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Does anyone have a break even expert that works with multiple trades on the same currency pair ? I tried breakeven EA v1.3 , 1.2, 1 and SL2BE ,and they work great with one trade but If I put another trade the ea doesn't treat them separate but as one trade. for example i place one trade ,goes in
Hi all, I am a newbie in coding and might be asking a very silly question. I want to store Open price of the first order in a variable. there might be multiple orders running simultaneously. I need to store this data so that I can set stoploss/Take profits for upcoming pending orders from this
Today I see a problem with MT4 if several EAs are used on one profile. After closing and opening MT4 not all EA are displayed anymore, some have been deleted. Expert tab and journal do not show a message
hi all i'm building some random EA's and i'm noticing that many of them performed better when spread was set to higher, for example 1spread vs 15. why is this so? shouldn't 1spread give the highest possible outcome if all the rest is left the same? (EA wasn't edited, i've just changed the option
Hello follow dev, I have the sell and buy arrow indicator known as <Deleted> indicator, if I open my mt4 data window the indicator's value shows up in two places which is the sell and buy arrow signal. But I do code the indicator using iCustom(...) With the two sell and buy buffers value shown on
Hi all, I need help with a code. I need to trigger at every end of bar (currently testing on 15 bars) a code that closes my trades. So far my code works, but only sometimes. Can´t figure out why. Can anybody help please? Thank you void OnTick() { if (OrdersTotal() > 0) { datetime BarCloseTime =
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| test01.mq4 | //| helmy gabriel | //| |
  Pivot point  (7)
Hello everyone, I have one question for you guys. I have a pivot point indicator but I don't understand : If I have a my pivot set to hourly and my chart set to 1 minute. Every period should be 60 right ? If I have a my pivot set to monthly and my chart set to 1 day. Every period should be 30 minus
The MetaTrader 4 update will be released on Friday , January the 24th, 2020. The update provides bug fixes and stability improvements. The new version will be available through the Live Update system
I go nuts with this and need please help because a support ovesly not take of situations like this and the chat bot said i have to adress this in the forum. Regards
Hi everyone! I am trying to program my first EA and these if conditions doesn't seem to work together. Does someone know why ? Thank you very much double BidClosePrice = Close[1]; double LastBidClosePrice = Close[2]; double LowerBbValue = iBands(NULL,PERIOD_M1,20,2.1,1,PRICE_CLOSE,MODE_LOWER,0);
#property strict #property indicator_separate_window #include <Custom\Function_Indicators.mqh> double Buffer_VolumeIntensity[]; // Assign Buffer to indicator //+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Custom indicator initialization
Hi guys, has anyone had this issue before? I've installed a new copy of the OS (Win10 Pro), re-installed all software, and now after the fresh install the checkbox 'Use tick data' is missing in MT4. See screenshot. Thanks
Hello, I am having trouble figuring out how to get the EA to use the latest prices to exit a trade once I enter. In the backtester it not only doesn't recognize all possible trades, it exits a trade only when the stop loss is hit. I want to close the trade when the latest Close[1] closes above the
extern double StopLoss = 20; extern double TakeProfit = 21; extern double TrailingStop = 20; extern double Lots = 0.10; extern double ProfitShield = 7; extern int TimeZone=0; extern color clOpenBuy = Blue; extern color clCloseBuy = Aqua; extern color clOpenSell = Red; extern color clCloseSell =
I've installed an EA from market on mql5 VPS and its been running great since then. yesterday I had to format my pc and install mt4 again. I haven't installed the EA on the new mt4 as it would occupy activation. now in the VPS details I can see the following message - no information about migration
someone share with me limited account number and also date and time code text, both function
Hi, Is it possibel to have 2 CPanelDialog on a chart? i mean i have a main CPanelDialog to have all the conditions of an EA, when i "check" the check box "view status", another CPanelDialog will appear with all status of the ea within it, the problem is when i "uncheck" the box function would be to...
Hi every one i wonder there is a way i can determine the indicator use separate window or using main window with the input ? thanks
I'm trying to load an EA into the Mt4's strategy tester and it shows the bar chart ticking forward and completes the test with no errors in the journal but there is also no results for the test. I've tried a variety of known working EAs and the result is the same. I have the history downloaded or it
Hey guys. This morning all of a sudden on any chart I pull up on my MT4 through my iPhone, the price action is not centered in the screen and is all the way to the right. Contacted my broker and suggested I reinstall, but that didn’t fix it. Any ideas? It’s really annoying!!! See pictures below as
Hi Guys, Just started working on the MT4 platform and there is something that I just can't figure out and its being a real pain. Each time I backtest an EA using the "Strategy tester" and I open a chart for it, the chart opens with a black background and white bars. Since I prefer working with...
How do I see my current ping speed? Is it always beneficial to use a VPS? What's the best one
Hi, I was wondering how can I simultaneously code a buy limit order and a buy market order on MQL4. First, is the syntax below for initiating a buy limit order correct? int ticket = OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUYLIMIT,0.10,Ask-60*_Point,3,0,0,NULL,0,0,Green); Second, do we have to put entry conditions
Hi, does anyone know how to get an Open Price for specific bar everyday? for example, i want to get the Open Price from the bar that open at 23.00 everyday can anybody help me? since i'm still very new to this mql4 thanks before.
Hello, So it seems that what's pre-programmed into MT4 only goes back several months if using M5 charts. Is there a way to download/purchase this data going back decades
So I’m working on my first Multi-Currency EA from the template given by DADALI ARWALY I’m using <Deleted> as my Buy Sell Signal and TP & SL. This works very well now but I’m having one problem that only happens sometimes and that is that my EA don’t ad the TP & SL
Ive been using MT4 for a year in iphone, the background color can be set to white even in dark but only on iphone. I just bought a new ipad pro and the background color setting didnt work in my ipad. If the ipad is in dark mode, the background will also in black color and couldnt be change to white
void OnTick () { // Print("tick event"); /*ObjectCreate("pasol", OBJ_ARROW, 0, Time[0], 104.9, Time[0], 104, Time[0], 104.1); //draw an up arrow ObjectSet("pasol", OBJPROP_STYLE, STYLE_SOLID); ObjectSet("pasol", OBJPROP_ARROWCODE, SYMBOL_ARROWUP); ObjectSet("pasol"
I have changed xml files and made black version of metatrader4 on Android. I begged the developers for a year and I got tired of waiting, so you can see the results here. If you need I can make a clone of the app, so you can have installed two version together, just ask me