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Hi, I am using the old mt4 api (c++) and we would like to start using the new .net mt4 api. After a short review of the MetaTraderApi Dll, I could not find a way to create new Account in mt4 trading platform . Is it possible ? if yes, can you please send me an example or the name of the class and
Would anyone be willing to code this EA to work at Smart Trade FX? Here is the location where I downloaded it: Thank you! I very much appreciate it. Sherry
Hi, I am going to programming an EA that check 3 currency Bid and Ask Price then send order sell or buy. It is not posible in MQL4 strategy tester . I think there are 2 way for this job: 1 - I make a file that all data save at this and read this data in EA and use it for test. 2 - I use a software...
Hi Guys, I coded an EA which makes trades with two pairs from the same code. In MT4 strategy tester I can only add one symbol. I need to have two set of historical data and my EA makes trades based in stuff from two symbols data rather than one. bests
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Hello, I have just programmed an expert advisor, it compiled with no errors, but when I run it in the strategy tester the EA places 3 trades and then stops working. What could be the problem?
I have tried with this code below but it doesn't seem to work. Also tried with just +2 doesn't work eather. if (High[i] > High[i+1]+0.0002) //2 pips {  some code       } //if
How do I program my robot to wait until the next bar before placing an additional orders. Example: If I tell the robot to place a short order when the fast ma goes above the slow ma, I only want it to place one sell order. But I want it to place an additional sell order if the fast ma is still...
Hi coders OP_BUY Ask should TP and SL be Bid or TP and SL Ask ? Normally when trading manually I would say simply you are Buying at the Ask price and Selling at the Bid Price no problem there. But never really considered what is typical for an EA ? Thanks
Hi, I'm an MQL4 newb though an experienced C/C++ programmer. I'm wondering where I would find the documentation reference on the MQL4 operators, specifically the dot operator as in the following code snip: //linear regression calculation int,;
Dear Friend, I'm new on this forum....and Sorry for my very bad english. I have some problem with DIVERGENCES INDICATOR ;) 1) I have modified a FX5 MACD divergence.....and I have simply modified it to search and display AWESOME OSCILLATOR DIVERGECES 2) The indicator Run identically to FX5 MACD...
can by modified the horizontal line of pending orders? there is only the arrow color that could by changed in OrderSend, OrderModify functions, I want the buy orders to be green and sell orders red
hello, I joined this forum because I need your help. I tried to write a code but it does not work well. The problem: the indicator does not work anymore after taking the signals (buy, sell). I do not know where I made ​​the mistake. Can you help me? my code:int a=0;int...
  Define SL and TP  (1)
Hello how can i define in mql4 the SL and TP un a default hour such as 23.00 Thanks
I have been trying to program some EA's for a couple of months now and I suddenly realised that I may not have the correct understanding of the "return" operator. Can somebody just explain to me exactly what happens what happens when I put a "return(0)" somewhere in my code. It could be on a new...
Hi, I am new to MT4. I tried to write a script to close all trades based on the magic number. I have 5 trades running, when I execute the following script to close all 5 trades, the script only manage to close 3. I am not sure what is wrong with my coding. Can anyone help to advise or correct my...
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I am getting an error "market order #1 cannot be deleted" "OrderDelete error 4108" "invalid ticket" when I want to delete an old pending order. That is in spite of the fact that my error code reports the correct order ticket number for the pending order - OrderTicket:1. All the subsequent pending...
Dear folks, A part of my custom indicator requires draw HLine with close price of the bar which is defined by current VLine. Maybe there will be about 6 VLine on the chart. And one more thing, can indicator also automatically deletes all Vline and Hline which is not be seen in the lastest 50...
What happens when you have a back test running in the MT4 tester and you compile the EA after some changes had been made while the EA is still running? Will it immediately adopt the new changes or will it run on the previous version, and I have to stop the run and start from scratch? I have noticed...
Hello, I'm building a DLL written in MSVC++ (through Visual Studio Express 2010) and have a problem when the EA is uninitialized. On DLL unload, MetaTrader terminal loose instantly the connection to broker and I have to stop/start the application to get it work again. Even the login on same account
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//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                                GBPUSD trader.mq4 |//|                      Copyright © 2011, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|                              
  ATR Trailing Stop  (11   1 2)
I've never used an ATR trailing stop before and am looking for one to familiarize myself with. Would this be the link to its location NRTR_ATR_STOP.mq4 or is there some standard version that's available?
does anybody know why this error comes: ERR_INCORRECT_SERIESARRAY_USING4054Incorrect series array using. and how to slove? i dont find enough discription in metatrader documentation
Hi . Help . Cannot Login to the Form to Post New Job ?? or sometime can login but when you press send new job ( Press Add ) it log out and ask you to login again ??
  Email Help  (1)
I am looking for a script that i can attach to a chart on which an ea is running and so that whenever a trade is opened and/or closed i would like to get an emailing notifying me of this. It would be a great if someone could help me out Thanks!
Hello Guys, I am trying to save the tick rates like (time stamp in secs, rate). In matlab, I have not problem in reading the doubles bytes(rate) but the longs bytes (time in sec) I get values that don't make sense. bests this is the script attached to the EUR/USD chart: #include <stdlib.mqh> int
Hi! I found a simple relation in currency pairs. Many of them tend to range between certain BIG NUMBERS. The BIG NUMBERS are usually prices that end up in 00 or 50. Here's an expert advisor that uses this relation: It places two opposite orders...
Hi I'm trying learn how to code this. There is time() and Istradealoud(). Here are my thoughs. Please help. Example: if( time()==12:00 ) { IsTradeAloud="true" } if( IsTradeAloud=="true" ) { Trade Logic
Hello, I am trying to add a breakeven function to my EA Does anybody know the code for a breakeven function?
Please advise: What computer will let me open 40 to 50 demo accounts at the same time to test differents EAs? What memory is minimum? What processor is needed? Many thanks. forexjim