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I've coded my first array in an EA and I'm having troubles correctly do so. The array entitled MAS1, and is declared as a double variable. The intent is to put Moving Average values in the array. However, for some reason when I query the array for a value all I get in return is "0" (zero) Here is my
I'm a relative newbie. I'm running a FapTurbo robot on FXCBS broker's MT4 paltform on a demo account. It keeps coming up with an error message, "Cannot load library FapTurbo.dll (error 126). Any ideas on what may be the problem? Regards Davo
Dear i am trading Bollinger Band as reversal i had reached to add douple top / bottoms to my system with divergence also this best setup i want to get double top /bottoms Alert. if one can help me???
I have a few suggestions for the next version of mt5. 1.put times on top of chart and dates on bottom, instead of both on the bottom of a chart. - makes charts more readable. 2. put a price interval field in the chart options to allow chartist to set the number of pips per graduation. One can then
  Set time to GMT  (2)
Is there a way to change the time on MT4? It's showing a candle at 10:00am when it only 8:30 here GMT
Hi to all, What I'm wondering at the moment is, if there is an option of my EA calling the strategy tester to test itself. I hope it is possible to understand what I mean. :) If it can't be done, I'll just have to write the tester myself. Greetings, Peter
Hi, Is there any sample code for an EA, that can resume managing the trades after its stopped and then comes back again? Thanks, JForex
  Help for Ea  (2)
I am using martingale Ea, but i want add one funtion for him, eg: I have $10.000 and when my Equity >= 12000 close all orders or Equity <= 8000 Closeallorders Anybody can help me ? Thanks
I have been using this EA ( ) as my starting point. I have changed all the lots in the meta editing to 0.01, now i would like to change this to be able to choose my custom lot by putting it in the settings when loading the EA to chart. I want to be...
Hi, I used Strategy tester for test EA and test results was bad. Then i tried look to bad days by Visual mode and there is perfect trades....stops trigered well and price hit TP!!! I used Every tick setup and same dates. Somebody had same problem before??? Thank you!
Hi, Just wanted some feedback. There are A LOT of help requests on this forum. I have been a software developer for 10+ years, & must say that even with all the code examples & help, the MQL4 platform is a very difficult platform to work with. I'm still struggling to complete my system the way I...
Hi I do have a good background in trading, but I cant figure this problem out for the life of me. All I am basically trying to do is have an 'always in' system that can handle opening and closing it damn trades. if (first trade) { if (trend up) buy else sell } if...
Im creating a text label object but cant seem to get the placement where I want it ie. just above the actual bar that is the signal. But regardless of the bars location, the Text always shows up in the same location (midupper left) What am I doing wrong? I have a signal bar who's postion is p,...
  mql4 is easy???  (20   1 2)
At the First time I was read, how to construct an EA is easy ?? What we need just only Three Function, Just int init, int deinit, int start. Oh it will be not so difficult. And then I Tryed it,.... Just to Code Simply Basic of Trading " Buy at Low And Sell at High Prices " What I get?? It not Easy...
Does anyone have a code that converts server time to local time in the charts? Using daily charts as an example, instead of updating at 00:00 GMT, they would update at 00:00 GMT-5, or whatever time you set. I'm sure this would be possible, but I'm new to MT and not familiar with the code. Can anyone
I'm here to share a great script I've created, you can try it on IBFX, because it's the only one i know that offer a $0.01 peny per lot, so open a mini 5K and try this script for this week, good luck and let me know how it worked.
I was just wondering if it is normal for an EA to perform differently with 2 different brokers? I have been studying forex and learning for a while now, and have done several different demos. Not until recently have i had any success with an EA. I had my EA set up good with a broker on a demo...
This is a popular scalper and can't have been hard to code. Anyone got a similar EA we could use or investigate?
  Bug or what ?  (2)
Hi ppl, I found that when I try to make a new order like this OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_SELLLIMIT, lots, Ask+100,0,Ask+200*Point,Ask-200*Point,"",0,0,0); the journal says OrderSend error 130 /// invalid stops I don't understand why Can I set sl and tp or not ?
I am looking for instructions how to update data for the offline charts.
Anyone want to throw some example code my way? All it needs to do is place some text label object with value "Buy" or "Sell" just above the current bar.
I want to when 2ma crossing happens, metatrader play a sound. how do i that?
Does anyone know how to transfer data from an Excell spreadsheet to an Expert program written in MT4. Ideally I want the Expert to be checking on each tic the value in a spreadsheet. Thanks for any help. HU
anyone please advise me where or how i can get longer test period data to test my EA. I am using Fx interbank demo account, i found it only has 1 year or little more period of time for m30 EUR/USA data, it is not enough for a EA, i want a least 2 years data for that. thanks
I am a newbie and needs help on my first EA, There is one error remaining . It says ( '\end_of_program'-ending bracket '}' expected ). The error dot points me to a line of code where the program should be opening an additional order. Does anyone know what I may do to solve this problem.
I have written my own indicator. It uses iMaOnArray function and works properly. When I transform it into an EA system and run testing, everything seems fine except no trades occur. And no error was reported. I looked through the forum and saw many EA systems. Nearly none uses iMaOnArray function. I...
  FXCM Data Feed ?  (1)
Hello, I've looked through the FXCM thread and wasn't able to find anything on this. Can anyone reccomend a MT4 demo provider that has a data feed using FXCM or even close to FXCM? They don't offer demos, but other providers are sometimes even 10 pips off the real prices at FXCM. I want to use MT4
Could someone advise me how to syncronize two or more vertical charts on the MetaTrader platform with different timeframes so that the cross-hair appears on both charts similtaniously. I apologise in advance if this is the wrong forum to seek this advice. Thanks.
Hi, If I have an EA attached to the EURUSD chart that uses the MarketInfo function to open and close trades on GBPUSD, do I have to have the GBPUSD chart open in MT4 while the EA is active? Thanks in advance for help. ~DV
Hi there, I just need somone to point me out on how I could create a cloud between a candle high and low. By cloud I mean to color horzontally up to a specific timezone the space between the high and the low. I need to know at least what function I should look for. Can anyone help a bit ? Thx!