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I have contacted the service desk about this issue. This is what I sent them.... Hello, Please either remove the option to download MT4 from your website or fix it so that it does actually download MT4 and not MT5. We are getting sick and tired of answering the same question over and over again....
hi all pro coders, recently my telegram EA got this problem :"HTTP request falied", but it worked well before :? I check the Options (webrequest) already,,, How to fix it please? Thanks
  Text justification  (10)
Hi All :) writing a custom indicator I came across a problem... hot to place text in the right position. As I create text object I can see that the text is justified "bottom-center" and I did not found any parameter to change it :( I need my object text to be aligned "mid-left"... or otherwise the...
I have an indicator which gives one signal Down Buffer... I wish to only give signal once per day... Like after the first signal it will not paint any signal for the rest of the day! I have tested with below code it's now not painting at all? int day = 0 ; // this goes in OnInit() //here goes my
Hello all, I would like to know how to solve following problem. 1. One EA working on 20 Pair. EA open position with EAMagicNumber=5000. EA open only one position on lifetime. For example, If EA open one position ( EAMagicNumber=5000 ) on XAUUSD, then other pair can't open position with
  Trailing Stop  (7)
Hi MQL4 Experts, I'm trying to code a function that moves my buy order to breakeven after the price moves X amount AGAINST me. Here'a the code. Can you please point out where I'm going wrong. Cheers, Tim void MoveToBE() { for ( int b= OrdersTotal ()- 1 ; b >= 0 ; b--) {
  Paraboilc sar histogram  (20   1 2)
Hello every body please i am searching for paraboilc sar as HISTOGRAM with colors in separet windows..which gives for example green lines for the up trend and red for dwontrend!!!! please if it possible somebody help me to get it or if you have time to program it and post it... thank you in advance
Hello, around one year ago I could make an EA work on an offline chart. But now I see it's not working anymore. After checking I see there is no tick data coming on the offline chart to trigger the EA to run start() function or onTick() function. Maybe this feature has been changed since the...
Hi All is there a way that i could draw a box around a set of candle body and not the wicks of the candles thanks Joseph
The EA is activated and running but has yet to make a trade. Why won't it do anything? On MT4 on Tradersway demo account
Please help me to understand, why I have my T/P column in green but showing - ve profits. The market is open and the trades are closed (I suppose as the profit amount is fixed, not changing with change in price) I am using demo account and an ea(please don't ask about it, I don't know anything) I am
First of all hello everyone I'll keep getting the same error message in the code I gave you below. I'd appreciate it if you'd help. Thanks //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Update.mq4 | //|
I am struggling with this little mq4 piece of code. I get the following error return value of 'OrderModify' should be checked ea3WayHedging_1-9.mq4 399 10 { OrderModify (orders[ 0 ].ticket, NormalizeDouble ( Ask + TrailingDistanceOrder1*point, Digits ), OrderStopLoss ()
Hi My EAs are held on a MQL provided virtual server. Checked the Journals log for both the Terminal and Experts; this morning they were all synchronized again. But, i did not ask for this to happen :( Can't see anything in the Journals log to explain to me why this happened. Any ideas how I can
  Trend Line class  (3)
Hi .. I have coded a new class for defining and saving trend line as below: class TrendLine { public : datetime time1,time2; double price1,price2; TrendLine( void ){}; TrendLine( datetime t1, double p1, datetime t2, double p2) {
Hi Coders, I have issues with this compile error,   'if' - expressions are not allowed on a global scope   see attachment added    can any one help?
This code will display the AppDialog and Panel. The Panel color shows as LightGray, but I cannot make the Text appear. This may be a simple example but I cannot make it work. Any ideas? Thanks for the help. #property strict #property indicator_chart_window #include <Controls\Dialog.mqh> CAppDialog
Hello I am trying to find the price that has been in the most candles, to mark a level of importance. The idea is that this function finds the price at which this has happened above the current price, however I am lost at this point. I am attaching the code that I currently have, I hope you can
Hi, I've found a nice article about KDE here which is used for clustering large data. I've tested on MT5 didn't worked as I expected. Since I'm not too much familiar with MT5 environment and I'd like to use it on MT4, I simply used the files on MQL4. Again the
recently i get this message and then my mt4 crashes. what can cause this? Access violation at address 775F2636 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 0000000C
i need a script to open multiple symbols but every symbol with different template
  Heiken Ashi EA  (13   1 2)
Hello, nice day! Alex here, and i'am newbie with mq4/EA. I want to create "the most simple Ea" with Heiken ashi Smoothed (not only indicator ), but a simple EA that operate the same pair long&short using 1minute time frame (or max 5 min) with this criteria : ...go buy with the first "10seconds...
hello, We know we can get as extern variable  timeframes enumeration by t : extern ENUM_TIMEFRAMES tf; Is it also possible to get as extern variable all symbols contained in market watch ? thanks
Hi I need to get the largest of several numbers, but I don't know how to do it. There is a function called MathMax, but it doesn't work for me since it only gets the highest value of 2 numbers. Can you help me, please
Hello I'm trying to make an ea where the user can type the name of the indicator in the ea settings and type list of comma separated parameters. next i want to detect the type of every parameter and then pass it to the iCustom. and to check if this parameter is string or double i tell the user if it
Hi, I am new to MQL and am trying to get my head around how it works. Analyzing the default Ichimoku Indicator, I wrote my own version trying to use the "iIchimoku" built-in function, but even though it compiles without error it just doesn't work. This is what I have the doesn't work. Can someone
Hi there guys, Stuck with this - my swing finding function seems to be returning 0 while inside the loop, but when I set an Alert at the if statements that define variable F they return a value (so I know it works). It's the value is turning to 0 as soon as it enters the while loop. What gives
hi every one how i can reload an custom indicator completely i mean like why i go to setting of input and press ok and custom indicator applied again to the chart? i know about ChartSetSymbolPeriod but when i change the period how i can back to original period and also the indicator input will back
Hi, For an EA, I need a function with loop to find lot size. There may be a random number of open lots. When a lot is open, there is always a Take Profit as target. But if the Take Profit is not reach and there is a opposed open signal, we open this new order by calculting the new lot size of this
Hello, I have built an indicator to generate signals and an EA that calls the indicator through iCustom to help me place trades. The EA is not a robot but determines the entry, stop and TP levels when a signal is generated and waits for a button press to place a trade manually. I am looking to back