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Hello i have here a script which write data in a csv file the open and close value comes corret. but when i use this on the eurusd chart i get for both the high and low data from the actal chart. open and close are right. static int mPrev; int m; int init() { mPrev=Minute(); return(0); }...
Hello I use the code below to close all trades at a percentage of balance, I would like there to be a pause of say 5 minutes before the ea starts trading again. Can I put a delay in the code below after it is executed. Thanks for your help void CheckDrawdown() { double totalProfit = 0; int i;
Hi, I wrote a script that would help me determine which bar after opening an order gives the best profit. I am using custom indicator that gives me the signal. It worked fine with providing variables for the indicator manually (there are 4 of them: Short EMA, Long EMA and 2 more). I went one step...
Hi everyone, If you write like this below on custom indicator separate window MT4 build 225 (UK Apari): double PrevAsk, PrevBid ; init { RefreshRates(); PrevAsk = Ask; PrevBid = Bid; Print ("Init PrevAsk = ",PrevAsk," PrevBid = ",PrevBid); } start { Print ("Start PrevAsk = ",PrevAsk," PrevBid = "...
What brokers are hosting the DEMO apart from MetaQuotes?
How can i convert an mt4 indicator to an mt5 indicator?
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I am looking for 10 people willing to test my automation live. Minimum $3k suggested balance. I will provide you with the EA free, in return I want your next 3 months results in MT4Stats style. Thanks to the wonderful skills of Obama and his bruts, I am caught in the middle of the recession myself...
I've got external programs that collect market data for me. I then have them put out to a simple txt file. Is it possible to have the EA check the text file to update variables that it is using to calculate each time it runs, or do I had to deal with DLLs, etc? If I could simply import variables...
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Hello, it is very important for my to see my AccountEquity over the chart for my EA like an indikator. So I can see how my money is working on which time of the underlying. If it is better when the underlying goes up or goes down... So I testet to put "AccountEquity()" into an indicator, but it
This EA has found a way to call and trade off the correlation between the EURUSD and S&P500. It seems to be a commercial EA they're giving away for free. Does anyone know how to call US equity data and use the information in placing trades? TH
Hello, I need some information about trendlines, or objects in metatrader in general. What can I do, to not make them vanish at the opening of the next bar? I need the objects stay there, no matter how many bars past I have drawn them. Any information is highly appreciated, thanks, Q
This just needs to be converted from VTTrader language, any takers?... It "reads" the market VERY well as you can see, following the trends. The VT platform had trouble with repainting bars and we would get what we called "Drift" in the settings, it would drift away from being profitable so the VT...
I have an EA and there are several conditions for buy and sell. For simplicity lets call them buy1 and buy2 and forget the sell signals for now. When I run the EA, either in backtest or forward test, can I get the EA to distinguish between those trades relating to buy1 signals and those relating to...
Hello, I need a course to make an expert advisor simple one. Farid
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It is the thread for the links to download EAs related files in this advanced elite section.
hello,i hav an indicator which has been working for me for long. since i hav discovered that it is reliable,i need someone to develope an EXPERT ADVISOR that would be following this indicator.i love to share this with anyone who can help me out.
I have built an indicator, call it S, and am trying to draw the path that it takes which should be similar to adding a moving average to a chart. The chart will be a 5 minute chart. I’ve tried the following but it doesn’t seem to work: ObjectCreate("Line",22,0,0,S);
We were contacted for the possibility of applying our codeless and visual programming system ( to MetaTrader 4 for non-programmers to create their own trading systems with their own trading strategies. Do you think such a visual and codeless...
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Why bothering making an EA when there are plenty of profitable EA's in the codebase section? I was just wondering
Is there anybody has a reliable method of Asian Stock Index? Badly need it, thanks.
Can I run multiple instances of MetaTrader 4 on the same system? If so, how? I triedto but I couldn't. Thanks, Ed
Hello, I'm not coder and i tried to code an indicator with success but i would like to use it as EA. The wining ratio is over 95 % (on the report...) trailing stop 30 take profit 30 and i'm loosing, please help me to figure out this: i can post the code if you want, it is based on the macd sample...
i need EA with the following open trade : buy or sell ----- at parameter close trade : with stop lose or trailing stop ----------at parameter if the tade is succeseful ok take profit 1 ------------at parameter if the trade lose number (x) of pips ( detrmined the number of pips at parameter) reverse...
I have come across this The Article describes an approach to automated optimization. I'm currently experimenting with some strongly overfitting EAs and suspect they might be profitable for at least some short time. Is there any experience available with this...
Hello everybody i would like to know if some one of you use metatrader in order to capture the market microstructure in orderto build some ea ? Do you have a specific econometric model in mind to suggest or simply a paper ??? Thanks and all the best UKALGO
GET THIS... Over the last week I've put some effort into a new EA - Targeting GBPUSD on M15. Ran it on my laptop in back test and got staggering results. I MEAN S..T..A..G..G..E..R..I..N..G.. I was so impressed that I decided to do some optimisation testing just for my own sanity's sake. I dug out...
I am new to Meta Trader programming and am trying to use the Print statement to test out some things. I checked the expert logs, all I see there is the statement: "Experts are disabled because profile has been changed"; So I went to Tools->Options and under expert advisors tab, unchecked the...
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Hello when i like to modify the order the code runs multible in the ea if (Hour() == (Start1 - 2) && Minute() >= 0){ done = 0; // set done to 0 2 hours before } if (done == 0){ // if done is 0 modify order for (int...
Hi friends, At the outset, I want to thank one and all for being an continuoussource of information and inspiration. I hope to be of use to thecommunity some time. Until such time, I am a Net recipient ofinformation. Some specific questions about MT4 and trading in general. 1. Is it possible for...
even if i test the "MACD sample" contained in MT4, the report just show every item is 0! i wonder if when the time is not trading time, for eg, Saturday,so the EA tester also don't work?