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How can I start up the automaticscript when the Metatrader 4 software start working ?
Which one is better for remote trading or and what are the differences, not to technical please. thanks Michelle
Hey, I believe that you either master the market or the market will master you. The only way to become a master is to have a sifu, a master, a grandmaster, etc.... This means the blind should NOT follow and take advice from the blind. When you are always asking for help or waiting for confirmation...
I have used remote desktop connection (RDC) before, to access my trading platform on a remote server. The "round trip" time delay, however, makes this practice quite frustrating. As an example, I will click on my mouse, wait for it to register on RDC. nothing happens. I click again, and in a...
Hi all, When  one Refresh the chart the indicator "Cycle Identifier" update is status. What could one do to maintain this indicator up to date without the need to refresh the chart ? Thank you in advance for any help provided. Luis 
Hi guys, is it possible to search in the chart, if there is a horizontal line? How can i search for it, if i don't know if it exists and don't know the name? Best regards Mirko
Hi,I used to see martingail Ea based on zigzag apart from stochastic on codebase,but no more ,dont know,was it removed.Please if any has it,kindly forward it.Also I have a strategy which I wish automated based on henki ashi,Ma and zigzag,any help please. Thanks in advance
Hello, i try to get LotScalp EA to trade at 2 different times a day, but one trade at once at same hour. As default do LotScalp EA trade one time a day as defined( 7 o'clock) int TradeTime=7;        // Time to enter the market so i modifyed original code .... ......
  about iMA  (5)
Hi all,   I have seen there are a lot of indicators starting with i, such as iMA: can someone tell me what does it means i ? I am looking for the source code for iMA , any help really appreciated.   Regards,   acepsut 
  hexadecimals  (6)
Hello MQL4 community, To my knowledge, hex decimal base value representation is 0-15 (16 values) and its hex value representation is 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F (totaling 16 values). If my previous statement is valid, would hex decimal representation of seventeen be eleven in hex (I'm preppin'...
G'day, Can anyone please tell me if they have come across an indicator that highlights a certain candle a set number of periods before current candle? For example if I set the indicator to parameter 20, it would highlight the candle 20 periods before today's candle. It doesn't really matter how it
Just wondering if there is a way that have a specific button on the toolbar that when clicked will bring up say three charts, tiled vertically?   Thanks 
Hi all, i know how to export trade data from the tester to a csv file (using deinit function), i am wondering wich is the best way to export the indicator values to a csv file as well during a backtest with strategy tester. For example to see the efficiency of my ATR based stop loss, writing the ATR...
dear forum i am interested in using renko indicator. but all the indicators which are available here when used open a subchart and not the main chart. so, various other indis like a simple MA cant be attached to it. the moment you attach it, it gets attached to the main chart! what is the solution...
is it possibile  change the swap?     I can change the spread with a spreadchanger but the swap? I would like to metatrader offline to obtain the same results in backtesting (same data, spread,mswaps) in different pc.  Thank's!!!!     
Hi, does anyone know how to check if the trend is still trending after the trailing stop was hit due to a small correction? Please advice
Having trouble coding logic for checking Price Range and if any order(s) is missing on any price between range new order is sent.   Here I tried to make code to check range between buy order open price and buy order stoploss price and send buylimit orders to missing prices in that range....
Hello to All:  How can I create an alert system whereby MT4 sends me an alert to my phone each time the RSI hits 30 for a currency pair? 
Does RefreshRates() update OrdersTotal()? I used below code to restrict no.of trades. But I got 11 trades. So I doubt whether I have to update OrdersTotal() before checking the condition. Thanks in advance. if (Bid>=next_trade && OrdersTotal ()<= 10 )
Dear guys I want to make a EA base on indicator buy or sell signals. Bui I don't have source code of that indicator. Now how can I make the EA. I mean how can sent msg or get buy or sell signals from that indecator
Hi, I was trading with "marketaccess" software, but my company stopped providing these services so I have to go to another one where the trading software is "metatrader 4", but I discovered a problem there. I used to trade via a special graph, where on the right scale were data e.g. EUR/USD like 1...
Guys, please forgive the following monologue:    As part of trying to prove the robustness of a bot and ensure it is not too 'fitted' to the original 1min dataset it was optimised against, I have been testing it on different data sources.  In doing so I have come across a volume related problem....
Hello,  i need to compare 6 variables with each other, to enshure that all 6 have different values at the same time.  for example my simple(but not the best) way to do this: int a=1;int b=2;int c=3;int d=4;int e=2;int f=5;if (a!=b || a!=c || a!=d || a!=e || a!=f || c!=b || d!=b || e!=b || f!=b || d...
inbound rule change, save in C, not in Programs
Hi all,  Could anyone clarify me if there any advantage to get the soploss anf takeprofit hide from brokers ?   Thank you in in advance Luis 
Hi everyone, Does anyone know where I could download a copy of this file I have been searching this on MQ4 but haven't found any... Thanks BEGINNER
help me I can not instal mt4...there is no agreement screen...I can't click "NEXT" please help me...thanks
I have installed this EA The icon is smiling, I have created folder \experts\files\Export_History but nothing is exported. Why ? 
Hi.. Newby to MQL4 trading and alerts,  and a mass of code I will work through in time but need a safe and quick solution. I have an indicator I added an email alert to using a copied code:- if (EmailON) SendMail("message", "message, Date="+TimeToStr(CurTime(),TIME_DATE)+" "+TimeHour(CurTime())+"...
for(i = 1; i<=OrdersTotal(); i++)      {         bool ref = OrderSelect(i,SELECT_BY_POS);//,MODE_TRADES);         buy_trade[i-1] = OrderOpenPrice();         Print("b of i=",buy_trade[i-1]);      } I used above code to get all open prices in an array. But all I got was zero stored in that array....