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how do i sell the my indicator without giving out the sorce code and make to where i can make them pay for services
Hello every one, I am working on a concept called "Virtual Hedging". It will allow MT4 users to enable hedging on their local computers and user can buy and sell a pair at the same time. The net trade will be sent to the broker. In this way, broker will receive either buy or sell request from the...
Hello, Does anyone know if there is EA or library for MT4 VOM. I see it in MT5 but no Virtual Order Management for MT4. Please let me know if some one can guide me to a library, EA etc which can be used to buy and sell order at same time as is done in VOM. Thanks, -kar
  ordersend  (3)
if can volume=0.000001? such as follow : OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,0.00001 。。。。。。
  EA for beginers  (2)
Hi Everybody, I am actually discovering the programmation on MetaTrader and i'm looking for somme basis programm to train myself. Thaks for your help
Hi, I’m trying to write an indicator for the fozzy strategy,which briefly, buys when the RSI crosses the MA and is below the mid BB, andsell when RSI crosses the MA and is above the mid BB. The issue I am having is when I change timeframes/currencyall the arrows disappear and only reappear when I...
My PC processor is core 2 quad with 16MB L2 chash with 4GB of RAM. meaning that the PC is fast enough to do the testing at fully speed. So when i run the optimization process & the testing for exprerts,, it needs around 23hours & some times 40 hours .. it is a very long time to wait for each...
Hello, I wanted to know if there is a way of changing or customizing the "trade" screen so that I can see a running total of my positions. Say I am 5M short on EURUSD and another 10M short on there a way for me to see 15M TOTAL Short on EURUSD? any help would be greatly appreciated....
Hellou MT4 heroes,.. need a trivial help,.. got buy and short script,. !!! What are the possibilities to join them ? thx for advices,.. V
Hi All, I believe alot other had some idea of consolidating same currency (ex. USDJPY) price feed of other brokers. but is there away to obtain multiple feed in one application? nice to do it on MT but any other option is also welcome cheers 504
  Time alert  (1)
Hi all, I would like to get an alert at a specific time (user defined). Could anyone kindly write this simple code .. :) Cheers
I have a grid indicator I wrote, I want to see the prices of each line on the chart itself, not on the right with the other prices. Is there a way to anchor it to the X-axis so it's in a fixed position on the right side of the chart that allows the text to move up and down with the lines on the...
kon nichi wa! does anyone know if MT4 can create a chart with reversed x/y axis? for example, x axis is time frame and y axis is price so by reversing it, x axis will be price and y axis will be time. ultimately what i am thinking about making is x axis as tick increment quantity and y axis as time...
I'm new user and need help and best way to setup range bars, and also put Woodie's indidators on. Also appreciate any suggestions ref. the same - Thanks
Hi, Is it possible to change chart color in MetaTrader 4 ? For example, is Macd > 0, color Green is Macd < 0, color Red Thanks
  Arrays for chart objects!  (12   1 2)
Hi All, Can anybody fathom this one? I want to assign a particular variable obtained from a chart to an array diff[]. In the code below symb[] has already been assigned at a global level. I then want to place the calculated value i.e diffx on to some chart space to use as an indicator. This code...
I have an indicator that i called New1S and im running it on ICustom it has 3 input parameters double,String, Int and i need it to buy when signal up and sell when signal down, it looks like a pivot point with arrows, i tried back testing it and it only makes one trade but in the middle of both
I am NOT new to Forex, but I am new to MQL4. I succesfully programmed my EA but when it comes to OrderSend I keep receiving Error 130. I read some other posts here that maybe it's a problem with the Bid Function, so I hardcoded the values (looking in the real charts) to see what hapen, and YET not...
  Price + EMA  (1)
Hi all, I suppose what I need already exist but I could not find it. I need just need to know the code to detect when the price cross an EMA (in my case EMA's 62, 200 and 800). Thanks a lot in advance!
  Text message  (2)
Hello, Does anyone knows how to print a text message above an horizontal line (For example: Like the one above the pending orders with the order number)?
also this message - optimization stopped, x cache records were used, x cache records rejected what exactly does this mean and how do I get around it? Thanks
Is it just me, or do most avatar images show up as 'broken image links'? I am using Chrome, but it seems to happen in IE as well here.
Some brokers do not support all pair currencies, is it possible to add missing ones to load historical datas within metatrader and possibly programmatically ?
Ok, I know this sounds like a silly question, but what is the best method to export an EA and send to another user? I had copied my MQL code into an .mq4 file and emailed it to the guy, but he seems to have problems viewing the parameters in MT4. Did I do something wrong? is .mq4 supposed to be
I built an indicator that shows +1 when stochastic is above +80 and shows -1 whent it's below +20. I would like to biult one other indicator which sum +1 for each time the stochastic remains above +80 and sum -1 for each time the stochastic still below 20. I know that I need to do a Looping, but I
  Signals Ceased  (1)
Just an odd question if I may, any idea where I can buy Stochastic giving me a signal (sound) My problem is patients, I have none, so I need a signal system, I can then check, enter or not, then leave alone. With the Trade Builders Stoch ( I like the Stoch) the signal comes to early, running down
I'm using the comments to know if an order has been closed by TakeProfit or StopLoss... I've realized than in MIG BANK (real accounts) they have removed the tag "[tp]" or "[sl]" in the orders... my EAs are working in the demo account but not in the real cause they have removed the tag... I'm...
  Margin issue  (2)
Hi all, I am a new beginner with MT4 EA and hope to get some helps in resolving a problem. Thanks. I was approached by my broker that my MT4 margin is calculated wrongly for those non-USD based pairs. Eg : if buy/sell USDJPY 1 mini lot, the margin shown is 200USD (which is correct) but when buy/sell...
  stocks and forex  (1)
Hello All, I'm trying to find a broker and a metatrader plataform to install with the following: Ethanol Aluminium Crude GAS EURUSD EURGBP GBPUSD EURPLN and Hot Rolled Coil is nice to have But I'm not getting any. If is not possible to find a broker to negociate all this at least explain me how to...