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Hi All, A little help please - Is there a function that will check to see Order has been closed out due to s/l or t/p? I'm struggling to see if a trade has been closed out, is there a trade status? I tried to see if (OrderClose() == true) would work but that function as I see it to close the trade...
Linux is becoming increasingly popular in large and fast trading systems. Serious business can not tolerate surprises from the trading platform . For all who trade a stable (Linux) platform is better than windows. It is well known that no trading platforms are available for Linux. Java charts and
I want to write an EA so the user can enter trading times using local time instead of broker time. I've seen people reference the kernel32.dll and other system dlls. Does anyone know which dlls and functions I can reference to get the local computer's DateTime.Now?
  creating a magic number  (42   1 2 3 4 5)
/*** create a positive integer for the use as a magic number.** The function takes a string as argument and calculates* an 31 bit hash value from it. The hash does certainly not * have the strength of a real cryptographic hash function * but it should be more than sufficient for generating a* unique...
Hi all, If you trade using a 4 digit broker, can you share your broker's name with me? I want to test some code but it seems that all the brokers I try use 5 digits now :) Thanks
hi there, i have a couple of questions, i dont know if this is the correct place to ask them so if im in the wrong place just tell me where to shift it and it will be done. question 1, i am looking at my charts and when i check the time on the newest candle it appears to be 2 hours ahead of my...
All of a sudden, added indicators like horizontal lines disappear when I move off the timeframe or pair, despite checking "Show in all Timeframes" in the Properties. I need to fix this fast! Thanks in advance! Patrick
Hello all, I've read some the tuts on here, and attempted to create a simple indicator. What I am trying to acheive, is to create a gray rectangle that will be placed at the top right hand side of the chart, very simple. I got the rectangle on the chart, but it's not placed at the top and also, it...
Hi folks, This is driving me mad!! I'm creating an indicator that uses 4 buffers to be diaplayed. Unfortunately only 3 out of the 4 display. Here's a simplified version of the code. I'd greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!...
Hello. Im new here. i want to know the coding for ea. the requirement is the order will enter for every hours 24 time a day.can anyone help me?thanks in advance
please somebody can help me does somebody know the diffierence between build225 and build226?
Hi All, Maybe someone could assist with this question - I'm running EA's with much success, and obviously on each tick coming in to the terminal the EA will execute. I'm however finding that over certain time frames - late night GMT - I miss quite a few ticks which throws my EA's out and won't
has anyone this indicator? thanks
Hello all, I think it is very important to know when a market in MetaTrader opens. I would like to write an indicator that prints the market opening time of the current symbol on every chart's top left corner. Therefore I need to find out the market opening time, e.g. 09:00-19:00 for EURABC, for a...
New article Practical Implementation of Digital Filters in MQL5 for Beginners is published at The idea of digital signal filtering has been widely discussed on forum topics about building trading systems. And it would be imprudent not to create a standard code of digital filters in MQL5....
Hi everybody i am new in codding but yesterday i convert two indicators in expert advisors .Unfortunately they don't work.I really need help
Hi, I am a novice as you can see. If I want the EA to trade only on daily chart should I use the constant as below if (Period() == PERIOD_D1) or should use the value as below if (Period() == 1440) Both seem to do the trick but don't know which is the proper way to do it. Thanks
Please I want people using this forum to help me correct error that could not make this attached ea backtest or demo trade. There was no error during compilation yet doest work. Please help
Hi! I don't know why OrderClose() is not working. Could You help me please. extern double TakeProfit = 500; extern double Lots = 0.1; extern double TrailingStop = 100; extern double StopLoss = 200; double sar,imacurrent; int cnt, ticket, total;...
  mt4 platform  (1)
Hello. Can you please be able to help me to set up mt4 platform to Oanda using API libraris from Oanda?
  Histogram base  (1)
I am trying to write the TRSI indicator showing the SMA line as a histogram, and think I am pretty much done. The only problem is that the Histogram starts at 0. Can anybody help me, or tell me how to use the 50 line as a histogram base. I have searched for how to do it in the forum, but have not
  Chart froze  (6)
Hello, I had a problem with my terminal today when i checked it, the EURCHF chart completely froze up until i have restarted the terminal (closing and re-opening the chart window also helped once). The last candle was at 19:01 (yesterday), and i restarted the terminal at around noon (today). It
Hi, I'd like to copy my Fibonacci parameters set up from one MT4 to another. Can someone tell me please which file from which folder I have to copy and paste? Thanks in advance
Hello everyone, First post from me so go easy. I'm no programmer but over the last few days thought i'd give it a go. I have made an alert indicator that I want to email me specific, more complex email. After some reading I found and used the SendMail(Subject,Body) function well. It worked...
Hello, I am mew in MT4 .... what is the best way to scan (with EA) many pairs (ex: EURUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, USDJPY) on ONE computer?
Plese review the attached picture. Can someone explain the code to draw those rectangles in the right lower half that you see in the picture? Thanks ForexWatchman
Hello everybody, The crosshair tool calculates thedifference between two prices and the number of bars. Is there a possibility to change thisin order to calculate the number of calendar days on a daily chartinstead of the number of bars? If this is not possible, is there a wayto write a tool like...
Hello, I'm experiencing connection errors in the terminal. The errors are shown below: - TradeContext: ping error - Cannot login [No connection] - DataCenter connecting failed [6] The account is demo with broker Alpari UK. These errors seem to be occurring fairly regularly. Can someone please tell...
  parabolic EA!!!!  (3)
Ok so i admit im a little new to the trading world and already im getting sick of watching my screen. So i think its time for an EA. After looking at what i think would work, what i want is pretty much is the parabolic indicator to the "t". The only difference i want in it is that when it makes a