I was wondering what would be the best indicator with the least limitations. Theoritically, this indicator would work even in the current bad economy. Thanks.
Profit Traders and Healthy == Success Traders Profit Traders but lost health ==. Useless Lost Traders but Healthy == Still Useful and Still can become Success Traders Lost Traders and lost health == A Failure Hence To avoid become the 4th type of traders..try to...
Simone Ambrogio
  920$ a month. (5)
Hi, I have produced an efficient EA, but it makes ONLY BUY TRADES. This is M1, EUR/JPY. I didn't optimize anything. I did not even approach an increasing money management, but only a fixed-range-of-Lots management. So, the result is not due directly to a progressive increase of money expenditure....
TestGenerator: unmatched data error(volume limit 14215 at 2008.05.27.00:00 exceeded) please help
I wish to know can we put markers on history charts, because but to find the point by looking at numbers appears to be very difficult. Can you please teach me how can I add pointers, up arrows and down arrows on charts, I want to place pointers there at run time. I do not know if this could be done...
  Bars counter (1)
I need to count how many bars before. Example EMA give me buy signal, but i want that other indicator give me buy signal too and if this not happend before 3 bars nothing happend, how i can do this? thanks
Hi, I am a newbie trader who is looking for a simple EA. I am not a programmer, so once again please keep it simple. Would be willing to pay if it works well.Please contact me at
Iwould like to ask for help: how to draw a rectangle in a separatewindow? Rectangle must have dimensions 40pix x 120 pix & yellowbackground. Important: It may not change its position after the move of chart,which must be drawn on a permanent basis. Please help
Hello, in the regular DDE Sample Excel-sheet there are the known formulas for ASK/BID(to receive data from MetaTrader) etc. listed/integrated. But, is there any formula/Excel-text for the transfer of VOLUME data! from MetaTrader to EXCEL, would be important of course? Thanks, if anybody has an idea.
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2008,an Interview with Maxim Minenko (maximich) has been published. Maxim Minenko, known as maximich, is not so long in trading. However, he has got his own idea that the simpler a system is, the better. Maxim participates in the Championship...
Is it possible to build my private MT4 Server? anybody has the instalation files???
I am new to MQL, I have done some codes, it runs, but not as expected. Can you guide me on my study. For example: I want to code to analyze history data of "daily" chart, print data onto journal so that I can read the numbers to verify. I did this: " Print(Open[0]," ",Close[0]," ",High[0]," ",Low[0]...
The attached indicator was created to work with 1H graphs and I don't understand why it doesn't work on daily graphs... Could you help me? Thank you very much!!! Alberto
My problem is that some arrows generated by the indicators are notrefreshed - which shows wrong signals. Does anyone know how to solve theproblem? When I refresh chart manually then signals are repainted but automatically are not. Only bars are repainted but signals not.
Because: there are no mods. There is no structure. This source of knowledge is totally neglected by Metaquotes Corp! 30 new threads per day - and everyday the same: 70% of the threads here can be answered with: "read the (f.) manual" / "use the search engine". 25% more are threads such as: "I found...