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Hi, I have been waiting about 2 weeks for a response to my message from the moderators of this website. However my documents have not been verified despite me sending them 2 weeks ago. Should I just make a new account and start the process again so that it goes to the accounts team? I am not sure
It is right to say, Sign up for personal profile is easy but the same time if you want to register as Company Profile it's really difficult task. Because, there is no option to register as Forex Broker only option is for Seller account registration. That's why I want to know what are the rules for
Hi! Can you tell me if Hourly CSV files exported from MT4 are BID OR ASK prices
Hello. I am creating some label objects, and need to put them in front all elements on the graphic window... but not works. Is there any specific property for that?       My code:  void DrawBoxInformation(bool fixed=false){   int y = 30;   int x = 10;      RectLabelCreate(0,"rectOrders",0,x,y,260...
Hi all. I am trying to develop an EA that opens different orders at different prices with the same TP but for some reason it doesn't seem to work (I am a newbie in programming). When I test it, the error resides in the price and the take profit for the ordersend(). I understand that they have to be
Good evening, I'm coding an EA on mql4. I need to sum 2 iADX. Could you tell me if is this code correct? (iADX(NULL,PERIOD_D1,14,PRICE_CLOSE,MODE_MAIN,1)+iADX(NULL,PERIOD_D1,14,PRICE_CLOSE,MODE_MAIN,2)) Thanks a lot
Dear all, To start I would like to say that I have tested the strategy in a Live Demo account and the stop positioning was correct. I have started automatic trading with MT4 and XTB a month ago. I only trade Dax CFD. I have just checked my "first" 85 trades and I am confused. Theres is big
Please explain to me, while coding, if and when i would use "Digits"? and if and why I may use _Digits instead
Dear all I am new in MQL4 programming and would like to have your help, please. The first thing I want to know is whether my broker can see the detail of my EA if I put it in demo account or even real account to run it? If yes, is there any method to avoid it??? Otherwise, the broker will be the...
There is no result after optimization 2019.11.02 02:33:18.030 XXX: optimization finished in 0:00:20, 5721 cache records were used, 5721 cache records rejected 2019.11.02 02:33:18.034 There were 2727 passes done during optimization, 2727 results have been discarded as insignificant How can I fix it
Hi guys, i am trying to write an EA which has to follow a wave(impulses and corrections). When an impulse fails a new wave is born, and so on. So i end up in having multiple nested waves. i was thinking that user will choose a starting point and give the direction, the ea will draw the chart until
Hello all, I'm trying to record the values of EMA indicator for the last 610 candles. I've only suceeded to 'Comment' the highest value, failing do the same for lowest value. And I don't understand where I'm failing. I've attached my code
Hi I wonder how to manually download indicator for mt4 Mac especially show pips. In my mt4 in Mac I can't open market then it crashes so if I can find the file and download manually I can drop it in correct folder. I do have Bootcamp and mt4 installed on windows but I don't know in what folder I
I'm no coder but like to play around and learn a bit. How can I make the Example indicator only display when it is above or below the FastTMALine indicator (see attachment). The Example indicator doesn't actually do anything, I just want to learn how to display it based on the value of another
Hello, i wrote my EA. now to finish it i need just to count how many lots is used total from active orders. So maybe you have ideas what function should i use to get the total lots used at the moment from active orders. for exmp. order nr: 1.0.01 2.0.02 3.0.03 4.0.05 so i need a sum of all theese, i...
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Hello, I'm trying to figure out what the cause of the error " Invalid Stops " is inside my EA. I have been reading this forum and googling around for days but have not found the solution yet, hence I'm creating a topic here. So, In my EA I'm getting this error when opening an order and modifying an
Hi Gurus, Can I get a chart event, when I click on mouse button (BEFORE I release the button)? As I experienced, the event occurs when I release the button. Thanks
I like to leave MT4 running in background while I do something else. I make extensive use of Buy Limit and Sell Limit orders. Right after I add them, I right-click the chart on their respective SL/TP prices to add two alarms so I can go mind something else and be alerted when that trade operation is
Hello reliable gurus out there.....please can anyone help me code an EA that sets automatic pending order on a Moving Average price with sl and tp with the MA visible on the chart? What I want is when price is above the MA, the EA should set automatic buy pending order on the MA price on every new...
********************************************************* Average True Range Trailing Stops Strategy by Sylvain Vervoort Copyrighted material from Stocks & Commodities Jun 2009 *********************************************************
Hi everyone, I know this should have been posted before, but unfortunately I failed to find any reference. Basically this is the problem I am facing. Suppose I would like to open a buy trade when RSI passes 50, and I would like to use the last ATR value when the trade is opened as my stoploss and
Trying to reference specific bars based on their closing times on mql4. Part of my script is to look for On 1H chart - a 9:00 candle closed green at 10:00. On M30 chart – a 9:30 candle closed green at 10:00 On M15 chart – a 9:45 candle closed green at 10:00 On M5 chart – a 9:55 candle closed green
  Spread in mt4  (1)
When I use an EA that use points the spread in DAX is 100 points.Now I tryed an old EA that are not in points is the spread in the tester 10 or 100
  Pyramiding strategies  (12   1 2)
hi, i 'd like to start new thread about pyramiding strategies. i am searching solution from few months, and this is my result : i ' ve developed an EA based on keltner channel and macd. if you are interested to develop my project tell me. this is my back test (2008) and screen giapel
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Hi,   I am a fairly experienced coder and I have sort of gotten stuck on this one.  I have a lot of text to put on a chart and I am using multiple labels. My client has asked for it to be translated into Chinese at some point. The client will be paying for a professional translation but he wants me...
Hi All, I want to learn coding in MQL4 but cannot find a way to get Yesterday Highest CLOSED and Yesterday Lowest CLOSED price? I can get yesterday highest and Lowest price but not its closed price. Can anyone show me how to do it? Thanks in advance.
Hi guys, Is it there an expert that can scan the chart and based on the horizontal lines on it to send alerts (push, email) if the price is near on of them (with N pips) ? I'm not interested on something that will draw the line and will monitor that one line. It will be AWESOME for something that
When the position closes, the chart shows no history. Without creating an Expert Advisor, this is want I would like to see on the chart. Thanks
As the title suggests is there a way to port something I created in MT5 over to MT4? At first it was missing some libraries and dependencies but now its becoming difficult. I know the "simple answer" would be why don't you just open up with a broker who supports MT5? Mostly because a lot of the MT5
OrderOpenTime() gives me 2019/12/01 I want to change format 01/12/2019 dd/mm/aaa OrderProfit() gives me 100.00 I want to change to 100,00