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  xb4d indicator  (2)
hi i use xb4d indicator for my ea & i use beffer 0 >0 for "buy" and buffer0<0 'sell' like: if ( iCustom ( NULL , 0 , "xb4d" , 50 , 0 , 0 )> 0 ) return ( "buy" ); else if ( iCustom ( NULL , 0 , "xb4d" , 50 , 0 , 0 )< 0 ) return ( "sell" ); but in this coding ea send "buy"
Hi all, I have the candlestick pattern indicator that I want to use in my EA. This indicator will alert me if there's a candlestick pattern that occur on the chart. I tried to use function below to retrieve it and I understand that the function is not working because iCustom return value is a double
  EA skips trades  (7)
Hi, Need help explaining why my EA skips trades when running on live account. When backtesting the same period, it is clear that certain trades are not taken when trading live. Does anyone know why this might happen? To be clear, the parameters are the same. Does anyone have any tips or pointers as
Hello guys, Just wondering is there anywhere that I can still download the original MT4 installer without all the broker stuff? A very clean version that used to be able to get it from the metaquotes website. And would you please provide the link if you can? Thank you
I'd like to check the value of an indicator on a different timeframe to verify a trade. Let's just assume that it's ANY indicator, custom or not. How can this be done
Hi forum, for me it's inconvinient to disable autoscroll before I can scroll backwards. So I thought if it is possible to disable it automatically if WindowFirstVisibleBar() is above a certain number. I use chart scale 4 with a shift on the right side. So with enabled autoscroll the...
Does anyone know how to sort the Market Watch table by Symbol name column? I understand that it cannot be sorted by DEFAULT, but is there any indicators I can used as an alternative? (so that I can sort according to Symbol name) I'm looking for something like 'greg's Super Market Watch v5'.
Hi, Can someone please tell how to put some text vertically or diagnolly starting from the High of each bar on the current chart I tried below code but it it showing somewhere in the middel of chart. ObjectCreate("test",OBJ_LABEL,0,Time[1],Close[1]);ObjectSetText("test",DoubleToStr(AccountBalance()...
Greetings, Does anyone have any solution to MT4 indicators not working on high resolution screens yet? This thread basically says there is no solution other than the developer fixing the indicator. But does anyone else have any other solution yet? The majority of...
Hello. I have two diffirent EA. I need make to test both this same time. Is is possible in Strategy Tester in MT4 or other software? Thank you for information
Hello i would like to add condition to my EA to allow open 1 order only when EA works at multiple pairs . i have found that script but it doesn't work could you please help ? int totalpairs() { int total= 0 ; string msymbols= "" ; for ( int i= 0 ; i< OrdersTotal (); i++) { if (
Hi experts i have a custom indicator with alert part every time i change time frame it's getting alert in previous candle how can i set to just alert if it happened in the recent candle?? thanks
hello i am using the start.ini file to open the mt4 with Different account details the content of the ini file is : ; common settings Login= 2102179493 Password=f5secbf EnableNews= false ; experts settings ExpertsEnable= true ExpertsDllImport= true ExpertsExpImport= true ExpertsTrades= true and then
Hi everyone, I know that this topic is ask a lot and probably there's a lot of solution out there buy I already tried all of that from delete the .hst file to uninstall the MT4, but the problem still exist. I attach the SS from the MT4 journal and I'm not quite sure what cause it (my intuition is
Hi, My expert advisor is based on such a strategy that it opens a new trade on every single bar.What should i do to my ea so that it opens a new trade only when the previous trade is closed according to the closing strategy..........Thanks alot in advance !
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Hi everybody, Take a look at the attached images.. Can you tell the noise from the signal ? Do you want to make money on a low risk(risk comes first) high profit(profit comes second) strategy..? It is will have to discard your ego..and for this you will pay a very high price...
  debugging in mt4  (1)
I have a demo account in mt4. I have written my first expert advisor script. I am able to debug it on a live chart, so working fine. I would like to debug it though on historical data. In the MetaEditor the Debug>Start on history data is grey out though. Also when running the strategy tester my
Hi guys, got a question that you guys may help me with. I am trying to make an EA to have a for loop to count the number of bull and bear candles in a range. But it always count a zero as result. The following is my code. Any idea?...
Hello, I want to open a new trade when price has passed a threshold, when I did this with a for loop and with OrderSelect(i, SELECT_BY_POS) it worked fine, but now I'm directly selecting one order, and when I print both the bid price, and the order opening price, they have the same value. For some
Hi, Example See picture I dun want drag and drop because too many codes to many chart windows many times.... I need straight one time 1 code match 1 chart window Any idea code? I think relate to ChartOpen or etc
Anyone know where to find an MT4 moving average indicator that can dynamically display the next higher timeframe
Hi! Instead of hovering my mouse to change the time frame, is there a single hotkey i can set or press to change time frame?  If yes, can i also choose if this hotkey changes timeframe for all my charts or just the chart im viewing? thank you! for Mt4
Hi, in my chart I'm working with manually drawn trendlines lines (the MT4 build-in line objects). To speed up the process I'd like to create an indicator that does: - If I press the key "B" the line tool will be activated with a blue line - If I press the key "R" with a red line My question is
How to Download free Indicator from the MT4 website list of indicators?? and How to instal it on Metrader MT4 platform? Please help, thank you
Hi all, I have an MACD indicator with 2 lines that I want to use on my EA. I already tried using iCustom on an indicator that doesn't have a lot of parameters and it works find. Since this is the first time I found an indicator that has a lot of parameter I kinda confuse how to make it works. What I
Hello people! This is my first post, I hope this is allowed and that it is in the right place! I am testing the "KG_Support_and_Resistance" indicator, but I am not able to enable it on the MT4 platform. I release the indicator inside the graph, but it does not appear on the screen (no error
I have MT4 installed on my desktop. EAs work on my DEMO account just fine on my DESKTOP. I try to use it on a live account, and NOTHING happens. I install MT4 on my laptop. EA's don't work at all on my laptop in DEMO or LIVE accounts. All the settings are the SAME as on the desktop. I NEVER have the
I am a somewhat newbie, been programming Mt4 for about 2 months. Anyways, I developed this Custom indicator , not sure if its relevant but calculates everything from BAR 1 to +, basically always ignores BAR , calculation is only relevant on closed bar. I have a developed an Expert Advisor that uses