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Seems like every other color of line can be changed, even the arrow color as part of OrderSend and OrderClose, but not the dotted line that joins the arrows after an EA has closed a trade. Anyone know if both the color of the line can be changed and the line style?
Hi guys! The trades we place are being copied to a telegram channel, for this we need to enter a URL in the expert advisors tab you can see in the print screen below. The problem is for some reason the allow webrequest always gets resetted back to default so the URL disappears and we the trades no
I tried to install several indicators in the metatrader4 on my Mac Big Sur but they don't work. I right-clicked on the application as per the guide on the metatrader4 site and chose "show package contents", then I searched for the indicators folder and simply dragged the indicators. Then I reset
Dear everyone, My chart window version indicator works perfectly, but separate window version don't work correctly. I only change "#property indicator_chart_window" to "#property indicator_separate_window". I attach separate window version indicator soure code in post. Please tell me how to fix it
Hello!  I need an EA that trades the arrows that appear on the chart (BinaryOptions)- it would be great if EA will have inside options to set expiry like 15,30,45 min 1h, etc... I think it could be done in 2 ways by letting the EA scan a chart for a symbol for example arrow: 233,234 or by putting...
Hi guys, how can I code that my EA should enable "ALLOW LIVE TRADING BUTTON"? Thank you in advance
can someone help me to program an auto trade, for mt4 enter buy and sell at the same time, with tp as low as 10 pips, everytime it hits the tp it will trade another buy and sell with tp of 10 pips, and so on non-stop trading. and with functioning inputs TakeProfit = 100; Lot = 0.1;
Hi friends... i am trying to developed a Renko Based ea... actually i am new in MQL4.. i want to open the trade (buy or sell) when the second bearish or bull candle will make... example In RENKO i set the bar size on 10 pip..on the second renko bull can i will open a buy trade. & my stoploss will...
how could I extract only the text DB0F64EEC7A2A454E798BF69494A9ACB from TerminalInfoString(TERMINAL_DATA_PATH) ? TERMINAL_DATA_PATH = C:\Users\.........\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\ DB0F64EEC7A2A454E798BF69494A9ACB
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Will any1 be able to help me code the signal line as soon as it crosses over the MACD under the 0 line, trigger buy order. I know it sounds simple but really struggling with this for a few days now. Would appreciate any help! double sellPrice = Bid; double buyPrice = Ask; double macd = iMACD ( NULL
It kept on producing OrderModify Error 1 when running the ea on strategy tester, everything is working just like expected tho but im concern with this error. This is the code: void OnTick () { if ( OrdersTotal () == 0 ) { int ticket = OrderSend ( _Symbol ,OP_BUY, 0.1 ,Ask, 5 ,Ask- 500 *
Goodmorning, i'm a noobie of Ea, i've 3 very interesting indicator downloaded from web, they are in ex4 file, is it possible to create an expert advisor from these? How shoud i do that? Thank you
Hi all, I'm seeking some feedback from other developers that have used unit testing for their EA's in MT4. Currently my search leads me to compare MQLUNIT to mt4-unittest. Has anyone here tried these resources and if so how did it go? Alternatively if there are any other options I have missed? Thank
Hi, I have created this EA but unfortunately it can only place order once at a time. How can I change it so that it can open multiple orders or turn it into a martingale EA? Thanks. int start() { double MyPoint= Point ; if ( Digits == 3 || Digits == 5 ) MyPoint= Point * 10 ; double
Hi All I'm Struggling to figure out the ACCOUNT_MARGIN_LEVEL function. I want ACCOUNT_MARGIN_LEVEL below 200% not to open trades AT ALL. If there's a way to do it or different way to do this, please feel free to help out. Here is my code below #property copyright "Jack Buda Copyright 2020
I can declare indicator parameter with any of two word = 'extern' or 'input'. My question what is different between two word. extern mType PendingOrderType = 0 ; input mType PendingOrderType = 0 ;
Hi, I have rent VPS for three months and migrated one chart with expert adviser successfully and its working perfectly. But I tried migrating other charts with custom indicators but when I open the journals after synchronizing. Can anyone help
Maybe someone has experienced the problem that I describe here and can advise what should be done about it. I noticed for quite some time that the results that I get with Strategy Tester are not consistent. One day I can test an EA, optimize it, be happy with the results and get a printout of the
hi guys, i have a question, i normaly use "iCustom(NULL, PERIOD_CURRENT, "majorkiller peak (1)", 15, 500, 0, 0, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, 25, 1, i) != EMPTY_VALUE > 25" but always run into a problem, when all buffer have a value like in the picture. is there a better
Hello , is there any way i can convert alerts from an ex4 indicator to print arrows on chart ? I used to work with an indicator that i bought but the buffers seem not to work anymore , i keep receiving signals from it with using an autobot to copy those signals but i can't because the
Hi I am searching an app for Meta 4 wherein I can create multiple pending in one click. Let me know if anybody knows such application. Regards, Amit
Can someone please help me to add vlines at the same place that the arrows are placed
It is like starting afresh. Now, my EA is attached to more than one charts. So they won't all access the same static variable (with global scope). But they will all access the same global variable. How can I make my static variable accessible to EA when attached to more than one charts. The idea is
Why did I download and install the MT4 version but when I opened it up it was MT5
Hi! I have a worrying problem I cannot pls! I installed an EA on my live MT4-platform/account and didn't like its performance so I decided to delete it. I've done so - both shut down all graphs (fx-pairs) it traded on, AND deleted it in the Expert-file on my computer and rebooted the
It seems MQL5 community is the only VPS hosting company there is. Moreover, they are linked to all the brokers' MT4 and MT5 trading platforms I have tried. Or are they linked to Metaquote who produce the platforms? This may not be the place to ask this question but I am just curious. One may wish to
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Hi guys, Currently I'm developing an EA to close trades when the ADX Main line cross down 40. But the EA didn't close the trades. Can you guys give me a hand. Thanks. int OrderClose() { int all_trade = OrdersTotal (); int total_orders = 0 ; for ( int order = 0 ; order < OrdersTotal ();
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Does any know the CuSum oscillator ??? HERE Cumulative Sum Chart (CUSUM) CUSUM charts are constructed by calculating and plotting a cumulative sum based on the data. Let X 1, X 2, …, X 24 represent 24 data points. From this, the cumulative sums S 0, S 1, …, S 24 are calculated. Notice that 24 data...
Hi, I have this indicator, it is a kind of oscillator, it works at tik, is it possible to make it work at bar close? In practice, when it exceeds 0 it draws an arrow, I would like it to draw it only when the bar has been closed. Thank you! ..Sorry for my english.. <Decompiled code deleted>
Hi everyone Im new here and new at EAs but been trading 15 years. How can I get help installing 5 EAs on mt4. Im not experienced enough to do it myself. Thanks Cheers