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hello, is it possible to open a indicator window (or similar) with a EA? i would like to draw all the information in this subwindow so that the chart-window remains untouched. hope one of you can help. btw, realy nice documentation and codebase. took quite a few indis from here.
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Hi, does anyone know how the MathMax function in MT4 is calculated/works? How can you get a maximum value for two static/fixed numbers without a formula? And how would you get a MathMax for three numbers (the MathMax in MT4 allows only two)? Thanks in advance. :)
On the UnitializeReason() documentation page: int UninitializeReason( ) Returns the code of the uninitialization reason for the experts, custom indicators, and scripts. The returned values can be ones of Uninitialize reason codes. Sample: // this is example...
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Hi all Does anyone know of a way of finding out how many pixels there are between the maximum and minimum prices on the chart window? All I can find is WindowPriceMax() & WindowPriceMin(), which return price units. CheersJellybean
I will appreciate your comments.
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I am a new programmer,I have been able to write some code but instead of the EA to either buy or sell automatically, I only got alert of either buy or alert of sell whenever my trading conditions are met. Also I tried to optimise and backtest it but with nothing. I would be glad if anybody can help...
Does someone know how to set-up a windows Scheduled Task to run a script or expert, is there a way to do this, I've gotten the terminal to open through the scheduled task feature but have no idea how to get a script to run. Thanks, Seb
Pls I'm presently faced with a problem, and that's using the Bill Williams indicator( Fractals) here's the code pls direct me. // initializations double fraCurrent, fraPrevious; //Calculate indicators' value // Fractal Current fraCurrent = iFractals(NULL, 0, MODE ?, 0); original statement:...
Hi Guys and Gals, As questioned in the the subject header, I'm battling to get a trade opened and closed during the current bar or any future bar. What I'm trying to say is that without the current bar being closed I cant get the trade opened/closed and the price I want without using a ordermodify()...
This over the entire set of historical datapoints. Starts with 10K... ends at 15Billion. Mike
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I'm having a problem with an indicator, when I drop the indicator fresh onto the chart it gets executed normally, but when I recompile it, perhaps the first recompile it still works as it should, but on the 2nd or 3rd try, it just makes completely weird results. I removed all code that could be
When will be released the MT5 with strategy tester included ? Also, will the MT5 strategy tester be able to test EAs which use multiple currencies at once ? Thank you.
I am completely new to automated trading, and am trying to learn the language. I want to write a program that enters a buy order when the price rises above a maving average, and then goes short when the price moves below the moving average. Does anyone know of any currently written programs, or...
Hi, I'm new to this forum, and have decided to learn how to write EA's. I was thinking of ordering some books on programming, and I was wondering what programming language it would be best to learn before starting on MQL4. Thanks in advance! :)
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Hello Guys, I've got this wonderful unbelievable EA, starts work instantly with good results. It uses Stochastic cross, but the problem is its supposed to exit all other trades once stochastic crosses for a new trend. Can anyone here fix this
I noticed while working with long strings that long strings are ok but function StringSubstr(input,starpos) copies only first 4096 bytes of the input string. This bug could be fixed in the next build if they still make new builds in mql4.
I need help make a script for EA. I need to find the highest position and the lowest position among a groups of position. In this groups I have Buy Position and Buystop Position! Any body can help me? Thank you, Xdargon
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OrderSelect(OrdersTotal()-1, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES);// Does this point to the last placed (or 2nd last) active order, or to the first or what ?
Hi, attached is the indicator which showing in sub-window a current price, spread, distance from open, distance between high and low, daily average range; it's working correctly on all time-frames and currency pairs with exception of any "JPY" crosses - unfortunately So, I'm wondering if someone...
I recently tried to write small programs with some success. But, at time I get stumpted like as in this example. I am trying to better understand the iMA() function. 1- Why is it I can add + or - 10 without any errors when I comple it but they won't get displayed on the chart? ===>...
I've got a system that I'm trying to program that uses the Gann Hi-Low indicator which repaints the current bar(bar[0])..Anyway, I've haven't been able to nail the crossovers because of the repaint. Instead I'm trying to put in a delay between trades so that if the bars are too close following the
I only have one trade a time per symbol trading. I need to get the ticket number of that trade for an OrderClose based on a function. How do I get the ticket number of this order?
I am fairly new at this and have a question about charts. I have poor eye sight and have a difficult time seeing the values located on the right side of the chart. How do I make them larger? Thank you
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hello guys, how can i load a set file while expert is running??
Hello, I have a question on the historical data. Each time I am going to download historical data, a message notes: "You are going to download data from the 'MetaQuotes Software Corp.' history center". My question is, when I use different platform, do they all download data from the same...