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I want to open orders in multiple charts in a giving condition. example in EURUSD chart ,when price above MA10 and MA15 and no orderstotal , open buy orders. after sometime later , in USDCHF chart ,same signal occurs ,need to open next order . Here problem is how can code orders total counts to open
Hello I need to have 2 Fibo Retracement in MT4 with different level. Can I do it by meta editor
Hello, is to possible to modify a pending order or make a script to be able to have fixed stop loss and take profit(for ex. 15 pips) for buy stop and sell stop orders and execute those trades with one-click? I am sorry if its a stupid question or it was answered here before but I was trying to look
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Hi how do i write an mql4 ea with the following function: 1. open buy and sell together 2: if(rsi gradient is negative(going down)) close buy order, set x pips tp and y pips sl for the sell order else if ( rsi gradient is positive (going up)) close sell order, set x pips tp and y pips sl for the
Hi, If using an EA running on H1, what is needed to use values from other timeframes? I am currently calling the data using code such as this to call it: iClose ( NULL , PERIOD_M1 , 1 ) Still, I am only getting the H1 closing price. Even when running it on Tick data. What am I missing here? Any help
example: tp pips set 532 . it was hit down to 523 pips already but it was not auto close the trade . anyone have encounter this issue before
Hi guys, I has been working on creating simple indicators based on technical indicator as IMA and IStochastic, this two on particular gave me some troubles, not getting refreshed and have to open their base code and compile it. They are not running complex operations, and just using a simple loop to
pls anybody add email and notifications alert to my indicator
I want to move the EA comment from left to right corner ? Ask for advice as well. Get help
Hi, I'm new to programming, so far I have been able to overcome everything but I have been blocked for a month. the indicator stops working for me and I think this is when I try to split 2 buffers. I would be very grateful if you can help me I put a code that does not work for me Thanks #property
I'm new to programming. MQL4 is my first coding language (and only for that matter). I'm trying to write a basic code that sends an alert when either a shooting star or a hammer is formed. I have two questions after putting this through the strategy tester on MT4. First, no alerts have been sent to
I'm a little bit stuck with the function TesterStatistics(STAT_MIN_MARGINLEVEL). The documentation says the function returns "Minimum value of the margin level". What this exactly mean? I thought that the value is the minimum margin level but it seems to me it's not true. If I run a backtest where
Hi I am trying to add the current spread to the comment for a buy / short event. The code is; double i_S1 = (Ask - Bid) * 10000 ; string i_S = DoubleToString (i_S1, 1 ); StringAdd (comment,i_S); Print (comment); comment shall of course be in the OrderSent, but are
Hello, please help me. I am trying to run MT4 on windows OS 2019 x64. I recently updated my EA and the preset files but I have received the following errors: 1) Access violation to write 0x00000000 2) global initialization failed I have no experience in coding at all. I don't even know where to find
Hi. Forum member. Could you answer my question: Can a custom indicator be created to use on MT4 in iPhone/iPad? If yes, I'd need that service. Thank you
hello my friends. is there a way for my to enable and disable audio (the sound of the errors and alerts) from the extern part of my EA in MQL4 ? I tried the "bool PlaySound()" , so i can turn it on and off with "true and false". but it dose not work. any ideas
Hello Gentleman, Iam not a programmer and I have small experience with metatrader but I want to ask you. I have EA for metatrader 4. It works well but It doesnt put stop loss and sometimes it opens too big loss that it wipes out all account. I dont have source code and I cant set stop loss at all in
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Apparently, it is not impossible to have a volume indicator for Forex. Alternatively, the indicator can count the number of ticks per bar to give an approximation of activity. Does anyone have a similar indicator?
hello i cant add my account for signal creation. because i cant see fort financial broker server in list
Hello. I am trying to have my statment published on my website. All topics around here seems to have this step already accomplished and most people are looking to go from the regular statement to the detailed one. Me? I am still trying to get it on my website. How is the entire process done? What...
After upgrading to the latest build (604), I am unable to attach my EA's to my charts after a re-compile.
Hope Metaquotes will answer: i can't install the MT4 Manager and i want know if the working or not (Ping is ok but the download don't work). Version
Hi, For a project it's needed to run more than 32 terminals on a single machine. Is there any way to work around the max 32 terminal limitation? Up until now I have been working with multiple machines, but this isn't effective and needs to change
How to find out the reason for the stop? There is no log changes in the logs
Hi everyone, First of all let me tell you that I am pretty new to coding and I read a lot of stuff and spent a lot of time before asking this question... This forum really helps a lot, thanks to all contributors. I have written an EA that is more like a scalper. I say "like" because it's not exactly...
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Hello, It's my first topic and I would like to ask if you could name a Broker which has got server platform set on UTC/GMT+0 time (operates in UTC/GMT+0 timezone) and has got possibility to trade with Crypto on MT4 and guarantees negative balance protection polic. Thank you for answer
Hi, I tried these TerminalInfoIntegers, but without success: TERMINAL_MEMORY_PHYSICAL Physical memory in the system, Mb This gives wrong value TERMINAL_MEMORY_TOTAL Memory available to the process of the terminal , Mb This gives wrong value TERMINAL_MEMORY_AVAILABLE Free memory of the terminal
hi all i always thought that if you trade the same exact lot size together with the same exact stop loss in points, you should always lose the same amount of money, so i've done the simplest EA where it opens an order at market price on every new candle, fix lot of 0.1, stop loss of 50pips, no
hi guys my notification dont play any sound in my phone, i guess i should use special format for my alert, what format i should use
hello my friends, i have developed an EA for the first time. it took me about 6 mounts to built it. now that its over and compiled , i see that it dose not attach to the chart. in fact it dose not even open the small window , that always opens before attaching EAs. also every other EA that i had