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Hi, So I have this idea that's been stuck in my head for some time now. Obviously, this idea is related to trading but more specifically to a Trading Strategy. I call it the ThreeAngulation strategy. It's logic is the following: ... ...1)assumption1: price moves Up or Down and then Consolidates
The fibo tool is strange on the programming aspect of things If you wanted to delete everything and recreate it's fine .. But if you wanted to delete levels? I think its not possible. Anyone have experience deleting fib retracement levels
  mt4 problem adding sl and tp  (18   1 2)
I've had this problem several times now. my broker says it's a common problem with mt4. i place a trade and go to add sl and tp values, but the box that comes up doesn't show the pair i am trading. broker says exit the platform and log back in. usually by then the trade is losing. is there a fix to
Hi guys, is there a possibility to modify the code of the ZigZag indicator that the lines are drawn in the background behind the candles? I didn't find a solution how to do it with the buffers. I don't want to set the chart on foreground because I need the lines and objects to be in the foreground
Hi Everyone, I have 1 simple question if someone can advise.  For trade signals to be copied over to my MT4 terminal I understand that I need to maintain a established connection to the server. Does this mean I need to leave my laptop on 24/5 or is it sufficient that I keep the mt4 app on on my...
Hi Guys, I'm new to coding, but find it quite fun. I'm getting familiar with python as a language to communicate to the computer and building trading algorithms, and am willing to put all the time and effort to start here and build my way up. however, I do need some help. So, MT5 has the Python
I download history data from a broker. Can be the "universal" MetaQuotes Software Corp history data in the MT4 > Tools > History Center or data from a broker specific like for example FXCM. The data in the 1 min history are 1 line per minute. But when I put the Back Tester in visual mode, I see...
Hello, I have an indicator that show me 3 bar fractals. I'm drawing lines on OHLC of a candle and that's where it gives me some problems. It works fine as long a i keep the number below i+4 in the line below - if i change it to i+5 i get the error "array out of range xxxx.mq4 (253,53)
Hi I have a condition in OnInit to check the AccountNumber. int OnInit() { if(AccountNumber() != 525490) { Comment("################ The Account Number Is Not Authorized!! ################"); return(INIT_FAILED); }//--- return(INIT_SUCCEEDED); } It works correctly, but when I
some body can help my friends and me, i want do this in MT4 ( not in MT5 ).... and maybe can used windows like under for entry pending order 1. Pending order have 4 options : a. buystop, b.sell stop, limit, d. sell limit 2. SYMBOL : forex & commodity 3. Take Profit : entry...
On my way to an interface-based-design I was stopped again: //--- Two Basic interfacesinterface iBase  {   double getMarketRisk(void); //...  };  interface iPosition  {   // simple and working:    double addBaseRisk(iBase &firstObject);    double getPositionAndMarketRisk(void); //...     //...
Hello All ! I have been studying on coding my EA for 2 months. But I cant even code a simple EA for Buy Market Order. Eventhough it seems i did everything correctly, it does not work and apparently i am missing sth. I really appreciate your help and time. Thanks in advance for your sparing time and
hallo, My setup is: all toolbars status bar chart bar market watch navigator ... if I exit and I come back in MT4 my setup is gone! and I must insert again: all toolbars, status bar... Is it possible someway, that setup doesn't change ? thank you
Hello guys. I have a strategy in which i am facing issues. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Indicator: macross.mq4 | //| Created with | //|
hi can i use one or more Oscillator in my EA for send order ? my Oscillatorfile type is ex4 Thanks
Hi, im developing a EA which closes orders when take profit another. I dont know why isn't working. Here is the code There is some wrong with my code? When run, if the market keeps growing up, mt4 closes the ord1 when reach the spread and keep ord2 opened, instead keep both opened. Considerations
Hi there, Please Check the attached image. I get the following error when I trying to compile the code shown below. 'else' - illegal 'else' without matching 'if' Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. <Decompiled code deleted>
Hi, I try to draw a horizontal line, when a button is pressed. In addition, when the same button is pressed for a second time, I like to remove the horizontal line. So on so forth. The problem is that if I insert code related to drawing objects inside the inner if conditional block, the behavior of
Hello All, Has anyone had success opening terminal.exe from the commandline using switches to open a chart window and also specify an Expert Advisor to run in the chart window on opening? Could you potentially point me to other posts/how to's pls.. Thanks, Ian
Hello everyone! I made an indicator as a request for MT5 that works fine. And now I want to have it also on MT4. So I did it, and it works well too. When plotted on the chart or when parameters are changed, the indi "refreshes" very well. BUT, sometimes, when the timeframe period is changed (works
Hi, I have my algorithms running wel fews days ago but now I am facing error as " OrderSend error 131". If i run the same code on the demo account then there is no error. Can you please suggest as how can i resolve it ? I have even tried with lot size as 1 but still the same error
Im trying to link in my metatrader account, my broker is with bdswiss, having serious trouble linking the account. Anyone had any experience with this? Anyone got any advice? It would be really apprieciated. Thanks
hello guys, could someone help me how do i get the indicator to paint an arrow when the value chart sends me an alert window? this is the indicator code """""" //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Value Chart Deluxe Edition.mq4 | //|
Hi, I try to use a button and a spinedit on a control panel (Dialog). When the following code line in OnChartEvent() function is commented out, the button works, but not the spin edit. On the other hand, when it is commented in, the button does not work, but the spin edit. cpInterface.OnEvent(id
Hello   In installed MT4 on my laptop but got a strange language and do not know how to fix it : please seee attached file   Thanks in advance 
follow the instructions in: advisor to initialize exeprt Experts on the I get the following errors what is the problem?
Im trying to connect my mobile mt4 to receive push notifications, Im putting my MQID in correctly but the test message wont send
Where and how can I sign up at mql5 as a coder, any links please
  Programme errors  (4)
Hi, This is my first ever programme, i keep getting these errors when trying to proof my code. Could somebody help me sort out the errors and check my code to see if it makes sense? thank you! • 3 different empty control statements if (Trend<0.0); { if(EMA13M15<EMA21M15); //true
I have an EA that should be opening trades from an indicator but hasn't. I checked the journal this morning and see error around trades being disabled: I have confirmed that it is enabled in the EA -> Common: I have also confirm that it's enabled in the options: Where else can I look