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Hello, Trading is hard. Why trade? To make money. How to trade? Buy low, sell high. This is essentially the gist of it, right? To decide whether I want to Buy or Sell I first need a Bias. I figured I'd take the Open Price as my starting point and set a target on previous highs if my bias is Bullish
Hi, At times, when I try to close multiple orders, I am ending up with "prohibited by FIFO" error. I would like to know is there a simple way to sort the orders by OrderOpenTime and NOT the ticket number? Added the code logic in the comment
Hey guys, Having an issue with getting data from WebRequest's JSON response. I know, I know, this is probably a common issue, but I can't figure it out. This is the results array response from WebRequest
I'm just learning to code. I'm learning with a course I found on Udemy. So far it's a great course. I've been following along using the code I learn and making sure that I'm writing properly. Well, I just learned how to send an order for the first time. Below is the code I'm trying. I've copied the
Dears, Good day, Kindly need to add shift from +10 to -10 ( back bars ) to the attachment indicator. Thanks in advance
I had downloaded a few custom indicators in MT4 but they turned out to be useless. I want to uninstall or delete them completely from MT4 but cannot find how? Any ideas please
Hello folks is there a way to hide all the parameters input in an EA
Hi everyone Newbie question here Is there a quick way in MT4 to find a symbol in the market watch pane, or even sort it alphabetically? i.e. Start typing GB and get a filter list of GBP??? etc. Thanks
Hello everyone, so i've been trying to create my custom indicator, but i'm having trouble creating the "iMaOnArray" of this calculation. What i basically wanna do is retrieve the average value of the difference between close price and LWMA(Linear Weighted Moving Average) when close price is higher
Hi guys, need a bit of help here. Have been on a demo account of MT4 for a while, all no issues. Have transferred template of charts & my profile to live account, and now cannot see any trade levels on any of my charts. Have checked 'Show Trade Levels' is ticked in Tools - Options. The colours
Does anyone know how to access crypto assets via Meta Trader 4? I have existing cryto exchange accounts such as Binance etc but I would be interested in running EA's to trade crypto. The MT4 platform only seems to have major currency pairs, I wondered if it is possible to access crypto pairs such as
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Hi everybody, Take a look at the attached images.. Can you tell the noise from the signal ? Do you want to make money on a low risk(risk comes first) high profit(profit comes second) strategy..? It is will have to discard your ego..and for this you will pay a very high price...
I have been using the following line: double ThisZigZag = iCustom(NULL,0,"ZigZag",12,5,3,3,0); in order to try to work out whether or not the indicator is going up or down but it just returns 0.0 (zero) all the time. I have spent all day trying to get some help and would welcome any suggestions.
Is there a way to access the "lastlow" and "lasthigh" ZigZagindicator values by using iCustom() ? I use iCustom() to access ZigZag from anEA by this Code. But the value changes tick to tick. The "lastlow" and"lasthigh" values are for the end point of the last drawn line and arefixed values until...
The purpose of this thread is more personal ... At some stage (some 4 years ago, posted it at this post : ) coded one variation of an indicator that I named TMA centered. After that somebody shortened it's name to TMA and ever since I am receiving emails...
hi guys i have a questions about , how recognize for all cross , explane better , example: if you want recognize if body of candel is up you do a differnces of close-open if is max of > 0.00 is up , is less is down body candel. ok but if i want distinguish big body candel, i should if differnces is
Hello alls I,m trying to finish Ea, but error code is coming all time. COde are next: 'input' - name expected Tendencías MA.mq4 52 1 And part that comes this on EA are next: /+---------------------------------------------------------------+ //| PROCESAMIENTO PRELIMINAR
I have this MQL4 EA script and I want to add this: if trading lots volume is higher than 5 then reset to 0.01, but I tried a lot and couldn't do it, any help? where should I add it? ? void exit() { for(int i=OrdersTotal()-1; i>=0; i--) { if(OrderSelect(i,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES))
I have multiple accounts that I would like to be able to monitor in 1 screen (either in MT4, excel or a standalone GUI) without having to have multiple instances of MT4 open at once. Ideally I would like a single screen to be ableto monitor them all in real time but would settle for something that...
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My MFI expert advisor. If the position is in the overbought or sell zone after closing, it opens a new position immediately. Idont want this. I want it to open when the MFI indicator exits the overbought or oversold region and re-enters. What command should be added? Help please
Hello and if someone would please help with coding simple yet I believe would be a great scalp counter trade strategy if you can master this. I have been testing this and I believe that I have pretty much mastered it to where I can trade this 100% of the time and be successful at it. I just don't...
hi guys hope doing well i'm gonna create an ea with ichimoku entry rules for buy : tenkan sen > kijunsen and candles above t.s k.s entry rules for sell : kijunsen > tenkansen and canldes below t.s k.s but i dont know how to write canlde in mql 4 can anyone help me
How to send alert signal from metatrader4 to telegram channel See file attach please Help me please
I can not enter a long trade when using the chikou filter however short trades work fine. Can someone review my code and let me know if they can spot the bug? Appreciated #property link ""#property version "1.00"#property strict#include <stderror.mqh>#include
Have my own EA which I have running on the Major charts including the USDJPY.   My EA creates a log file which writes loads of data but I can't fathom out why every time a USDJPY order is initiated I appear to get 2 orders generated (with same S/L & T/P and consecutive TICKET numbers). The scenario...
Hello everyone, Please excuse my somewhat limited technical knowledge as I try to describe my problem. Before the recent update I used the EA Install v1.23 utility to build install packages. I used {metatrader}\experts\indicators as the destination folder for the installer to put the ex4 file into...
hi every one I define 2 moving average in EA: iMA(Null,0,1,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0)iMA(Null,0,50,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0) number one with ma_period=1 number two with ma_period=50 I want when these two line collided it shows alert how I can do it? Best regards Neda
Hello Allstars! Does anybody have a solution to move backwards in strategy tester(MT4) engine like watching a movie? Here is the explanation and example for the challenge: I want to do backtest in H4, something happens too fast to catch in the time 1.3.2020 19:51. And as you know I should start
Dear all, Not sure if you've encountered this issue before but using an EA to do back testing, it won't work with the inputs for time frame. I chose the input "8" that is supposed to choose "One Week" for the EA on time frame, but turned out it is showing blank and using "current" as default
I encountered a phenomenon I don't quite understand with MetaTrader4. I'm running an automated test of my expert advisor and Strategy Tester produces strange order closures. I try to explain and give you all necessary details. My expert advisor works with prices of the last closed bar, so I run the