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  Tttttt EA (25   1 2 3)
tttttt EA, H1 timeframe. 4 main pairs. It is interesting EA. EA determines HH and LL for the current day, determine average range H-L for the last 7 days (days2check), open buy order at HH+avgrange/2 or sell order at LL-avgrange/2 (offsetK=2) and profit is avgrange/2 (profitK=2), stop is avgrange/2...
I am trying to setup an auto trade using an expert advisor using the commodity channelindex. Can you give me some pointers on how to write the code to perform this? Example if I want to issue a buy when the CCI goes above -100 or a sell when itgoes below 100.
Hi, I was wondering if 10 seconds limit is necessary only after OrderSend or also after OrderMotify and OrderClose? Thanks, L
Environment Have indicator written by another, that runs and plots objects on rightmost/newdata bars when certain conditions are satisfied. I modified indicator so that it has virtual/sliding window concept using MQL4 functions:FirstVisibleBar(), BarsPerWindow(). When the plotting code used to...
Hello DeMarker, DeM indicator stops at 2004.01.01 12:00, on GBPUSD,H1 No mods made to DeM(14), just download,compile,drag onto chart. Thanks
Hi all! I have a litle problem with that function TimeOnDropped( ) and PriceOnDropped() When i add this to my start function of my indicator it returns me 0 Anyone knows why? Start() { Comment(PriceOnDropped()," ",TimeOnDropped()); }
I have compiled a trading program but I keep getting 1 error in the script thatI cannot change. I am looking for a proficient trading programmer to assist onthis matter.
I am having a problem with the use of the "Use date" option in the Systemtester. When I run the system tester with "Use date" checked, I onlyget testing for 1 month of data. I tried changing the "Model" and the"Period" option but it still only tests 1 month of data. Does anyoneknow how to run...
This is written in the dictionery: Scripts and expert work in their own flow. Customindicators work in the interface flow. Can anybody explain them? does " their own flow" means flows coded in the program? then what does the interface flow mean? thnx a million in advance!!
Hi, I seem cannot figure out why when I press compile sometimes more than only thefile which I was editing is compiled? What determines which files will be recompiledwhen compile button is hit? Thanks, Michal
Hi, can I use screenshot() to snap the screenshot of an order I just opened in theExpert advisor? If it works, does it work in StrategyTester also, or only live? Also, can I use screenshot() within a custom indicator?
Hi, Right now my MetaTrader (StrategyBuilderFX) shows GMT on the charts... not surewhy. Anyhow, I like GMT. But I want to ensure that my EA is running on GMT only... if this value can somehow be changed then I want to code something to check thatit is GMT and give an error if it is not. Please...
Hi, I'm trying to test a simple system historically using strategy tester. I would like to know if it is possible to open an order using the Open price ofthe current bar. Reason I want to do it this way is because I don't know wherethe Bid and Ask price come from historically and since my signal...
script for quick calculation of pips made during some period of time. usage: - drop it on any chart and input start and finish dates, after that look in journal for values on each symbol. if you do not want to count still opened trades then set parameter count_opened=false. if you need to add more...
Hello, How can I use the same logic I use for finding the lowest low value for the pricebut applied to the AO indicator? What I want is to find the lowest low value ofthe AO in a given period. For price value I use: AO_Lowest_Value = Low[Lowest(NULL, 0, MODE_LOW, bar_count, 0)]; Also if I have a...
  Mandarine (148   1 2 3 4 5 ... 14 15)
Mandarine EA. H1 timeframe. 4 main pairs.
Hello, MQL rounds decimal numbers like 112.80 to 112.8 automatically (at least it lookslike), but I need the value to be shown like 112.80 (with the zero), so I triedto use normalizedouble function with 2 digits (or 4 to the other pairs), but itonly shows 1 digits when the last digit is a 0 (zero)....
Hi! I'm a new user of MetaQuotes. I learned structure and write simple Expert Advisor whitch work corectly and maketransactions, but I would like test it by tester with different parameters. Andwith it I have problem, the tester make for imposible 100 tests but don't makeany transactions....
  Total leaders (729   1 2 3 4 5 ... 72 73)
EAs which are leading from the beginning of the testing will be posted here. Pips in total.
  Weekly Winners (310   1 2 3 4 5 ... 30 31)
This thread is for weekly winners (EAs which are winners). And for the members who want to know about results in few gerenal figures.
  TSD_MT4_MR_Trade_0_25 (33   1 2 3 4)
  DayTrading3 (147   1 2 3 4 5 ... 14 15)
DayTrading3 EA. M15 timeframe. 4 main pairs.
  Ichimoku5_1 (12   1 2)
Ichimoku5_1 EA. H4 timeframe. 4 main pairs.
  FiboPivotandRSI (32   1 2 3 4)
FiboPivotandRSI EA. D1 timeframe. 4 main pairs.
  MandarineXL v0.2 (35   1 2 3 4)
MandarineXL v0.2 EA. H1 timeframe. 4 main pairs.
May i ask how i can put emas 144 and 200 of ''1 MIN CHART'', to ''60 MIN CHART'',and hv an alert when they cross on 1 min chart?? tks vm.
  Discussion (1583   1 2 3 4 5 ... 158 159)
Any suggestion about EAs testing, suggestion EAs to test and any other talking and advice please post here.
Hi everybody, from some time I'm thinking about correct handeling of #trade context busy error.Does anybody has any general and portable solution? Michal
Could someone please explain how to read, understand and interpret the commitment of trades charts. Thank you
Can't move or modify thank