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How can I code making a screenshot of multiple opened charts or the whole workspace? Are there native MQL functions for that? (I could not find) If not, what windows DLL functions could be useful to achieve that goal
  Ordermodify error 130 (15   1 2)
Hi, I have created an EA, that works well for me, but I tried to change it a little bit, but can not manage to make it work. All I want it to do is to open an order with a trailing stop. The problem is, the trailing stop is different for each trade (it depends on the high of the current candle). It...
May someone please help, markets in my real account are not active unlike in my demo account where they are and I'm able to trade in practice, is it because funds haven't reflected yet in my real account for trading or something could be wrong
this expert opens up a lot of positions in the position. i want to just open one position in up trend or a down trend thank you if(NumBuy==0&&NumSell==0) { // for SELL if( v1!=EMPTY_VALUE && v0==EMPTY_VALUE && v2==EMPTY_VALUE && v3==EMPTY_VALUE && Ask <v1 && Bid< v1) {
Hello everyone I need to measure the most possible precis time delay of some operations. While I was working on it, I had some unexpected result. void OnTick() { uint Timer_Start = GetTickCount(); uint Delay = GetTickCount() - Timer_Start; Comment(Delay); } It comments 0 on the chart. How
Hi Mladen and friends, Just sharing an interesting indicator I've been using to trade reversals on the 15 minute charts called Vertex. The reversals are pretty spot on so far but the "TMA bands" repaint. I think there's a lot of potential in this indicator, it just needs some polishing up. Mladen,...
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Newbie programming 3.2.mq4 |//| Copyright 2018, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|
Hi, Can anyone advise me why two different Forex brokers using the MT4 Platform are showing very different volatile movements on a pair at the same time? Is this normal? Refer attached .pdf. cheers Todd
Hi, is it possible to create an alarm when certain criterias meet ? I have a nice strategy based on ma's inside a rsi window. Now i want to get an alert when all the ma's are at a specific rsi level. Is something like this possible ? kindly regards
i wrote an EA but this simple EA cannot take the position Please help me. THANKS #property copyright "Copyright 2018, MetaQuotes Software Corp."#property link ""#property version "1.00"#property strictextern double Lot = 0.01;extern int Stoploss = 10;extern int Takeprofit
Hi I have EA wich not work ... I don't know if it's ok on broker side .. I have bad EA support and get not answered me on my questions anymore.... My broker support say thah all is OK.... Exists any script that can test if all is OK and ExpertAdvisor is enabled on broker site? Thanks and best
To start I could find no reference to this error in the MT4 forum. The Closest thing to it is this post. I am removing my comments on the MT5 Thread and posting them here. I am getting a failure at iTime. The code has been perfectly for a number of years. That
//| RoNz Auto SL n TP.mq4|//| Copyright 2014, Rony Nofrianto |//| |//+------------------------------------------------------------------+#property copyright
on the metatrader 4 web terminal, can you set chart defaults, so every new chart opens with the same parametres
hello, I have an indicator and I would like to add an alert to it, everytime it crosses zero level, when it cross 0, and turns green , make a buy arrow {buy} and when it crosses zero level and turns red , make a red arrow {sell} I dont know how to do it, could anyone help me with this, please
Hello I am trading with Oanda mt4 i just started trading today, I noticed their charts are not showing so much historical data for example in the eurusd chart on Daiy time frame in the chart if i zoomed out i shows data till 2015 while in other brokers till 2012 , on 4 Hour time frame if I zoomed
So every time i want to appply a chart template to a chart that I drawn trend lines ,the trend lines disappear when I load a chart template. How do I go about keeping them ?
  alarm help please (11   1 2)
Hello, i have a problem. Would anybody have an indicator or an ea on mt4 that will alert me whenever something appears on the chart? Let me explain better: I have an indicator that creates the signal on the chart like trend-line etc ... I use it on so many charts and so many time frame so it becomes...
Notifications: failed send request [0] failed I got thiss msg since 4-5 weeks ago, when i try to send notifications to my phone with the metaquoteID but the problem is showed in the terminal My computer is a MAC and i have always use it and no troubles but till now with only this
I changed vps. How do I recover the amount of activations
Hey guys, I'm currently forward testing a strategy that is giving different results to the backtesting results. (This is on mt4, every tick, 1 minute data) Just wondering what everyone's experience has been when comparing backtesting results to then forward testing? Are they the same for you
I'm try to get Trade signal from TMA+CG indicator (mql4) asAttach file . i'm try to create EA from This indicator with iCustom function but it doesn't work! This is indicator code: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|
Hello I want to turn the Engulfing indicator into an expert, but there is a problem. The problem here is: SetIndexEmptyValue (0,0.0); In Expert Buffer the first is equal to 0 and the second buffer is equal to EmptyValue. That way you can't tell Expert when to buy and sell. Problem shown in photos
Hi friends, I'm looking for a way to get the creation date or modification date of a folder. Is there any way to do so? thanking in advance for your kind guidance
Morning. Since today I can not connect to MT4 (Android,PC) it puts me account disabled. I have a real account, it's not a demo account, I am on the redimax platform, I send mails, for the moment without answer, does anyone have this problem? Thank you
Hello coders :) I am seeking help :) PLEASE , I am using a Grid EA , I need To solve this situation : I have 100 Buy Open Order (30 Profit and 70 Order in Lose) and I have 50 Sell Order Sell all of them is in Profit the Total Profit for the 30 Buy Order is 300 USD the Total Profit for the 50 Sell
I am a MQL4 novice and have spent hours trying to solve this. Please help! I would really appreciate it. Here it is: { ticket=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,Lots,Ask,3,0,0,0,12345,0,Green); if(ticket>0) { if(OrderSelect(ticket,SELECT_BY_TICKET,MODE_TRADES))
Friends, I'm new in the forum and I found very good information about various indicators posted here. I am using the CCI indicator with an exponential moving average which generates a signal to buy or sell when the CCI crosses this average up or down. I looked for it all over the internet...
Hello, I have a case : Here is mycode datetime hour_now=iTime(Symbol(),PERIOD_H1,0);if(timer!=hour_now) { Print("Hour now = ",TimeToStr(hour_now),", Current Time = ",TimeToStr(TimeCurrent())); timer=iTime(Symbol(),PERIOD_H1,0); } Then at 00:00 I have a result : Hour now = 2019.10.29 00:00, Current
Hi, I have been over this over and over and cannot see what the problem is. It keeps compiling //--Adjust stops ----------------------------------------------------------------------//void AdjustStops() { for(int Orders =OrdersTotal() -1; Orders>=0; Orders--) { if