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Hello I want to Disable / Enable Expert (Auto Trading) button programmably as if i click on it to enable or disable Expert according to condition. I am searching MQL4 code to do that but i did not find. Any help please.
Hi, I need to share data between 2 MetaTrader. One of them is installed on my laptop and the other on is installed on VPS. Is there any way to send data between these two MetaTrader ? please just give me some idea
The boys, my EA doesn't work anymore after entering OrderModifly. I share the code I'll wait for an answer thank you very much void OnTick() { if(NewBar()){ EseguiOrdineLong();} }///+------------------------------------------------------------------+ void EseguiOrdineLong(){ if (
void OnStart() { double tab[]= { 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, 9.0, 15.0, 32.0 }; Print(iMAOnArray(tab, 0, 3, 0, MODE_SMA, 0)); } Result : 0.0 !! Thanks
When the MetaEditor debug button is clicked, an additional USDCHF chart is added to the Meta Trader terminal which was not on the list of charts shown in the Window menu. This unwanted chart messes up programming assumptions a bit. How can I override it? Thanks
I have a union definition like this, but the values seems not working correctly: union UDouble{ double _double; uchar _uchar[ 8 ]; ushort _ushort[ 4 ]; short _short[ 4 ]; uint _uint[ 2 ]; int _int[ 2 ]; long _long; ulong _ulong;}; When I try to set
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| ProQuant Bridge |//| Copyright 2018, ProQuant Ltd. |//|
Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum; since I am quite new to mql4 programming I would be grateful if somebody could help with the following peace of code: for(int i=0; i<=limit; i++){ Avg1[i]=iMA(NULL,0,4,0,MODE_LWMA,PRICE_CLOSE,i);
Hi, I have 100 EA's on M1, M5 and H1 charts. all created by myself. they are running on 100 charts on one terminal. They do not close or open positions when they should. They do what they need to do when I restart the terminal. I use the code given below: // Start function int start() { // Execute
Hey guys, is it somehow possible to change the color of a moving average in a code? Example: I have a moving average in my chart. Now I want to press a key and the color of the moving average should change
Hi guys, I'm currently studying Python as a language to improve my developer skills. Since I have a passion for financial markets, my personal goal is to develop my own trading system for MetaTrader in MQL4. How realistic is this goal? Some other questions: - How would you start if you were me
Hey everyone, I'm creating a simple EA to test indicators with. I'm currently working on the function which calculates an order position size. To do so, i need the current pip value. But when i tried to use MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_TICKVALUE) the value returned is different than the one i
Such as If (Timeframe==Period_H1) then.... For some reason I can't search the documentation for MT4 anymore. Wish they would fix it.
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Hello everyone. I'm having trouble with a code Can someone help me? In advance, thank you for your answer
Hi. I'm making a CI which does not work properly. When debugging stops in "bool y=..." line in OnCalculate(). I tested some options for that line and found that instead functions (iBands), variables (Close[]), if I replace for numbers or constants, indicator works. I have to say that Indicator, in
Hi, I have a requirement to automate trades based on signals from an indicator that I have developed. I haven't previously coded an EA to do this. In the past, when I have looked at posts in this forum, the task of correctly handling/processing orders seems to have many issues that require quite
The ENUM_OBJECT_PROPERTY_INTEGER "OBJPROP_DRAWLINES" does not functioning on MT4, but it does on MT5. We can see the existence of the integer "OBJPROP_DRAWLINES" on the web-page, on the table ENUM_OBJECT_PROPERTY_INTEGER
Hi all. I recently created an EA and tested it a few times with decent results. When i try to optimize two different variables to find optimal results, i found that the optimizer and the manual tester generates different results. When i use the Pass that has generated the most optimal result
By trying to delete pending orders from ticket number I got the error message "OrderDelete error 4108" Here is my code: bool DeletePendingOrder(int ticket){   double freezelevel     = (MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_FREEZELEVEL)+1)*Point;   double openPrice, currentPrice;   int orderType;      if(...
So the MT4 gateway that we use doesnt seem to work well with our bridge and LP. When we receive clients orders, some of these orders are hedged by us taking cover trades. However, we cant confirm if the cover trades were successful or not. What can be wrong here and does anyone know how we can fix
If I run the EA on 1 chart, 1 currency eg:AUDUSD only, it identifies the Ordersymbol == Symbol() , When I run the same EA on another chart with another currrency attached Eg:EURUSD on the same MT4 platform (2 currencies running on seperate charts) it returns "false" Ordersymbol doesnt equal...
Hello I Use this code to save price and CCI value and ASI value. The saved file name contain the indicators period. I save a CCI(14) but i would like to save CCI(15) in an other file, CCI(16) in an other file ... Can you help me please ? #property copyright "Copyright © 2013 Trading
Hi I don't now what is wrong here, but I can see the OP_BUY is in red so maybe that is the issue, but no idea how to fix is. I also don't know what it means when a symbol or letters are red. The code is attached, I hope it goes up here in the way it's meant to because I've seen threads here where
Hello together,  I set up my own VPN and I am trying an basic EA just to test if everything is working properly via the VPN. I am using the MACD Turbo for trading (a simple EA). Everything is set up right from my point of view. The smiley appears but no trade since two weeks. The backtest shows that...
Please can somebody help me on this.Iam building this single ema moving average-EA, But my problem is this, how to write it and put it in Custom code...... ( Prevent my EA from opening new trades after TP, SL or TRAILING STOP untill another cross over occur
Hey guys, I made this little test-script: void OnStart() { Alert(iTime("USDTHB", 60, 1));} The result was a date from 2018. When I started the script once again, the correct time and date was printed. I know this is because I never look at USDTHB and the history is not loaded in the background
On the screenshot attached you can see two places I want to focus in on. I have used the function in Mt4 (MACD>0) & (MACD<0). But the value when MACD = 0 is not this specific crossover, as I thought it was. Does anyone know what my points (A & B) in the screenshot are called? Or how to locate them
Hi there, Does anyone here ever experience this? I noticed that during high activity times during NY session, MT4 kind of lags and stutters. My computer is actually very powerful and I don´t have lots of indicator going on. Is there any way to improve this
When drew trend line by --> ObjectCreate("Trendline",OBJ_TREND,0,Time1,Price1,Time2,Price2) . What function use to get degree ? thank you
Hi, I have idea. But i don't know mq4 code much. Previous high is lower than 2nd previous high, then buy pending order at previous high * 2% or 1% and when price at current candle touch that order buy. Previous low is higher than 2nd previous low, then sell pending order at previous low * -2% or -1%