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According to the championship, "At the stage of Registration, we are going to detect such incorrectly written Expert Advisors providing certain test time limitations in the eight-month interval in the "Every tick" mode. If the EA's testing time exceeds 5 minutes, this EA will not be allowed to...
I use H4 OPEN price in my EA. I don't want to check every tick and only to check every beginning of 4 hours. How to do that?
G'day, I'm looking for someone in Sydney who can program an expert adviser with me. I have a system that works for Roulette & will also work for Forex, I think. Glenn
  Forex Autopilot  (7)
Forex Autopilot I'm new to Forex and have recently purchased the Forex autopilot. It's now set up and running but I cant find any info on how to interpret the different functions. The help file assumes you are versed in the program so is of little use to a newbie. Also can't seem to find a decent...
Hello, I am a Computer Engineer, I have 7 years of experience in developping applications. I recently got interested in Forex, and specially in automated strategies. I am ready to code any Strategy, of course FOR FREE, under one condition: the strategy should be efficient. It is a win win...
  OrderSend Error  (3)
My strategy tells to place an order at 1.4460 but I get error invalid price 1.44602000 for ordersend function. Why does my price change, and why do I get this error???
After running test of your EA look at the account balance/equity on Graph tab of the tester. Right click on the last point of the curve and "Set Date to" or...surprise you will get hte date "To" 1970.01.01 on the Setting Tab of the tester but programm will continue to work and use some other.......
I need to be able to run a MetaTrader script from the command line. I want to open up a Command window and type in the script and have the script buy 1 lot of EURUSD as soon as I press enter. How can this be done? Thanks! Paco
Hi I'm making a signal table where i'm going to put signals of indicators I like, so today I made a function that returns a signal for the indicator StepMA Stoch, now the problem is that sometimes it gives an error Zero Divde and most wierd thing is that sometimes, not aways, when I remove the...
How do you make a Super Smooth MACD ?? I really really need to know this. Thank in Advanced~Silence
Hi everybody, from the attached EA I obtain the following message error: 2008.07.04 11:54:41 Inside Bar Lots EURJPY,H1: invalid lots amount for OrderSend function 2008.07.04 11:54:41 Inside Bar Lots EURJPY,H1: Error opening SELL order : 4051 Could you help to find the problem? Thank you!
I have downloaded meta trader 4, and I only get a few currenciy pairs (12 pairs). My associate has many more currency pairs. Any suggestions how I can display more currency pairs? Thanks, Fred
is there a function/program available to do the following: Open an order with 2 lots, where one closes at Target-1, and the other closes at Target-2
how to use mq4 to create a function MD5? thanks for any help.
Can some one kindly help to comment on the following code? I got problem for the following code, the last thousands caculation is not corrected, and I had tried to use array initialize funtion and even a for() operation to initialize . but it did not work at all. it looks that the iMAonArray had...
How can I know if there are entry orders or not.
Is it possible EA can do this way? let's say EA open a trade, then EA will add trailing stop 15pips after +50pips profit.
Suppose I use the Hourly bar of a technical indicator for some order entry (this period is hard coded into the EA). eg iAC(NULL,PERIOD_H1,.... When testing using the Strategy Tester, shld I use the H1 or M5/M1 timeframe. I noticed the results are vastly different. I assume that M5/M1 are more...
Hi, is there a program/function available which can find the highest and lowest of the previous trading day (5EST to 5EST)
  IsTradeAllowe()  (3)
I use this code into start() loop and I get "Trade not allowed" every time. Any suggestion? bool trade=IsTradeAllowed();if(!trade){Print("Trade not allowed");}
hi, i am a complete newby to mql and, in fact, trading in general. trying to make some sense of how this all works. i am trying my hand at writing an expert advisor script. the idea is to look at 5 minute . at present the script dumps the time, closing price and 7/21 period averages. a sample of the...
New article Market Diagnostics by Pulse is published: In the article, an attempt is made to visualize the intensity ofspecific markets and of their time segments, to detect theirregularities and behavior patterns. Author: Sergey Kravchuk
  API?  (4)
As I understood MT uses only MQL2 for programming & doesn't provide any APIfor programming in any other language (I'm interested in C#)?
Forex system. This is a set of instructions prescribing open and close trading positions based on the results of technical analysis. Commercial systems can get rid of the randomness in the sales process. Follow the system will exclude emotions from trading. Therefore, anything that requires a...
How to append to an existing file? I search the documentation's file functions and find that the FILEOPEN only have modes of FILE_READ and FILE_WRITE. If I want to append some data to an existing file, what can I do?
I notice that selecting from the menu "Insert - Indicators - Custom", my custom indicator list is not updated compared to what I see in the editor and it is getting bigger and bigger even indicators are deleted and refreshed in the editor. How can I update/refresh the list in the menu? Thanks for...
hi friends pleas tel me how can i lern to automated trading
I am very perplexed as to why #1 Meta quotes would limit the buffers to 8 rather than 16 or 32.... it's the 21st century and we have the memory now.... secondly I have tried my darnedest to try to emulate the trend indicator "Bollinger Bands" use of levels. Through the levels one can resolve double...