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Hello everybody I am trying to code my own currency strength meter. The meter would draw a histogram of every currency in separate window. So one windows for USD, one for EUR, one for JPY and so on ... The strength part i coded and histogram works for all pairs But i am having a problem on inserting
io mean by that not to bring the chart out of mt4 plattform but to be able to move the chart with the mouse in both azys thanks in advance
Hello, I saw an EA-system which is promoted by a guy who give the Investor Password and the account no. I had loged in and the results I saw were good enough. Finally as I start to observe the live playing of the EA, I realise the following weird: - it opened more than 30 trades, and the next day
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Hello, Sometimes when backtesting an EA, the report shows large absolute and relative drawdown numbers, but looking at the graph and results in details I don't see any trace of this large drawdown. Why is that
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Simple Ichimoku Scalping. It is some variation of the settings of the Simple Ichimoku System. This Ichimoku template was improved onto Simple Ichimoku Scalping. On this thread you can find this Simple Ichimoku Scalping for Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5. Installation for Metatrader 5. - download...
Hi How to change TERMINAL_PATH so that can I start other MT4 Terminal instead od default MT4 terminal?!I p.s. I have few Metatrader4 terminals and want to switch my MetaEditor4 (compiler) to different MT4 terminal! How or where can I set this path to debuging MT4 terminal
Please help me this error. I use this custom indicator to call its function it has two breakout line up and down . I want to buy when price breakout at upper line and sell breakout at lower line. here is picture #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_buffers 2 #property
what i like to achieve is that instead of every tick the bid and ask price will be saved to a csv file, i like to have the bid and ask price saved in a csv file for every second. i tried the sleepcommand for and add 1000 milliseconds but that does not work. could anybody help me fix the code? ( code...
Hi Friends ... How to get prices for this axis Thanks for your help
Good evening, I'm trying to modify this functionof my EA. The EA open several trade. What i'd like to obtain is that the function find only one thade that have the condition (in this case that the profit is >0 && <-1) Actually it retursn all the trade with this condition. Here my code double
Hi fellow coders, I have a EA that then references a class file called Orders. Orders then calls the OrderSend function. Strategy tester acknowledged OrderSend commands in the class file just fine but I think when running in auto trade mode the OrderSend must be in the EA because no orders are
By mistake I normalized the values I'm getting from iMA with Digits. double MA(int MA_Period, int shift) { return(NormalizeDouble(iMA(NULL, 0, MA_Period, 0, 1, 0, shift),Digits)); } Then , I was using this for finding the cross. (vice versa for cross down) if(MA(Fast_MA, 1) > MA(Slow_MA, 1) &&
Dear All, I am new to Forex trading, having little experience on Intraday share trading. Compared to Share, In Forex I loose lot of money (in demo account) because of Stop loss hit. Since I could not monitor full time and I am looking for Hold and trade, please advice is there any possibility to
Hi All Just wondering if a method of automatically changing the Account History in the terminal to today existed. In other words my EA uses data from OrderHistoryTotal() however when the new trading day opens the Account History Terminal still shows yesterdays data. I then have to physically be in
Keeps removing itself upon attaching to live chart in all terminals
Below is code for a news EA. Buy and sell stops are placed at a given time before news release manually. When one in entered the other is closed. I am trying to add functionality to allow the stop loss to follow the take profit by X pips. Say, if profit is 10 pips then stop loss would move to 0 and
Hello, Is it possible to change the color of the bar where a trade entry and exit has happened? Thank you
Hello Guys, Can some one add alerts in this indicator, when market touches the SnR levels. Thanks
Hello, I was read last topic about DDE and I try on my excel.When I type "MT4|BID!USDCHF" on excel but not work.Anybody please teach me how to setup. Thank you, Rizal
Hi everyone, ‌ I'm using a fib-tool that draws trend lines with labels at the right side, something I find very convenient, so I want my trend line‌ to have a label on the right side too. ‌I've added a label in the code‌, and the compile is without errors, but the label does not show up. Can anyone...
Hello, am new to mql4, i need some help with this code to trade opposite the ea place pending order and modify the pending order until it takes a trade.. so i double paste the order code for it to trade opposite but still no opposite trade int z=0; for(i=0; i<OrdersTotal(); i++) {
Under the MetaEditor4 Debug menu there is an option "Start on History Data", however it is disabled. Reading through the help file indicates that I need to set Debug options to use specific settings which I have done (see attachment), however the menu item is still disabled (greyed out) with no
I've been trying to figure out a way to create an indicator that would be a separate_window at the bottom of chart that would simply display numbers on various bars. I don't see a way to to do it with buffers and the only object that I can find that might work is the OBJ_TEXT. The problem is that
hi     how  can i get   20  30   second   and 2  minute   chart   in  mt4? 
Hi, I am learning to code, wrote a simple counter as practice. it is just supposed to Print 1,2,3,4,5,etc but the count is coming out as 6363,6364,6365 etc. Can someone tell me what I have done wrong. Thank you in advance. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|
Hello everyone, i start this topic as i'm an absolute newbie in Metatrader and his language; i'm converting several EA from mq4 to C# and debugging the expert advisors i've been able to convert almonst everything but i have some doubts about the array Low[] and High[]: i took the definition of Low
Hi, I am a new user. After installing mt5tester, I am getting "cloud disconnected". Not sure what is the problem. I would like to know any guidance or some trick to make it work. Thanks
I need some small modification to this indi but I am not a coder so I would really appreciates if someone can help I need to add Candle Closing Remaining time for the chart and the candle Text size, text color , text corner position Thank you
Hello there, I have an indicator that plot some right price labels by : extern bool My_Labels=true; //Hide or show labels And, i ask you if is it possible to control the "true/false" state by creating (in the same indicator) an external button on the chart ? Is it really possible ? Regards. EDIT :...
hello every body... i see in the, to pass the indicator parameter to ea using like this: double iCustom(string symbol, int timeframe, string name, ..., int mode, int shift) example: name indicator: rocse.mq4 have parameter : extern int History    =5000;        //...