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I am writing a custom indicator. The indicator is in a serarate window. I want to know the way we can set the minimum value of the window dynamically or auto-scale dynamically. I understand the other complicated method of using ObjectCreate() and WindowFind(). I am wonderig if there is a dynamic...
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Is it possible to make 2000+ PIPs/month, consistently?
hi I would like add something in the next EA, but I dont know how to do that first of all I would like to add 2 thing in "input" the first one is a number of period and the second is a number of pip. and I would like that the EA only take a position when the real number of pip is lower then the...
Hello, in my EA i use tags to manage orders. It seems not to work and i think my comments are a bit too long (ex : Upperband range - Short order opened <XXTO>, where the taf is between <>). I will reduce a lot my comments length but for my knowledge i would like to know the limit if one exists. I...
Hi, I'm trying to download then data center service. According to it should be found here: But the url seems dead. Do anybody know where I can download data center? Best regards Grufgran
Hello; I need please to know how can I make Test for Expert, to get the real rezults. Please is there any one can help me. I will be Thankfull. Have a nice day Thank you;
What is the easiest way to know if it's almost the end of the day or the market has been closed?
Hi everyone, I tried to store a price value into a variable: double price = Ask; and then Print("price", price); to check if it be stored properly, but it seems not be stored, the result shows 0. Who can help me find a way to store a price value into a variable? Thanks a lot
Hi! Is there any way to use the data from MetaQuotes (Open,Max,Min,Close) instead for the data that is feeded from the broker in an EA? I'm asking this, 'cause the data that comes from different brokers differs to much compared to each other. And even though the final trading is done against the
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thank you very much for your help roger!
Hi everyone, I tried to store a price value into a variable: double price = Ask; and then Print("price", price); to check if it be stored properly, but it seems not be stored, the result shows 0. Who can help me find a way to store a price value into a variable? Thanks a lot
Sometimes when I compile a new custom indicator, MT4 decides to compile most of my indicators but not all of them. Some of my custom indicators do NOT appear in the Navigator window when this happens so I can't drag them onto a chart. Do anyone have any idea why this may happen?I have more than 500...
I have a fx system that works on daily charts( checking the previous day candlestick pattern and couple of MAs).This system can be applied to any currency. Wrote an EA for this. logic ===== I am intializing a string array with all the currencies I plan to execute the EA against.. string
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Hi guys, Does anyone know how to add the price to the fib lines ? Thanks. Onelukey
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Hi all, I need comments for my indicator after much work and study on candle sticks. Very similar to TSI
Hi. Could someone please tell me if is it possible to do the following? I've got an indicator that automatically plots high & lows on my charts. It marks all high's that have two lower high's (at least) to the left and two to the right with a red dot. This I am happy with. I now want the indicator...
Hi i want to convert a double value to a number with two digits. Any ideas please? For example double x= 2.345326341 should be converted to 2.35 Thanks!
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Does anyone have code that searches open orders(by magicnumber or another parameter ) and then assesses that trade's profit? I have an EA that closes orders based on Accountprofit but want to be able to single out individual orders also. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Daniel
I use Low[], but the result is Open[], why? Anybody can help me with this?
Hello, Looking for a EA programmer in Chicago. Email me at dajuanm at sbaclobal dot net. Thanks
Hi, This is my first try at coding an EA, i'm not a programmer, and I have a lot of problems with compile errors. I'm fiddling around trying to figure out how "functions" work, so I'm trying to write a very basic one and figure out by my mistakes but it keeps telling me that "EXPRESSION ON GLOBAL...
I ran into some problems with my code, and traced it down to an oddity: I thought the price e.g. at EURUSD H1 '2009.02.11 08:00' would be the same as at EURUSD M1 '2009.02.11 08:00'... apparently it is not. Because if I zoom in on that particcular bar, on TF M1 I get a very different price than on...
Hi! I need to plot by a line, a lot of values stored into a .csv file. I know is possible plot line getting index of the bars, but this solution is good just for internal indicator, MACD, MOVING AVERANGE, etc... How I can plot this values? This is a little example: 01.01.2000 00.00 ; 514 ; 1256; 7
Hey Everybody... About a year ago I read an article about creating custom time frames in indicators and/or EA's. I was looking to read up on that topic again because one of my EA's needs to read in between the 4hr-daily time frames on the charts. I remember that it had something to do with using...
Here's a simple loop which counts from 0 to 60. How do I get this loop to start over again at 0? int start() { int t=0; while (t<60) { Sleep(1000); Alert (t); t++; } //---- return(0);
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I wrote a simple strategy that fades big bars. The entries work fine, the exits do not. The idea is that I mark lastTradeTime = Time[0] whenever a trade enters. If lastTradeTime != Time[0], it should be time to close the trade... except it's not working that way. What's wrong here? extern double...
I have finally improved  my ea, I can still lower  the drawdown,  but for me its ok now. In fact Im using it on  real accts. Ill  apreciate  you comments. By the  way, Im  still looking  to  comercialize my EA                                                     Strategy Tester Report...
I am new to the sight, and MQL, and any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to print out the MQL book. I have down loaded it to the FDD platform, but have not been able to acces it in the help menu. mwcuff
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Hello, I'm a real newbie in MQL4. Could you please answer these questions : 1) What's the link between MetaTrader and MQL4 ? Is MQL4 MetaTrader's API for programming automated real time orders ? If so, can we program inside MetaTrader environment ? 2) what's the difference between a script, an...