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Hi My EAs are held on a MQL provided virtual server. Checked the Journals log for both the Terminal and Experts; this morning they were all synchronized again. But, i did not ask for this to happen :( Can't see anything in the Journals log to explain to me why this happened. Any ideas how I can
  Trend Line class  (3)
Hi .. I have coded a new class for defining and saving trend line as below: class TrendLine { public : datetime time1,time2; double price1,price2; TrendLine( void ){}; TrendLine( datetime t1, double p1, datetime t2, double p2) {
Hi Coders, I have issues with this compile error,   'if' - expressions are not allowed on a global scope   see attachment added    can any one help?
This code will display the AppDialog and Panel. The Panel color shows as LightGray, but I cannot make the Text appear. This may be a simple example but I cannot make it work. Any ideas? Thanks for the help. #property strict #property indicator_chart_window #include <Controls\Dialog.mqh> CAppDialog
Hello I am trying to find the price that has been in the most candles, to mark a level of importance. The idea is that this function finds the price at which this has happened above the current price, however I am lost at this point. I am attaching the code that I currently have, I hope you can
Hi, I've found a nice article about KDE here which is used for clustering large data. I've tested on MT5 didn't worked as I expected. Since I'm not too much familiar with MT5 environment and I'd like to use it on MT4, I simply used the files on MQL4. Again the
recently i get this message and then my mt4 crashes. what can cause this? Access violation at address 775F2636 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 0000000C
i need a script to open multiple symbols but every symbol with different template
  Heiken Ashi EA  (13   1 2)
Hello, nice day! Alex here, and i'am newbie with mq4/EA. I want to create "the most simple Ea" with Heiken ashi Smoothed (not only indicator ), but a simple EA that operate the same pair long&short using 1minute time frame (or max 5 min) with this criteria : ...go buy with the first "10seconds...
hello, We know we can get as extern variable  timeframes enumeration by t : extern ENUM_TIMEFRAMES tf; Is it also possible to get as extern variable all symbols contained in market watch ? thanks
Hi I need to get the largest of several numbers, but I don't know how to do it. There is a function called MathMax, but it doesn't work for me since it only gets the highest value of 2 numbers. Can you help me, please
Hello I'm trying to make an ea where the user can type the name of the indicator in the ea settings and type list of comma separated parameters. next i want to detect the type of every parameter and then pass it to the iCustom. and to check if this parameter is string or double i tell the user if it
Hi, I am new to MQL and am trying to get my head around how it works. Analyzing the default Ichimoku Indicator, I wrote my own version trying to use the "iIchimoku" built-in function, but even though it compiles without error it just doesn't work. This is what I have the doesn't work. Can someone
Hi there guys, Stuck with this - my swing finding function seems to be returning 0 while inside the loop, but when I set an Alert at the if statements that define variable F they return a value (so I know it works). It's the value is turning to 0 as soon as it enters the while loop. What gives
hi every one how i can reload an custom indicator completely i mean like why i go to setting of input and press ok and custom indicator applied again to the chart? i know about ChartSetSymbolPeriod but when i change the period how i can back to original period and also the indicator input will back
Hi, For an EA, I need a function with loop to find lot size. There may be a random number of open lots. When a lot is open, there is always a Take Profit as target. But if the Take Profit is not reach and there is a opposed open signal, we open this new order by calculting the new lot size of this
Hello, I have built an indicator to generate signals and an EA that calls the indicator through iCustom to help me place trades. The EA is not a robot but determines the entry, stop and TP levels when a signal is generated and waits for a button press to place a trade manually. I am looking to back
  Question Regarding Array  (11   1 2)
Hello, This may sound abit stupid to professional coder but is it not possible to use variable as array, as there will be invalid index value (i tried understanding it but i seem to not be able to) Example Code would be input int FASTEMA = 50 ; int start() { blah blah blah
I am trying to Validate my Expert Advisor to put on the Market. I get this error when attempting to Validate. test on EURUSD,H1 there are no trading operations test on NZDUSD,H1 there are no trading operations test on GBPUSDcheck,M30 there are no trading operations test on XAUUSDcheck,Daily there
hi guys is possible clean and erasy all inside indicator in separated window ? if yes how _ thankz at all
  open order after TP or SL  (21   1 2 3)
Hello, I have tried without success to get an order opened after my current trade stop loss or take profit has been hit. Here are my requirements. I currently enter a trade where my ea sets the stop loss and take profit. I wait for the market to hit either my stop loss or my take profit and when...
I have code for somebody on metatrader4, he did give me investor login to live accounts. i have see on the accounts that trades which have been closed are showing in the tradehistory with 0 profit/Loss, but its not correct because lotsize is big and orderclose price is different from order open
Is there any way to have multiple newlines within a string? string sqlQuery = "Line 1Line 2Line 3            ";  That gives an error.
hi everybody , here is a script that opens a list of symbols , template is also definable. i need it to be modified so each symbols be loaded with a template of its own(that we had created already). like for EURGBP symbol i have a template named EURGBP , and when this script runs it loads EURGBP
  Serial port communication  (15   1 2)
How I can communicate via serial port with external equipment monitoring and control with string or int data type
  Help please.  (2)
Hello everyone, newbie here so if I'm posting in the wrong place please don't crucify me. I am using one of Mladens Indicators in my strategy, problem is it is not giving alerts. I have downloaded two different versions of it but still no success. I am using it in conjunction with 2 others Indies
Hello, I have downloaded a free code, it makes good trades, but does not colse in time the buying is ticket=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,LotsOptimized(Lots),ND(Ask),3,NDTP(Bid-Stop_Loss*pips),NDTP(Bid+Take_Profit*pips),"Long 1",MagicNumber,0,PaleGreen);
Hi, Im stuck with my EA for mt4. I cant get through the validation. It says "no trading operation". I have trading operations in MT4 when i test it on every currency that the validation says its not. I have added controls, IsNewOrderAllowed CheckMoneyForTrade CheckVolumeValue These controls are just
I currently have several MT4 installations, several from one broker and a couple of other brokers for testing purposes. I want to uninstall the unused terminals, but running uninstall, regardless of which directory it is run from, removes only the first installation. i.e. Running uninstall from my