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I have created an indicator to alert me when certain conditions are met using moving averages. When I use strategy tester and test my indicator, it shows those alerts in the journal section. I have connected my desktop terminal to my MT4 app using my MetaQuotes ID and tested it, and it worked. No
I have hugosway/MT4 and it only lets me do market orders. Whenever i try to do a pending one, the place order button is grayed out. You can only click it when you change the order to market price. How do i fix this
please help me make ea which only sell orders without any indicators,very simple I've done it but the error he did sell orders many times, where did i go wrong
Hello follow developer, I have MT4 EA that automatically select weak and strong currency pairs and add it to a variable named : string SellSymbols = "USDCAD,CADJPY," ; string BuySymbols= "EURUSD,GBPCAD," ; I want to code my EA in a way that it is in one chart and trade all the selected symbols for
Hi budding MQL4 programmers, Please download Bane Strength Index.mq4 at for your reference. When the indicator is loaded to MT4, it looks like this: Ignore the last negative number (which reads -1.5716) and focus on the positive and 1st negative
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All, I need 2 EAs if you can help me guide if they already exist Partial Close EA I need an EA which does the following: - Partially close 40% lots at 25 pips - Bring the SL to Break even - Partially close 30% lots at 50 pips - Partially close remaining 30% lots at 100 pips I dont want to enter
hi my code is: if (Bid-Open[ 0 ]>= 400 * Point ){ ticketNumb = OrderSend ( Symbol (),OP_BUY,yek,Ask, 0 ,SlB,TpB, "TEST" , 1374 , 0 , clrBlueViolet ); } its my part of EA that make trade, i set the EA to 3 accounts, its work good, but sometimes 2 or 1 accounts not trade!!!! 1 account make trade but 2
Hello to all friends and professors I want to get output from this indicator, but I tried everything I knew the code, but I could not get an answer. Note: The position should be taken at the moment when the indicator signals I tried these codes to get the output but it is wrong string Stoch1() {
Hi all! I want to make a condition (if OBV above MA, etc) like in the picture above. Since "first indicator's data" doesn't exist in applied_price enumeration, to do that, can I directly use it like this: double OBVIndi = iOBV (...); double MAIndi = iMA (...); if (OBVIndi > MAIndi) { ... } or
hello everyone,  renko street trend is really interesting indicator when it is combined with renko chart, but it sometimes repaints, it is a signal bars indicator as you can see in the photo, so i am asking if there are no repainting version ? or if someone can recode it? it needs only one line of...
Hi Guys I wish to run/execute an mql4 file from a script. This mql4 file is an indicator. What is the syntax to run that file in a script? Would greatly appreciate if someone can help me out. Below is the code snippet. Thanks in advance void OnStart () { <some code here> // trying to
Hello! I'm using MT4 on Mac OS 10.13.6 and I can not receive notification on my mobile device. I keep receiving the following errors authorization failed Notifications: failed send request [0] failed Someone can help me
Hi there, Quick question regarding an offline chart. I have created a script that creates an FXT file and updates it every second in realtime, effectively creating a 1 second history. I can open the FXT file as an offline chart and display it. When I refresh the chart and any updated 1 second
How to Draw a circle ? ObjectCreat() not good since it always draw ELLIPSE, I want to draw a circle witha line linke two points. but in MT, it draw ELLIPSE since different X/Y scale(Y is price, X is time, they are never same scale, but I want draw circle wheneveraxes change). I want use one 2...
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So I've tried to follow this video on youtube and I have copied the code perfectly but for some reason I am recieving an error. I have absolutely no experience in this but would really like to learn and move past this hurdle. Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong with the code and possibly
i made this ea. it opens the first buystop trade and if the price made a new low(invalidation) below y, it deletes the order. it opens the second order and doesnt delete it if invalidated. it opens third, and doesnt delete it. and so on. i know the error is in static y. but how to make it work? i
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How can I be sure my account is real and not a demo account? For example, how can I find out what market place my MT4 account is hooked up against
Hello, How can i place more orders on the same time on different pairs? For example 1 order AUDUSD and 1 order GBPJPY Thanx
Good Day everyone, Can someone help me with the MQL4 code setup of random lot size. I want to have several input for the Lot size. Lot size A = 0.01 Lot size B = 0.02 Lot size C = 0.03 Lot size D = 0.04 Lot size E = 0.05 And EA will choose Randomly for this lot size number when opening the trade
hi everybody ! i would like to convert a prorealtime code into a mql4 code. this indicator is fabulous and can show future pivots on cfd chart. thanks in advance for your answers
Hello. I want to update my EA which is already published in the Market. The validation check passed correctly. However I'm unable to complete the update becase there is an error "Invalid price" What does it mean? Is it related to the tag price in the Market
Hello trader, i have already build the function that will send the market and pending order, i just need someone to write a conditional statement for me that will check if the market has open for the day 10 minute ago, the the function will run and placed the order. and once it is remaining 10
Hello all I'm not an advanced MQL4 coder and I would like to ask professionals here for opinions and help. In the past I was using programming language where was one nice feature which I cannot find something similar in MQL4 or in C. It was called "macro substitution" and it has ability to execute
Hello, I'm looking for a function on MLQ4 that could tell me how much my order is compared to that position taken example: I open at 1.000 The market rises to 1,150 Does it excite an code for say ( for example OrderPriceActuel = 1.150) Thanks you :) Thomas
Hello, I'm trying to get 5 best profits from my last 1000 closed trades. I wrote code which almost gives me what I want. string BestProfit; for ( int b = 0 ; b < 1000 ; b++){ //Chek last 1000 trades double Barray[ 1000 ]; Barray[b] = RecentProfits(b+ 1 ); //This function
Hello I have an account with a "high risk" broker. Who is not completing withdrawals. I have been speaking today with someone who identified themselves as mt4 customer support. (Edit: mt4 as in metatrader 4) They said I can pay 5% of my balance to terminate the relationship with the broker, then mt4
Hi all, I have a strategy that involves MA indi on OBV indi. How I can do that in MQL4 code
As soon a trade opens in the strategy tester , the test stop . There no error window or note in the journal when it stops. Here is the part of my code that create this problem. The rest has nothing to do with this. Also, i have this message in my scrypt: return value of "OrderSend' Should be
Hi friends. I developed an EA similar to Semi Martingale style. I am getting good results. I am trying to put this EA in the market. Unfortunately, Ordersend always has errors 4051 and 131. Please help me. How can I eliminate these errors. Please check the codes and tell me what to do
int SmallSMA=9; int BigSMA=17; int OrderNumber=0; void OnTick () { string signal =""; double SmallMovingAverage1 =iMA(_Symbol, PERIOD_H1, SmallSMA, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 1); double BigMovingAverage2 =iMA(_Symbol, PERIOD_H1, BigSMA, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 1); double