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Can someone me an expert advisor that is a small amount daily to find $ 5, I would be pretty much the monthly drug costs. Or perhaps a strategy which will not have to sit at your computer. If someone can help. Thanks, Sandor
I'm huge into Perl programming and some PHP, but suck at C+ and don't know squat about DLLs. I'm just getting back into programming mql4 after a year being out of the game. I had a few questions about the DLLs. A) I believe a DLL is a simple text file, which could be manipulated by a perl script....
Greetings, Attached is a part of my script that is suppose to scan throw the open trades and 'snap' when condition is true. For some odd reason, the condition sets to true even when the terms are not true. Basically, I know how to go around it by putting a second OrderSelect_BY_TICKET for every...
Hi there I have spent so many hours on this problem it's not funny. I seem so close but yet so far away. If B1 > B3, I'd like a sell order to execute ONLY if there hasn't been a closed trade today with the same magic number. I've tried countless variations for the braces etc but keep going round in...
I don't know what is happened with my MetaEditor, the font is so big . How to reset it to the normal size ? Thanks.
Hello, I am working on some code that receives a BASE64 string that I need to decode using the CryptStringToBinaryA() function from Crypt32.dll WinAPI. I am also using the CryptBinaryToStringA() function which works fine but only because I copied it's usage from another piece of code. See below...
B"H Hello, Couldn't find such an answer on the forum... Does the Open[] time-series hold bars opening Bid rate or Ask rate, or something else altogether? Thanks much.
Hi, please I need some help. I.m writing a code that has to take orders to buy or sell based on the price of the last candle is above or below the upper or lower IMA. I have a big problem with my code, because this send to the market hundreds of buy or send orders depending on whether the trend is...
Hello all. I'm new to MT4 and programming. I'm trying to learn! Simple question: Every time you change an EA do you have to restart the MT4 platform to take effect? Thanks
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How do you erase fib lines nad trend lines? I hit the delete key and nothing happened.. Thanks in advance.
Hello Everyone! I am following this forum for quite a while and I coded my first attempts to make an EA. As I am a fulltimetrader I do not have the time to get into that programming topic deeply enough and as I am not the most talented coder, it would take years, I think. I trade some strategies
Basically I would like to know how to use an indicator to dictate an "EA's" actions. i.e. //buy and sell at the "turning points". if indicator > 0 { Buy(); } if indicator < 0 { sell(); }
I have taken a look at a few indicators that can do it, but I would like to do it directly from my EA without using an indicator. I have thought about putting my EA logic into an indicator and running the EA and the indicator on the same chart. In theory that would work but that seems like a long...
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Hi Mr Tools, This might not be the right place to post this thread. But since I don't know where else to post it, I posted it here anyway. Would you please be so kind to look into an EA I created ? KST is an indicator I downloaded from this forum. In my opinion, KST has not got the attention it...
All, I'm having issues with my EA opening trades where the spread is incorrect, i.e. the spread should be 2 pips yet the trade opens with -20 pips, from what I have read this is caused by the fact that my EA is not setup correctly for my 5 digit broker. The EA was created using the following website...
Greetings I am not a programmer (just know enough to be dangerous) and need some help programming the highest & lowest point of an indicator in the last 30 60 bars. I can do it with to the price range with no problem Example: double L_Range=(Low[iLowest(NULL,TI,1,30,1)]); double
New to MQL programming. I would like to use the open/close of 1-hour bars (but have the code flexible if possible to adjust to any period) for signals to trade but I'm having issues. Idea 1a. If previous Open <= previous Close then create an order to sell at 5 pips higher than current 1-hour bar's...
Objects keep disappearing from my charts. I think, but I'm not certain, that it only happens when I close and restart MetaTrader. It is the case for trendlines that I add with my EA, for trendlines that I add manually and for the little arrows that mark where I've done trades. I don't delete any...
Hi everyone, For training and educational purposes, I am working on a trade copier project . The project consists of two EAs (Master and Slave) which communicate through a mysql database. I am able to write, read into the database but I have the following issue : How should I organize the
One week ago i started to develop an interface between EAs and PHP, throug a local webserver ( but it works too on a real webserver. you can open and close orders via the browser/webserver and receive data in your browser about the current status etc. its not secure, no https, no password...
Hi, I want to see the tick that close the bar and the previous bar. I need this information to compare the prize of the tick that close the current bar and compare this prize with the prize of the one EMA, if the prize of this tick is above of the EMA I will buy if not no. For this is very importan
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Any way for MT4 to automatically read what prints in the "Experts" and/or "Journal" tabs in the terminal window?
Hello, I tought it would be fun to collect some fakts and myths. I will edit the first post and build a index as long i can (After some time i cannot edit the post anymore) Some basic rules: Every indicator ! MUST ! be attached so that others can redo the calculations. Explain your way of dooing the
Hello everyone, Could someone help me with this issue? I've been using my EA's for years and this has only recently showed up. Every now and then my disk space is suddenly used up to about 99 per cent of its capacity. It goes away when I delete my mt4 demo account. This has happened 3 times...
For the benefit of the forum members I have attached a spread sheet that will give you a ballpark idea if your EA will make money or not even before you code it. The spread sheet determines the expectation value or the change in equity of your account after a given number of trades have occurred....
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Help me,,, I want to insert code into Ea Filters This Time ..... //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| escape.mq4 | //| Copyright © 2009, OGUZ BAYRAM | //|...
hi, I made one dll that return array or vector. I want know I can read this array or vector in mql or not? If yes, how? Regards,
Meanwhile i have over 400 indicators in the indicators folder, while i use only i think 10 of them… And i think removing the indicators i don't need will be better for the total performance of my computer. To have only the needed indicators in the indicators folder, so 10 indicators in the folder
Hellotogether, I amsearching for a Point & Figure Template for the MetaTrader4. At the bestwith source code to can modify the template for my needs. Where I canfind it, or who can construct such one? Thanks alot for help. Christo