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Hi, I am trying to create a loop with range of parameter called 'level'. This parameteris type of double. I wrote the following lines: Print("level ",level); if(level == 0.9222 ) { Print("level has been reached"); } This condition is always false even I see that level 0.9222 is being reached...
Can i ask a big favour, i'd need a very simple MT4 indicator drawing histogram onbars (like on braintrend1) when C>H[1] and C<H[1]. Feel somewhat sorry but It does seem at the moment i'm not doing well with the MTsyntax. Thanks who can help Filippo
  Get Tickdata (6)
Hello, is it possible to get the Tick Data which are all receive in the terminal. I would like as in a normal database to call the data´s that all been received, is not possible with the MetaTrader, that´s a absolutly normal Think and must be possible I think?
How can I give my comment area a background color to make it easier to read whenit appears on a chart with bar data behind it??? OR make my Comment text easierto read??? ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Hi, Can someone please help me with the code to detect the arrows placed on the chartfrom this indicator? I tried using iCustom and I can't get it to work. Thanks in advance, T
How do you get the bounding rectangle of and indicator whose property is separate_window?   I need this so I can use a DLL to draw inside the indicator rectangle instead ofthe whole client area of the chart window.
I was using MA crossing for trade entry, looks like its a slow indicator. Can anybodysuggest a faster indicator to use with Expert Advisor?
not the entire background,but the specify area?
Hello, is it possible to get the seconds from the actual bar which ist shown in the chart?If yes with which function? I have tried somthings but always for seconds thereis shown the last seconds from the servertime or zero.
Hi, I tried to draw two moving averages, one from the actual TF and one from the upperTF, but the values in the charts are completly false. In the M1 Chart, must I have for the upper TF (blue line) the same values as fromthe M5 chart (red line), and this isnt so. Have you an explanation, or I have a...
I have struggled with the idea of only getting one order to be placed at a time.I thought that maybe I can simply disable trade once my conditions have been metand my order placed. Can anyone help me here? What might that look like if I simplywant to disable the EA after the order is placed? I also...
Do you know that there is an easy way to download a source from our Code Base?
I think " if ( alertTag!=Time[0]) " means if not same send mail and alert but I do not understand " alertTag = Time[0]; " meaning at all . alet and send mail is finish.why need this code???? if ( (fasterMAnow > slowerMAnow) && (fasterMAprevious < slowerMAprevious) && (fasterMAafter >...
Hi. What do you think is the best slippage value in the order command? the metatrader samples show "3", but other people use "5". does it depend on the broker? (response times, delays) if we use slippage 3, it should be +-3, but I never noticed that I get a pricein my favor. if it is a sell,...
Estou querendo fazer contato com programadores que falem português para automatizarem o trading system que estoudesenvolvendo de acordo com minhas necessidades. Abraço!!!
Hi, Why is the best broker to trading with news? Effectiveness, speed, spread... Thank you for your future answers. Jose
Is there a template available somewhere that someone knows of that gives you thebasic layout for a crossover EA of two custom indicators in the chart window? thanks.
Hi all, I'm new to mql4 and I'm trying to develop one EA using some values from the HullTrend indicator. Anyone can help me to write the correct parameters using the icustom() to get thecolor of the last "printed" bar? Thanks Paulo
i would like to write a comment for each trade make by my EA. each EA will write is own comment in "comment" field any idea how to d, i found only how to read comment not to write ? many thanks Laurent
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2007, an Interview with William Boatright (wackena) has been published. William Boatright (wackena) is in the Forex market since last year. Before this he had been trading in thestock exchange for about 10 years. Now William is successfully using...
I'm trying to get the price of Daily Open by a custom indicator ...... I try to use his code but i cannot get where the code should i use. I want to create an EA but I need the Daily Open price for a broker. i need your help to help me how to find the daily open price . I include the indicator
I have two indicators on a chart, they both but arrows on the chart. How can I capturein an EA when the indicator has placed and arrow on the chart? I want to also determineif the arrow is an up arrow or a down arrow. Is there a better way to approachthis? Let's say that the indicators are MACD and...
in mql4 can not devide a/b if a<b for example you can't claculate 1/1.4322 what can i do ?
extern double whui; OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUYSTOP,Lots,whui+50*Point,0,whui-50*Point,whui+100*Point,"Miara",0,0,CLR_NONE); when I start my Expert Advisors , I got error number 103 . I check it . It saidit was Stop level... but i think i make the Buy Stop the right one. Please help me ASAP tq
Thanks for everybodys help we now have a programmer! your alls help was great!!! Rodger
Hello,  I am trying to draw an indicator when MACD turns direction from up to down. Per my reasoning, at the start of a new bar, if MACD at bar[1] is less than the MACD[2] and MACD[2] is greater than MACD[3], indicator should draw above the the current new bar. However the indicator draws above the...
Dear Friends Would you please help me to add ATR indicator to RSI window. I want to have themin the same window. Thanks Mehdi
Please get a hold of me! we will pay $$ Rodger, yahoo IM: enhancerh Skype: star1948
I cannot place orders and keep getting this message. Does anyone know why? It was ok yesterday! thanks for any help
i can trade:(when i try to open a position appears message `trede is disabled` what can i do? and another can i syncronize the clock? i`m a beggines so please be patient. good luck. eddy