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Hello  If possible please send me any standard pivot indicator without iBar function used.  My pivot indicator not working in strategy tester. I think iBar function caused that. Thanks
Hello, Please let me explain my situation. I’m trying many different expert advisors in a demo account. Each expert is attached to a different chart and/or currency. The problem is that in some cases theses experts are opening many orders in a small amount of time. My objective is to set a minimum...
Hi All Does anyone have a way of increasing the horizontial and vertical scale - ie price on the vertical scale and date/time on the vertical scale? Also the font size of the fibonacci levels? Thanks in advance Michael
Im just learning mql4, but I have a problem. I want to know if it a buy trade exist, but the function always returned true. Whats the problem? bool vaneBuy(){ bool buy=false;    for(int x=OrdersTotal();x>=1;x--){    if(OrderSelect(x,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES)==true);{    if(OrderType()==OP_BUY){...
I would like to connect <broker name removed > and Mt4, apparently I need a brdige, which I can find via <broker name removed>. I have absolutly no idea about how it works. If you know about this kind of probleme, can you please help me about it ? Also I m looking for connecting <broker name
[BUG] Everytime I open the MT4 the currency pairs I used in my custom indicator are showing all in Market Watch. This is bugs in MT4 and many times I can't remove the currency pair in Market Watch when I delete/hide it. Market Watch feature is not efficient as you think because it consumed a lot of...
void OnDeinit(const int reason)  {//---     }#include "M_CloseAllOrdersThisPair_1.mq4"extern double    Lots            = 0.1;extern double    TP_Dist         = 150;extern double    SL_Dist         = 150;extern int       Sell_Stop_Dist   = 00;  // distance from horizontal upper line...
Hi friends, I would appreciate if anyone could help me how to stop my EA from drawing "Arrows" when sending order or modifying an order in EA. Thanking in advance
Hi, I sold USDJPY with instant execution on 107.076 with a take profit on 106.900.  The price reached a low of 106.8xx howver, my Take Profit was not triggered? I had to close the position manually after it didn't close automatically. I'd appreciate assistance as I am concerned whether this matter...
  Panel for MT4  (2)
Please!! Can anyone help me make a panel like this for metatrader4, with a variable for each field in the image? I found several things on the internet, but only for MT5 The PNG file used as an example is attached to this message.
Hello Is it possible to draw some buffers inside sub-window but draw other buffers in main chart? Thanks in advance
Hello, I've downloaded this indicator from forum and it's older version of mql4 language which prevents me from working on it to create an expert advisor. Can anyone help me voluntarily to convert it for new mql4 language ? Thanks in advance
Good evening, I'm a beginner MQL4 developper. I have a question: 1) Suppose I open a trade position with a Take Profit of 5pips and no SL with 0.01 Lot 2)SUppose I close the position with a loss of 0.40 $ 3)If I want recover the previuos loss opening a new position with a TP always of 5 pips how...
  EMA OF EMA  (2)
Hi, I'm a beginner for mq4 programming. I would like help in programming a function that is the average of an average. Knowing the EMA, how to program the EMA1 = f (EMA). ES. EMA = (period 12, exponential, price close) EMA1 = (period 5, exponential, EMA). Thanks to those who can help me....
I want to backtest Period 15 min for a longer period of time for 5 or 6 years. but i cannot backtest it on mt4 for more than 6 months. what can i do with it?
  newbie  (2)
Hello... I am a newbie in trading.. wants to play my card in this field.. can anybody tell me what to do first?
Here i want to introduce a new free addon for mt4 as preview. I am currently testing a product called mt4gui. This product makes possible to place buttons, text fields, list fields directly onto chart; here is a preview screenshoot which is already working
I am trying to introduce an expiry date code in the indicator below but I keep getting errors. Someone have a look and help.
Is there any function in MQL4 which allows me to open a url in the browser?
Hi Im new to MQL4. As I understood from what I read online, OnTick() is called when a new tick comes. I understood as a change in the chart graph, i.e. price change . But when I attached my tester EA with counter to increase everytime the OnTick is called, it keeps on increasing every second. Id
Hi folks! I am wondering whether it is possible to simulate withdrawals while backtesting. I dont like to see the balance going up to hundred thousands k cause it is not realistic... I think everyone agrees that one takes out money when the balance reaches a given amount. Also, as my money...
When trying to add pairs or log into different accounts using my MT4 mobile app on my Iphones, everything is jumbled together and overlaps so that I can't choose a pair. Can anyone point me in a direction for a solution plz???  I had this same issue on my Iphone 6 and now my Iphone Xs.  
double Ebuy=iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Envelope",0,1); //buydouble Esell=iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Envelope",1,1); //sell Hi. If I want to use a condition to use these doubles, what should I write? I tried with this but it doesn't work: if (Ebuy>0) OPBUY;if (Esell>0) OPSELL;
Hi Guys, So is that possible to use the SMTP from Google's servers? and if that is possible,could anyone kindly let me know how. Which should be the configuration? So far, I've tried , with my User Name and Password, but withno success. thanks a lot,
Hi Everyone, I had a problem on iVolume() as the result of iVolume() in MetaEditor is different to what I see in the MT4 Chart. Pls see attached captioned screens that the average of the volume in the charts are more than 10, but average of the volume is 1 when I printed iVolumn() at the back test....
int TotalBuy=0 for(int ii=0; ii<OrdersTotal(); ii++){      if(OrderSelect(ii, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES)==true){         if(OrderType()==OP_BUY && OrderSymbol()==Symbol()){            TotalBuy++;                       }          }   }  Comment("Compras actuales: ", TotalBuy); Hi, I want to make a...
  direction of current bar  (11   1 2)
How does one determine the direction (up/down) of the current bar. Close[0] > Open[0] should work but Close value appears to be empty until the bar is complete. I imagine I should be trying to get the most recent value rather than Close. How can I do that?
 could someone please assist me in preventing this EA from opening numerous trades at once
  See Indicators in Backtest  (15   1 2)
Hey, is there a way I can show my indicators -during- the backtest, because they don't show up until after the test is complete. I'd like to see the moving average, or MACD in real time as I'm watching the backtest unfold, so I can actually see if my EA is placing orders in the right spots...