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Hi guys, I've got a great indicator on TradingView, but I would like to have it on Mt4. Can someone program this into a MT4 indicator? //Credit to LazyBear for some of his CVI code\\ study("Tops/Bottoms", shorttitle="Tops/Bottoms", overlay=true) length=input(3) ValC=sma(hl2, length) bull=input(-.51,...
Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to pull prices from tradingview into an array on MT4 using mql4 ? I know there is a WebRequest function in mql4 but not sure if that would be able to do things such as above ? Thanks :)
I need help in adding an alert to this Trend Indicator. At the moment it alerts each bar, instead of only when the crosses occur. Thanks
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Good evening to all, I'm new on the forum and I have a small question: how to write in a txt file with mql4, I found topics in this forum that led me to try things but without success ... Thank you in advance for your answers
So My EA is throwing out a "Zero Divide" error message. I am aware as to what the zero divide error message is all about and I have found the culprit, but what I don't understand is why my EA is attempting to trade despite me having a controls in place to circumvent this. This portion of my EA works
This is a quick one, no diagnosing or complicated code to look through. Would the following piece of code, which bas been bracketed at each line, have each line be read by MetaEditor4, or will the brackets have the effect of terminating the programme after the first bracketed condition? In this
In my strategy I used stoploss in price when I open position. And after that I use the supertrend indicator to be used as a trailing stop. In the supertrend indicator there is a direction value that indicate that the supertrend indicator going uptrend or downtrend. ince supertrend indicator can be
Have been coping together simple stochastic buy/sell code. Problem is it wont count positions, it states like it is always 0. void OnTick () { // We create an empty string for the signal string signal= "" ; // Define the EA double K0= iStochastic ( _Symbol , _Period , 14
When I run the Optimiser on a chart, the settings screen used to display 2 numbers such as 26/108. I always assumed this to be the number of passes completed and the total. Now the information is missing, so please can anyone tell me how to get it to display again
Hello Coders, I'm struggling with an indicator here. It seems like an indicator based on the ATS (Action Threshold System) one. I use it for placing stops and TPs. In truth I'm not sure fully of the logic behind it (probably mostly based on support and resistance areas?). I like the red, green
Hey, I'm trying to use the MACD in MT4 but for some reason, the numbers in MT4 are not the same as with TradingView or other charting software. I see this more in the lower time frames such as 5 mins. My question is what MT4/MQL4 uses for sig figs? Or how does the ema/sma calculation get calculated
I have an EA which I run from 10pm to 7am each night, and I place manual trades during the day. This evening I turned on autotrading as I do everynight, but MT4 closed my open manual trades automatically. Does anyone have any idea why this happened
Hello When selecting Help in MetaEditor from the tabs at the bottom of the Toolbox or by selecting F1, the text in the Help window are that large they can not be read, For example the word Comments takes up the entire screen. Version: 4.00 Build 509 (24 Jun 2013) Sent a message to MetaQuotes...
Hi, I want iBarshift to continue calculations for Two more hours thus making it 6 hours before other function. It can be seen in code but since there is no PERIOD_H6 in iBarshift parameter I am trying to manually add PERIOD_H1 or 60 two times to add two more hours but they are not do I
wondering whether someone may be able to point out what I'm doing wrong here. Just for background I am very new to MQL4 (or coding at all) I wrote the following code to act as a virtual trailing stop loss. I am trying to lock in HH (Highest High) and LL (Lowest Low) based on the below loop. However
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Why is it not possible for some EAs to be tested on quotes for the last week? Is this a problem with the MT4 terminal or EAs developers? There is no such problem in the MT5 terminal, only in MT4
Hello, How can I clean up an array? For example I used an array, the array is now full of data, now I need to remove all data so that I can use it again. Any idea how I can do this? Replacing all data with 0 in a loop (the array is double) won't work it will interfere with calculations. I need to
How/where I get a correct working MT4 who is not changing during the setup into MT5 ( sorry for my bad english I´m german ). Second: Are all programms from MT4 running inside MT5
Hi, I have an expert advisor running on an instance of Metatrader 4, and I want to refresh EA automatically (like F7 and Enter) on my time (like 1 hours or 2 hours)? Any body have good idea? like Script or code to add to the EA? Thank you all. All the best, Ali
When I look in the market tab under purchased items, I only see a few listed. Just two weeks ago I could see all my EA's and indicator there, but I only see 6 of them. And in the Navigator under the Market I can see all, but I can't attach them to a chart (only the ones that are visible in the
(Error) Not enough space for notification! Please what does it mean and how can I solve it permanently? Sometimes it occurred even when I have few charts open and just one or two orders to notify about
Hi All, I am having an issue to install MT4 platform on my computer. It keeps saying "Sorry, something wrong: try again later!". Any idea how to solve it? Thanks
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Hi I'm wondering how I can make a TP and SL system based on EMA crosses I attached my code it compiles but does not work. Any help is much appreciated. if (GetTotalOpenTrades() < MaxTrades) { if (FastEMA > SlowEMA){ LongSetup = True; }
hi.. i installed several metatrader broker software like Fxtm , Ava, Icmarket . currently fxtm is my default set for open mq4 so whenever i click mq4 script and compile it save under fxtm subdirectory but i want to change Ava. how to change ? thanks
Hello Forum! Do you guys know, how to remove (not hide) chosen symbols (pairs) from the market watch for good ? I mean completely from the MT4 platform
I create an EA that works well on strategy tester, but when I tried on Live account, randomly my EA not closing the trade. My EA open a correct position at 10 March 12:50 and it should be closed somewhere around 13:46 Picture 2 is my EA when running on Tester. Picture 1 is my live account. Is there
Hi! Sometimes on some indicators when price hits TP it doesnt close order, it just goes until next SL... i think that something in my code is wrong, but i cannot figure out what...can you help me? my EA: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|
My code: #include <stdlib.mqh> (...) Print ( "Last error on " + _Symbol + ": " + IntegerToString ( GetLastError ()) + ": " + ErrorDescription( GetLastError ())); The log panel prints: Last error on EURAUD: 4108: no error I check up on the error code list
Hey fellaz! I hope you all are doing great. I am willing to create a news indicator. I just want to know that from were to start.? Or what things are needed when working on a news indicator. I know there are alot of news indicators Available, even for free. But I want to build it with my own hands
I'm using this on MT4. I just wanted to understand what it is calculating, in order for the bar to turn blue (indicating a possible start of an uptrend). The code is open-source as far as I know (I can post it if that is allowed). I see there is another open trend indicator that is very similar