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Hello, Do you have any idea on how to send a ping to a signal provider in order to get the latency? I have found this in mql5 forum: The problem is that I do not find this information in my journal TAB when I subscribe to a signal (MT4). I also need to eventually
Hi, ocassionally my EA encounters error=132 or error=2 when OrderSend. What exactly do they mean? ("market is closed" & "common error") Is it EA related? and if so, what kind of mistake in the EA could cause this error and how to deal with it? with many thanks in advance.
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Hello. Which brokers allow for meta trader 4? Thanks in advance
Hiya, I have noticed that the EA I am copying has executed a trade today that my MT4 has not copied. Do I have to be logged in to the account at all times for the copying to work correctly as I was logged in to another of my accounts most of the day. If this is so, is there a way I can be logged
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HI all, I need to round Bid to the highest and lowest value, as in this example Bid = 1.24231 I need to obtain 1.24300 (upper round) and 1.24200 (lower round). I’m trying to use MathRound() and NormalizeDouble() but it doesn’t work. Could you help me? Thanks!!!
Hi, I code in C++ and am looking to interpret an MT4 indicator I found which I'd like to try on a system I have. Please somebody explain what this code is saying in plain English for me MovingBuffer[i]=iMA(NULL,0,LWMAPeriod,0,MODE_LWMA,PRICE_CLOSE,i) ATR_Buffer[i]=iATR(NULL,0,AtrPeriod,i+10);
Hi, I have encountered a very odd behavior of an EA in MQL4. So the EA is attached to a given chart and a UI pops us which allows the user to interact with the UI(press buttons, view stats, etc). Once the UI is closed the EA is removed using ExpertRemove() function which then triggers DeInit and the
Hiya, i'm new to this, so please forgive me if its obvious :) If i write the MACD code, double MACD = iMACD (_Symbol, _Period, 12, 26, 9, PRICE_CLOSE, MODE_MAIN, 0); How can i get a MACD line and the Signal line alert at cross over? What i would like to make is, When the price is Above the 200EMA
So, I've been dealing with the recurring issue that my EA kept opening positions till the numeric block stopped it: if (CalculateCurrentOrders( Symbol ) < MaxOrdersPerSymbol) DoTrading(); else return ; so what i tried to do is making a bool function to put a red or a green light in a determined
I am sort of new to this & am looking to subscribe to a signal. Which graph is the best indicator so I do not reach a margin call? IE when I look at the signal statistics would it be the balance graph, draw down graph, equity graph, balance graph, etc? Thanks in advance
hi i try add a symbol to a label but that just show the ? mark how can i fix it?? Label( 0 , "tx01" , 0 , 50 , 50 , 0 , "sample" , "Times New Roman" , 12 , clrWhite ); string gg=ObjectDescription( "tx01" ); ObjectSetText( "tx09" ,gg+ " ✓" );
Dear experienced traders, It seems not possible for me... Can I test 2 EA together in same strategy tester in one terminal? Thank you in advance and best wishes, Sky
Hi Guys So recently i bought some indi & EA from the market, and sucessfully run it on my laptop. Then, I thought it will be better if i have a 24/7 server on cloud, so i don't have to turn on my laptop all the time, and can use it for work. So, i rented a VPS, installed MT4 from the broker. i
Hi, I would like draw a text label where the current candle is. I got the label but it starts at the previous candle not at the current one This is what I am using at the moment ObjectCreate (0, label, OBJ_TEXT , 0 , TimeCurrent (), price); ObjectSetInteger (0, label, OBJPROP_COLOR , color);
Hey guys, I've been trying to do a function for a while but I can't find the error ... I'm doing a function that returns the Profit / Loss from the previous order. I already posted this help here, some colleagues responded with some ideas but without success. I'll detail the function step by step
I have a single demo from Oanda running on MT4, but would like to add more. It used to be that while installing MT4 you could choose a different Installation Folder and Program Name during the installation process. However, the current installation file for MT4 no longer shows the screen that
Why does NAS keep freezing on the 5M and the 15M? It's happened several times over the past week or so. I'm on MT4 and FXChoice. Any help would be appreciated
Hi guys, I've found this video about how to code moving average crossover. I want to know why it needs the previous candle crossover (lastSlowMovingAv erage and lastFastMovingAverage variable in the video) to make the code works
Hi All , My EA attached opens multiple trades on a single pair. I attach it on many pairs at once with different magic numbers, but i notice that is always open multiple trades on some pairs. I expect it to only open one trade per pair symbol. Any help will be greatly appreciated
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hi how i can put a text for arrow in mql4 like in custom indicator like the picture
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is this true ? Open[0]==close[1]
i want to calculate the orders number that was opened and close in last 24 hours ,and write the code below ,but ,it seems not work .
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I have written a breakthrough EA,after a month test,I found that sometimes it loses several times within a day. Therefore,I want to revise my EA,to make it trade only one time a day.Could anyone show me how to realize that?Thanks
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Never experienced such before. Say we have 2 mt4 indicators both custom indicators. Then you use iCustom in indicator 2 to fetch some values from indicator one for calculations in some function. Issue is when I attach indicator 2 to the chart it seems to plot indicator 1 with all its buffers and
Hello, I subscibed to a VPS to automatically copy the trades of a signals but since more than 1 week no trades are copied. In the history of the signal, I saw that trades have been done but nothing in my account. I checked parameters and everything seems ok, can someone help me? Thank you in advance
#property version "1.00" #property strict #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_buffers 3 #property indicator_color1 Magenta #property indicator_style1 STYLE_DOT #define INDICATOR_VERSION "v2.0" #define VTS_OBJECT_PREFIX "vtsbh2483-" //---- input parameters extern bool UseATRMode =
Hi friend , Is it possible to get High and Low of a candle by click on it? I need ti get information of a candle by click on it.
I have a few functions inside void OnTick() {} that run on every tick and draw/update data on the chart. All of them work except this one: void drawVLine() { string name = "VLine" ; if ( ObjectFind (name) != - 1 ) { ObjectDelete (name);} ObjectCreate (name, OBJ_VLINE , 0 , 5 , 0 );
Should I be using shift 0 and 1 or 1 and 2
Hello, good day to you all.. this indicator have 4 timeframes.. tried to add 5 more timeframes but my mt4 froze i dont know why it froze is something wrong with my code //------------------------------------------------------------------#property copyright "mladen"#property link