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Hi, I'm new at programing, and i'm trying to develop my own indicator. I have created a signal that shows an arrow above or below the candle that match my conditions, and now i'm trying to create another arrow signal to be showed 3 bars after the last signal. I need to create a condition like this
EA is running, log shows this message, what is the problem?But no open orders…… log shows: 2013.08.27 04:50:05 '6112692': instant order sell 0.04 USDCAD at 1.05045 sl: 1.05234 tp: 1.04982 2013.08.27 04:50:06 '6112692': request was accepted by server 2013.08.27 04:50:06 '6112692': requote 1.05037 /
i have a code that showing me a symbol alert with colors, as i'm trying to add an alerts code to it, its just flooding me with alert! please can someone help me with that please and add alerts without flooding?.. big thanks for the helpers
Hi, Have anyone install MT4 mobile on HTC One? Due to the nature design on the phone, there's no physical button on the phone. With such limitation i can't insert more than one account into the app, is there any workaround? Regards, blur19755
Just wanted to pass this along. This is the absolute easiest C++ Programming Tutorial I have ever come across. You would have to remove your brain to not understand the language after listening to this guy. Short bite sized chunks to build upon one by one. Plus its free.
This is just a generic question. I am using the same algorithm on two different MT4 platforms at the same time, and they produce two different results. One platform executes the algorithm as coded, while the other platform does not execute the algorithm correctly and results in a margin call. Is...
i have three expert advisers intalled megadroid and alligator and myorderline. can they be used at the same time on different currency pairs>
the Expert Advisor will do automated tradings? once it is setup?
after intalling the expert adviser how do i use it
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Hello, I searched in the forum about EA resetting but nothing found. When my EA finishes work, I want to reset it, EA would work like newly added into the screen. How can this be done?
Hope you can help. I have today attempted to install and use both these indicators but neither will function properly. The USDx alerts that I need to add reference currencies to market watch. But they are already there. The MPC shows nothing but yellow boxes. It seems both programs are not receiving...
I am trying to implement variable spread back-testing/optimization, and after doing some research so far I don't think this is possible. It seems to me that back-testing/optimizing using variable spreads will always translate to using tick data. Unfortunately the TDS option won't work for me since I...
I downloaded an EA now I do not know how to install it or how to activate it can you help
I have an EA with some external variables such as:extern string entry = ""; When I run the EA and use the EA properties window to change the value, for example setting "entry" to the value "above", it works fine. Initially the value was blank and now its "above". However, if I shutdown the MT4...
Hello, How do I add a Dinapoli 3x3 to metatrader 4 Thank you
Check comments : if bbmn is equalls to zero remember the immediate high if the same bbnm the same to ttre. thank yu all. download question.mq4 check the comments(bottom) find bbnm there. thank you
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Ok this one will be a tough one to handle, if you can help me i will be very grateful. Here is an illustration what i would like to do.There is a 30 SMA and a 10 SMA and we enter on the trades at the crosses. 10 SMA above 30 then buy, if below then sell. The tricky part is not with this,but with the...
I have written an EA that I have spent a few hundred hours back testing with various settings. Because of these tests, I think I have come up with very specific settings that seem to work unbelievably. Most of my testing has been from January 1st 2003 to December 31st 2005. In this time, the EA...
Hi! Is there a way to write a function and log into a file every time my mt4 client gets disconnected from the server? To log the exact time of disconnect and reconnect,thanks.
Hi, Given that: AccountStopoutMode()=0, AccountStopoutLevel()=100, leverage=400, maximum pips retracement which will cause stopout = 130 pips. How do I calculate the lotsize? Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks.
Hi! I am new to MT4 EA's and am inthe midst of backtesting a strategy. It ran over a period of two months dataand then the testing stopped midway as the MT4 terminal was closedunexpectedly. Is there any way to retrieve the result logs of the testing doneso far. I tried the log files on the experts...
1) Is there any way to modify the display icons of mq4 or ex4 files ? It would be nice to add custom icons to them. 2) I need a list of default indicators built in in mt4 which work on shift 0, aka at the current bar, since most of them only give accurate return's on the previous bar, shift 1.
Please help me write the simplest code that when my signal is triggered it opens one market order and four other pending orders at an interval of 25 pips at the same time. The target for all the five orders is 50 pips from the entry price. No stop loss for all the orders.
  ObjectCreate()  (3)
Hello, When I try to place an arrow on the current chart, like so:   ObjectCreate("Start", OBJ_ARROW,0,TimeCurrent(),PRICE_CLOSE); it doesn't show up at the last bar on the chart. In the Object the object has the properties: The last bar is 7am, but I can see the 1am bar and there is no arrow....
Can anyone fix this for me? it drive me headache. i tried to deleted all the "//" but i still say unbalance left parenthsis.
MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_STOPLEVEL); what's the fuction's
Hello, I'm experimenting with a short code, just to learn how to place objects at different bars in a chart. I just wanted to place a vertical line at each bar in the chart (later I'm gonna add conditions for where a vertical line should appear) Now, when I place this "indicator" on a chart, it...
Hi guys, I'm trying to code the double bottom chart pattern using fractals, and although the compiler says there are no errors, it doesnt seem to work in an EA. can you help me figure out whats wrong? bool doublebottom()   {   double val1,val2,v1[],v2[];   double Lows[],Highs[];   double highshift[]...
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Hi! I am placing two stop orders after the 00:00 candle is formed.(buy stop, sell stop) But I am placing SLs and TPs only after they are hit..which means it can happen on candle after 00:00 candle or 5 candles after that.. For my strategy,I need to know the High and the Low of candle 00:00...Please...
I know the money in Alpari can withdraw to MQL5.COMMUNITY, and the money in MQL5.COMMUNITY can withdraw to webmoney, what is the maximum withdraw limit of webmoney ? how much to withdraw by wankwire in webmoney, and how to do it? thanks